Friday, April 28, 2017

Ice Cream Incident

On the way back from the Grand Canyon we ended up having a bit of an incident with a vanilla shake.  Since we snacked at lunch while we were hiking around we weren't really that hungry plus it was nearly 3 in the afternoon here and we didn't want to mess our dinner schedule up so we stopped to get some shakes.  While we were getting the shakes I said we should drink the shakes here and then go, but Jen said she didn't want to slam her shake down so we should get the to go.  I'm not a big fan of ice cream in the car all it does is lead to messes which today it did.  As we were pulling out of the McDonalds it was really busy both ways and I thought I saw an opening.  A car was turning and the other lane was clear, what I didn't realize was there was a car hiding behind the turning car.  As I pulled out I saw him, slammed on my breaks and Clancey's shake went flying.  I pulled over as quick as I could to assess the damage but pretty much the whole shake was on the floor and seats...Uggghhh. I was pissed!  We shouldn't have had ice cream in the car in the first place and now exactly what I thought would happen, happened.  We got it cleaned up as good as we could but now ice cream has been officially banned from the car.  We eat it at the place or don't get it!

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