Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bear Country USA

When we were telling people that we were going out to SD for a long weekend vacation pretty much everyone told us, skip Wall Drug and go to Bear Country.  Bear Country is one of those drive through zoo's where the animals can come up to your car and you can get up close and personal.  We decided to take everyone's advice and go check it out.  Turns out that is was a great idea.  At first I wasn't sure, the first few exhibit areas didn't really have animals that would come up close to the car but it wasn't much later that we had a reindeer come up to our car which got us all excited.  As you can see from the pictures above the bears come right up to your car which is pretty cool.  I think between everyone in the family with a device we got no less than 1000 pictures of the bears.  I would have to agree that this certainly a must do when you come to the Blackhills

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