Friday, May 06, 2016

40th Birthday

Hard to believe that today is my 40th birthday.  When your a young 20 year old kid you never think you are going to "get old".  Now I do understand that getting old is a relative term, I'm sure Mema and Papa would tell me I'm just a young kid.  40 has always seemed to me the age when you start to have old people problems so I'm just waiting to start falling apart.  Anyways, unlike years past I didn't get out to play my annual day of golf, I did take the day off but I used it to sleep in a bit, have lunch with Jen and go have a beer with one of my friends.  When I got home we had a small birthday party with the family and I just had an all around good day.  Weird to think when I celebrate my 50th, Clancey will be graduating High School and Marshall will be in college.  Time sure does fly!

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