Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meetings Over, Met Some Legends of Graphics

Unlike the FACE consortium I go to every couple months these meetings don't last as long.  The Safety Critical group I'm part of only met for 2 days but it was actually a very productive couple days.  Not only did we get a bunch of stuff of accomplished I got to meet a whole but of people who are "Legends" in the graphics industry.  In fact today at lunch I was sitting at a table by myself waiting for the rest of my group to get their lunch and I guy came down and sat next too me.  He introduced himself as Mark and we chatted for a while.  Finally at the end of the conversation I noticed his name tag said Mark Kilgard.  For those that don't know he was the software engineer who wrote GLUT, which is the windowing library we all used when we first learned OpenGL.  Not sure I'll be able to make it happen but I would like to continue to go to the meetings.  Next one is in Seattle in February guess we'll see what happens.  

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