Friday, June 10, 2016

Marshall Graduated From Mach II Aviation Challenge

After a week of being nervous and wondering how the week was going for Marshall we finally got to see him.  Turns out this camp is the real deal and they treat these kids like this is military boot camp.  As you can see above they all came out in very military fashion and were all disciplined different kids.  During the week they each got a call sign Marshall was "Mermaid" because during the introductions the said he liked to swim.  He told us it was just about "Gills" which he liked but someone yelled out "Mermaid" and it kind of stuck.  Also you will notice he is at the front of the line,  he was saying during the week that he got promoted to the front of the line because he could listen to instructions and do what he was told.  You also can see that his team won the coveted "Admiral's Cup" which is the top team prize they give out.  That was really cool.

Overall Marshall had a really good time at camp.  When we first got him I was worried because he made it sound like he didn't like it at all but over the course of a few hours he started to open up about it and said it was a great experience.  He said next time he wants to do "Space Camp" but I'm thinking as the year wears on he might change his mind.

Couple high lights from the week.  First, I already said he won the Admiral's Cup which is the top prize a team can get at the camp.  Second, he was one 5 points away from flying in the finals for the "Top Gun" prize.  He said he went below the hard deck trying to get away from someone in the last 10 seconds which lost him points.  Third, he was really proud of finishing the big final event the last night.  It culminates with a 100 yard army crawl which.  Fourth, he took out one of the instructors in combat but got in huge trouble because he didn't have rear aspect.  I guess that is pretty important and he said he got pulled out of this simulator and yelled at for 10 minutes but he was happy he shot him down.  The only student to do so.  

I'm sure over the course of the next few weeks we will get more and more out of him but I think he had a good time.  I'm really proud of the kid for getting outside his comfort zone and doing it in the first place.  The kid never ceases to amaze me.

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