Monday, July 04, 2016

Parade #2

We just got done with parade #2 of the day and I'm actually surprised we made it.  After we grilled lunch and got the kitchen cleaned up Jen and I thought it would be a good idea to lay down for a quick nap for 45 minutes.  I set an alarm and we were both asleep almost immediately.  Apparently staying up until midnight for the past few days caught up with us.  Well 45 minutes came and went and we got to a little over an hour.  The plan was to leave at 2:45 but we woke up from our nap at 2:50 after the alarm had been going off for 20 minutes.  We rushed around the house and got on the road and made it to the parade in time.  This parade wasn't as packed as the last one and it was quite a bit hotter but the boys still had a good time.  After today the boys got a couple more followers on Facebook and Instagram so who knows maybe this will turn into more customers.

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