Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Lemonade Stand

A couple weeks back Marshall decided that he really wanted an Alienware Laptop.  If you don't know much about laptop's Alienware are the top of the line gaming laptops and are quite expensive.  For a week or two he was working with Jen and I to identify chores he could do to make some money to buy the laptop, which he did diligently but when you need to get >$1000 it's hard to get there getting a few dollars here and there.  Being 11 it's not like he could go get a job somewhere which left him with option of opening his own business.  He decided that opening a lemonade stand was the way to go and spent a couple weeks studying on the web everything he could about creating a successful lemonade stand.  Today after some help from papa, building the stand, and Jen painting a sign for them, they officially opened for business.  So it's going quite well, they've had steady business off of the road in front of our house all day.  Sure wish I was back in Clarence right now so I could see for myself and purchase a lemonade from the boys! 

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