Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Air Force Museum

Today there was an industry event going on that I didn't need to go too so I had the day off from my meetings.  That meant I had most of the day to go explore what Dayton had to offer.  As an avionics engineer who works on military aircraft there is one place you go in Dayton and that is the Air Force Museum that has a huge collection of retired aircraft ranging from the beginning of aviation to now.  To make it even better one of the people I went to the museum with is a former Naval Aviator who went to Naval Fighter School, Top Gun.  It was interesting to walk around the museum and listen to all the insight he had on flying the more recent aircraft.  The museum is freaking huge, spent 3.5 hours there and managed to see all the planes but I had to book it from exhibit to exhibit and didn't have time to read much.  Sometime I'm going to need to make a point to come back and really take in everything.  Word is you could spend a whole week here if you read everything and did a proper tour.

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