Friday, June 12, 2015

Clancey Invited to The Kid Soccer Big Leagues

This week Clancey had a soccer camp down in Tipton with a coach from the Cedar Rapids Soccer Club.  All week Clancey really enjoyed it and, from what Jen tells me, did a great job.  Today was his last day of camp and it got rained out about halfway through so he did't get his full day in.  Right at the very end as Jen and Clancey were getting ready to leave the coach stopped Jen to tell her what a great kid Clancey was and he would like to invite him to play in the Cedar Rapids Soccer League.  The coach said he picked up the skills really fast and he thought he would be really good playing on a Cedar Rapids traveling team. He said he would get a hold of Jen next week with the rest of the details but next year we could start being a soccer family.

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