Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ready to Be Home

This last stint here in Germany has been one of my hardest from being home sick.  After being on the road for most of the year so far I'm ready to be done living in hotels and get back to leading a "normal" life.  For those that have done a fair amount of traveling from time to time you get what I call "travel depression".  It's where you've been away from friends and family too long and you just don't really have the urge to go out and do anything.  For instance this week ever since I got back from my trip to Lyon, France I've pretty much just went to work and came back to the hotel.  Some nights I have just gotten room service and vegged out all night in front of the TV.  I guess that is what I would do at home but when you are in a foreign country it feels like you should go out every night for a fancy dinner and experience the culture.  Anyways I'm excited to get home and be with the family for a while.

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