Monday, July 04, 2016

Ironman Is Coming

Just like the past 8 years, I have Ironman Wisconsin coming up in only two shorts months.  Unlike other years I have been a complete lazy turd and not really done any training at all.  I get the urge stick too it for a couple days and then stop for a couple weeks.  Kind of been in this cycle for the past few months but time is running out.  Wisconsin is not an easy course at all and it's very hard to fake it.  I could probably get through the swim and run at this point but right now I have zero confidence I could complete the bike.  The bike course is just too hilly and if last year is any indication if you don't train you are in for a bad day.  Last year I trained at least a little and I struggled.  This year I haven't trained on the bike at all.  If I'm going to have any chance of finishing the race in just 69 days I'm going to need to focus on biking.  I've told myself that I need to bike almost every day between now and Ironman if I'm going to have a shot at actually finishing.  Time to buckle down and get the work done!

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