Friday, April 21, 2017

New Car Search Is On

So today I got wonderful news when I took my Subaru into get looked at, turns out it needed a couple $1000 in repairs.  It had been acting funny lately but I didn't think there was that much stuff that was going to need to be done on it.  I am a little pissed at the Subaru service department, I get that stuff goes wrong with cars and I am somewhat of a hard driver but to have 5 different things go wrong since the last service appointment is a bit suspect.  How is it that you can get a 31 point inspection every damn time they only identify the need for new tires and then this!  Well I'm certainly not going to put that kind of money into an old car so I'm out looking for a new one.  As you can see above my choices very greatly, do I go with another disposable car to get me to and from work or do I get something that will be nice and hopefully last a bit longer.  I'm not sure yet but I want to get this done quickly because my car won't last much longer.

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