Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hangout Out in Germany

Hello everyone, here I am on weekend number two hanging out in the wonderful country of Germany.  Only 3-5 weeks left before I get to go home.  Nothing like spending the first month of 2017 in a foreign country with the possibility of a second month.  After a long couple weeks at work I don't have any big plans for this weekend.  Plan to just hang around town, take a few pictures, and this afternoon try to get hooked up and play some video games with the kids.  Tomorrow some more people from the US show up and we have a meeting to prepare for our customer meetings meetings next week so I won't be lonely long.

Catching Up On My Blog

Here I am on my second weekend in Germany, the first weekend I'm by myself killing time, and the roads are real great I figured it's a great time to catch on 6 months of blog neglect.  Given I'm six months behind I'm guessing it's going to be quite the chore to get caught all the way back up.  I guess I have nothing but time though so we'll see how I far I can get.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keeping Busy at Work

Really not much to report today, just figured I should make a mid week update from my temporary office here in Germany.  Over all my time spent in Germany between last year and now the hardest part for me to get used to is the fact that pop is very inaccessible.  In the states you are never more then a 100 yards from access to your favorite pop.  Here it is way more difficult to get a pop and simply impossible to get a Diet Mt. Dew.  If I walk down the four floors of stairs and walk across the street to the gas station I can get a Coke but that is pretty much it.  Between all the walking and zero access to pop I'm starting to get why Europeans by an large are way more fit then American's.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Out And About

After a long day of meetings the US team decided to walk up to "Old Town" for dinner and a some drinks while we debriefed the information from the day.  As we were walking around I snapped a quick picture of the church steeple.  Wish I could take some credit for the picture above but the magic of Google Photo's turned my blurry night picture into a pretty awesome work of art, my wife would be proud.  Guessing I'll have to take some more crappy pictures and see what good can do.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

View From Hotel

This morning it dawned on my that while I've been in Germany for over a week I haven't taken or posted any photo's from Germany.  Everything has either been my travel over or my weekend in Austria.  Since I leave work after it gets dark every night the best I can do for day time pictures is pictures from my hotel balcony, as you can see the view from my hotel is fairly picturesque.  The Heidelberg Marriott is right along the Neckar River and when it isn't cloudy and grey, which it almost never is, it has a spectacular view of the hills around the city.  I'll see what I can do about getting some better pictures this weekend.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Made it Back to Hotel

It ended up being a 6 hour drive but we made it back to our hotel in Heidelberg, Germany at 11pm tonight.  South of Munich was pretty slow going, a lot of traffic and crappy roads, but once we got past Munich it wasn't too bad.  In fact the roads cleared up and we were able to have a few lengthy stretches where we could drive 100 mph for quite a while.  Even lucked out that we got waved right through at the German boarder, guess we didn't look like illegals.   Back to the real world tomorrow but at least the weekend was really fun.

Headed Back To Germany

We just finished up with our ski/snowboard weekend in Austria and are getting ready for the 5 hour drive back to Germany.  I'm really glad my travel partner suggested coming down here for the weekend because it ended up being a really great time, despite flipping down the hill more then a couple times.  Makes me realize that I need to get the boys out to try skiing when I get back to the States next month.  Since I'm going to be here for another 3 weeks I may have to think about coming back down. I have plans to head to Belgium and was thinking about a trip to Paris but I may have to change to one of those plans to snowboard again.  I guess we'll see but either way if I don't make it back it was a really good time and wish I had one more day.  Now lets just hope we can get back at a decent time, with fresh snow I'm guessing the roads aren't going to be the great, also Germany has been stopping more cars at the boarder so it could be longer then 5 hours.  I'll be sure to let you know what happens.

Last Run In Austria

Before we finish up our last run of the day, I realized I didn't have a good picture of me skiing/snowboarding in the Alps.  Not to sound to sentimental or reflationary but it's crazy to think I'm in Austria snowboarding in the Alps, something I never thought I would do in my life.  While my crazy travel life can be draining at times, and keeps me away from the family more then I would like, it does offer opportunities to see a lot of the world.  On the rare occasion it provides the opportunity to do "bucket list" items.  This here is a "bucket list" picture that I had to have.