Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rockford Fossil and Prairie Park

On our way home we thought we needed to stop and do something so it wasn't just a full day of driving.  We managed to sneak over to Rockford Fossil and Prairie Park in between rain storms.  This is a park where you can hunt for fossils and keep them.  They have an area where they are laying everywhere and aren't really that hard to find at all.  We got about 45 minutes to check out the museum and fossil hunt.  We each came away with a handful which was pretty cool.

Trip To the Cemetery

It had been awhile since we've been to Garner to visit my Dad's grave site.  Not sure if I've talked about it that much on my blog but 13 years ago on Memorial Day he passed away, just a little under a year after Jen and I got married.  I try to make it up here as much as I can but it's a long drive and without any family really in the area anymore it's not something I do as much as I should. It was nice to get up here although the trip was cut a bit short by a severe storm that dumped rain on us about 10 minutes after we got here.  Glad we beat the storm.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Pool Party

With it being a really nice warm day we kind of ended up having a impromptu pool party in the back yard. Really need to be mowing but it's really nice to sit on the patio listening to music and watching the kids swim. It is a holiday so I deserve to relax. :-)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Grill

Today after church we headed to Cedar Rapids to check out new grills. I guess technically we went to Amana first to go to the Renaissance Festival but the place was packed. Looked to be about an hour wait just to get in. We decided to head into Amana to go pick up some meat and some soda from Millstream and then we headed to Cedar Rapids to try to find a grill. Every other time I have bought a grill I've always chosen the cheapest one they have and, as you would expect, it doesn't last very long and cooks poorly. This time I decided to look at buying a decent Weber grill. They sure aren't very cheap but if I'm not having to buy one every two years it will probably pay off. The guy assured me when I bought it that I would be using it for Clancy's graduation, I guess we'll see. Tonight we are cooking up some brats and I'm excited to see how it does.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Clancey in Pool for First Time 2016

Clancey First in The Pool

Today after I had a horribly green pool just a couple weeks ago I got the pool opened for the year.  Since the kids have been out of school on Wednesday they have jonesing to get in the pool but after my crazy busy last two weeks I just haven't had time to get it finished.  This morning I told Clancey I would go right out and get the pool cleaned up.  Took about an hour but I did finally get it cleaned and boys were able to get in.  Probably have a pool party and and officially pool opening for this week sometime.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Still Married

After 11 days straight of 10-12 hour days I'm happy to report Jen and I are still married.  These last couple weeks have been worse then travel because I'm nearby I just can't go home.  Spend all hours of the night and day trying to tailor the proposal language in subtle ways to make it sound better.  Tomorrow we officially submit and I'll be done.  Plan to take the next week off to spend with the family after not being home for two weeks.

School Break Mode in Full Effect

The kids are in full up lazy summer break mode.  As you can see this morning before I went to work they were lounging about on the pull out bed doing what kids in this day and age do best, watching their own screen.  We are going to implement some new summer screen rules, no screens from 12-5pm everyday in an effort to get them out of the house doing kids things.  Can't wait until I'm done with this proposal and can enjoy sometime with them and the family.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Volume Coming Together

After a long week and full weekend of work we have the section updated and volume is back on the wall!  We have to walk the wall and make any corrections we can find but it is getting closer to being ready for our review on Tuesday.  Only a week left to go and we will be done.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Marshall's Last Band Concert

I managed to sneak out of my Green Room early tonight to make it too Marshall's last band concert of the year.  I missed his other one earlier this year because I was in Germany so I was happy to make it to this one.  I didn't end up getting a video of the concert but trust me that it was pretty good.  Marshall was disappointed that one song wasn't as good as he wanted it to be but he did alright so that is what matters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Reassigned To a Two Week Tiger Team

This morning I got assigned a special project at work and it likely means I'm going to be working night and day for the next couple weeks.  I don't like to say too much on my blog about work but we have a proposal effort going very poorly at work and I've been assigned to get it back on track and submitted for a review a week from today.  A proposal is our written response to a customer that describes our technical offering and is submitted with a price.  These responses are generally between 100-120 pages long and are quite time consuming to make read well.  I image it's similar to writing a book, you write rewrite and write again.  That will be life for the next two weeks.  Yeah me!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Church Selfie

Not much to report this last week expect the boys are one day closer to being out of school for the summer.  Figured I should post something so people didn't think that I abandoned my blog.  Looking forward to the boys getting out of school for the year so we can have some fun this summer.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day

After being out somewhat late for my 40th birthday party last night, today we had to head out for a Mother's Day lunch for Jen.  Jen wanted to have BBQ for lunch, yes I promise it was her choice and she was not influenced by the boys at all.  We found this place in Eldridge, Iowa called Lynn's BBQ & Saloon which had good reviews.  The reviews were right it was a great place and wasn't even that busy which was even better.  Probably going to have to head here more often.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Surprise Birthday Party!

This evening Jen had a surprise birthday party for me up and Onion Grove.  As you can see from the picture above, Nikki made it down from Minnesota and she brought Kathy with her.  Some of my friends from Cedar Rapids also made the 45 minute trek over to hang out for the evening.  Ended up having a great time, did some singing, some dancing and just made a general fool of myself.

Day With The Boys

This morning Jen had to go into the Cedar Rapids to run some errands and left the boys and I to hang out for the day.  Since it's actually starting to get nice out we decided to spend the time working on cleaning the pool up and enjoying the back porch a bit.  Being that I'm not that great of cook anymore the boys and I headed up to Onion Grove to get some burgers for lunch.  As you can see I had them each model my new Busch Light hat I got for my birthday.

Friday, May 06, 2016

40th Birthday

Hard to believe that today is my 40th birthday.  When your a young 20 year old kid you never think you are going to "get old".  Now I do understand that getting old is a relative term, I'm sure Mema and Papa would tell me I'm just a young kid.  40 has always seemed to me the age when you start to have old people problems so I'm just waiting to start falling apart.  Anyways, unlike years past I didn't get out to play my annual day of golf, I did take the day off but I used it to sleep in a bit, have lunch with Jen and go have a beer with one of my friends.  When I got home we had a small birthday party with the family and I just had an all around good day.  Weird to think when I celebrate my 50th, Clancey will be graduating High School and Marshall will be in college.  Time sure does fly!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Middle Eastern Dinner

Today, on yet another not real nice day, we all piled in the car to head over to Cedar Rapids to enjoy a traditional Middle Eastern Dinner at the Islamic Center.  Being I'm not very adventurous when I eat I was a little worried about what I was getting in to but the meal turned out to be spectacular.  It was also good for the boys to see that, unlike what the republican front runner says, there is nothing to be scared of at the Islamic Center.  Just a bunch of nice people who were opening there does to public.  We are going to have to make this a yearly event.