Sunday, February 28, 2016

Library Social

When we got back to town we headed over to the library social.  As you can see the boys and I found the best place in the library and hung out for the duration.  After being up here and hanging out in front of the fireplace I'm thinking I'm going to need to fine some time to get up here and read for a couple hours.

Lunch With The Boys

It's been awhile since the boys and I have gotten to go to Cedar Rapids together to go to Panchero's.  Today Clancey had soccer, so we cut out of church early and headed into to town.  We had to get back to Clarence for the library social but we did have time for a quick lunch before we headed back to Clarence.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Skating With the Boys

Today was another abnormally warm day for February, in fact I was looking back and saw on this day last year it was -26 degrees.  In a effort to try and enjoy it a bit we headed up to the nursing home and went skating.  Clancey and I on skateboards and Marshall on Rollerblades.  Had a great time despite a couple tumbles to the ground.  I managed to go shoulder first into the concrete and as you can see above Marshall took a tumble too.  I would label that picture as "Fail Face".  He didn't end up getting hurt or anything but the face was awesome.

Library Preview

Tomorrow is the big library unveiling and social (word that took me 10 minutes to remember) but today Jen brought me up for a preview but also to help get things ready.  They needed the computer looked at and hooked up and she also had a piece of art she wanted me to hang up.  I hadn't been in here before, I'm amazed how well it turned out.

Lazy Morning

This morning we are having a somewhat lazy morning in bed.  Nothing better then sleeping in and just relaxing in bed in the morning.  Not days it makes it even easy because you can reach over the night stand grab your phone and read the news are watch something.  As you can see I tried to take a selfie with Jen but she was having no part of a pre-shower selfie in bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Space Camp

When I was down in Huntsville, Alabama for a week just a couple weeks a go, I went over to visit the US Rocket and Space Center for the afternoon.  Well it turns out that Space Camp is at the Rocket and Space Center also.  While I was down there I grabbed a whole bunch of literature on Space Camp for the boys.  Turns out that Clancey is too young but Marshall was old enough to do.  After showing him the stuff he immediately decided that he wanted to go so Marshall is going to Space Camp the first week of June this summer!  I'm so jealous when I was a kid I really wanted to go because what kid didn't want to be an astronaut someday.  Can't wait to here how it was when he gets back.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Clancey The Responsible Little Guy

I've never written about this before on the blog I don't think so I figure I should capture it for posterity sake.  Clancey has always been a very well behaved responsible little kid, but this year I have to say he it turning into a little adult.  A few months back Clancey started to set his alarm for 5am on school days.  He really likes to get up get himself breakfast, have a nice long warm shower and then read or watch video's on his Ipad.  Now for most of the school year the kid has stuck to it.  Every morning before most of us have even started to wake up Clancey is up and getting himself around.  That kid is something else.  We'll see if he keeps it up as he starts to become a teenager.  ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lazy Sunday

After our crazy busy weeks all the time the family has kind of gotten into the habit on at least one weekend day to just be lazy swine.  We go, go, go all week long so it feels nice to relax on the couch and in our chairs and veg out watching Netflix.  Probably going to have to change that when spring hits but for now it's nice to catch up on much needed rest on the weekend.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Marshall's Honor Band

Once again this year Marshall got an opportunity to play in the elementary honor band, this year over at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids.  The way it works is Marshall leaves early in the morning on Saturday, practices all day with the other kids and then plays a concert that evening for the families.  Once again the concert was really good and amazing how well these kids can play at such a young age.  I have to say to the Prairie Concert hall was amazing.  Makes me want to consider open enrolling my kids out of North Cedar to a district like this.

Skateboarding With Clancey

Today turned out to be a spectacular day for the middle of February, high of 60, very little wind and sunny.  While Marshall was at his honor band Clancey and I decided to break out his new skateboard he got for Christmas and give a whirl for the first time outside.  We had an old skateboard in the basement so I grabbed it to see it I could injury myself and we headed off.  We had a good time rolling around and neither of us feel down, so I consider that a win.  We didn't manage to pull off any real tricks but I guess the trick was not falling down and hurting ourselves.  Too bad it's going to get cold again but it was nice to get a little break from winter to have some spring fun outside.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today Jen pointed out an article in the local paper about the last budget meeting we had.  To set the back drop normally at work I'm considered a "glass half empty" kind of guy and some would even argue I'm a "glass full of piss" kind of guy, so calling me optimistic is generally a stretch.  As would imagine, I was quite surprised when the reporter referred to me as optimistic when describing my view on the town.  Guess an old dog can learn new tricks.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Olivia's Birthday Party

Today we all piled in the car and headed west over to Webster City for Olivia's birthday party.  Can't believe the little squirt is already 3 years old.  As you can see she is quite the happy little girl and always had a lot funny things to say.  It was good to get over to see her and the rest of the family for a day of celebration.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Back in the Office

Looks like it's going to be a busy week being back in the office.  After your on the road for a while work really stacks up back in here so I'm probably going to have a few late nights this week.  Will be nice to see the family and sleep in my own bed all week though!

Friday, February 05, 2016


After a long couple weeks on the road, I'm home and plan to be home for the next two months.  While I enjoy getting to travel around America and World it's nice to be home and have a longer stint at home.  The plan for the weekend is to hang in the video game room and play games with the boys and relax.  Should be a good time.

Headed Home

After another lengthy stint on the road, one week in Seattle and one week in Huntsville with only one night at home, I'm headed home again.  Once I get home it's looking like I'll be able to be home for a month or two before I'm back on the road again.  While I do enjoy getting to go out a work with customer's on travel I've had a pretty long stint of being on the road, going all the way back to last June, I'm ready to be home and get back into my routine again.  Should be home in a couple hours and I'm looking forward to a weekend with the family.  

Monday, February 01, 2016

Huntsville Alabama

Last night around 10pm I made it into Hunstville for the week.  This morning I didn't have anything scheduled so I decided to head over to the US Space & Rocket Center.  I've been to Huntsville a number or times but have never been able to make it to visit the museum before.  It was really neat and worth the visit especially for an aerospace engineer who always wanted to be an astronaut.  I didn't realize that Hunstville was where they designed and built the Saturn V rocket that took the astronaut's to the moon.  Someday I'll have to bring the boys down here to check it out.