Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nice Room In ATL

While it's not ideal that I'm going to be gone on my anniversary tomorrow, at least I got a nice room at the Midtown Marriott in Downtown Atlanta.  It's an Executive Suite on the top floor with a great view of the downtown area from my outdoor deck. Like nearly every other trip, I won't spend a whole lot of time here because of all the meetings and events I have to attend while I'm on travel, but at least tonight and tomorrow morning I'll get to enjoy the room a bit.

On My Way To Atlanta

Here I am on my way to Atlanta for a week of meetings again.  My flight got delayed in Minneapolis so I got the privilege of listening to my flight attendants complain for a half hour while I changed my various devices.  Although in their defense listening to some of their stories I don't blame them, holy crap people are huge turds sometimes.  After this week it's going to be 2 weeks that I had "off" from going into the office, which is nice.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Day Off

With my last day off from work before I have to head back, or technically get on a plane, next week.  There are scattered showers forecast all day for today so I was glad to be able to get out and get 45 miles in and not get rained on.  Thinking that I may do a run or swim later today and call it a week.  So far I've had a great week off!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fun Day at Adventureland

We just took off from Adventureland and we had a good time.  It never really got that busy in the park, it was mostly just kids on school trips here today.  With it being so empty today we were able to get on all the rides we wanted multiple times without having any lines to contend with.  We were a little worried since the park closed at 6:00pm today that is wouldn't be enough time to enjoy the park but being able to go from thing to thing without waiting we were able to pack a longer day into a short time.  After two fun day's I'm pretty sure that the kids are going to sleep until noon tomorrow and just take the relax!

Images From the Day

Here were some more pictures that I captured from some of the day's various activities from around the park.  Marshall has weak stomach and isn't able to ride a lot of the rides which leaves Clancey as my riding partner on most rides.  Today he was my championship rider and did quite a few of the rides with me.  So far we are having a good time and the kids are really glad we decided to come.

Fun On the Raging River

No trip would be complete without a ride on the ride on the Raging River.  I guess technically the pictures above are from two back to back rides on the Raging River, which is possible since there aren't a whole lot of people here today.  No one got crazy soaked on this ride like Clancey and I did on the Log Ride but we still had a good time.

Soaked on Log Ride

Holy crap we just got drenched on the log ride!  It's the log ride so you know that you are going to get a little wet but I'm not sure Clancey and I were ready for a tsunami of water to land in our lap.  I have a video of the whole thing and took a couple pictures but wow!  Above you can see the before picture, as you can see Clancey is quite dry.

Before you see the aftermath of the tsunami wave that completely destroyed Clancey and I.  The kids is soaked to the bone and is going to need a few hours to dry off.  I'm thinking next time that Jen and Marshall have to sit up front. 


We made it too Adventureland and so far it doesn't look that busy.  There are a few busses out front for school trips, other than that it looks pretty dead.  Looking forward to have a really fun day.

Donuts Before The Big Day

This morning we got the kids to head for first day of summer break donuts, at least that's what we told them.  The real story was that we got the kids out of bid so that we could take them to Adventureland.  In an effort to plan ahead this year we decided that we should go to Adventureland early rather than waiting until nearly the last day in the summer to try and jam it in.  Since most kids aren't out of school yet it shouldn't be too busy, except for maybe kids on school fun days.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Marshall Playing Piano Nursing Home 2015

Clancey Piano Recital Nursing Home 2015

More Pool Time

Turns out the boys had about 45 minutes to play in the pool before we had to head over to Tipton to go to their recital.  Before I went and picked them up for school I got the cover off and vacuumed it up real well so it was ready to go.  It was still a bit chilly but for kids it was fine.  

 I didn't really want to get in the pool since I had just ran through the shower and didn't want to have to shower again before the recital this afternoon.  I pulled a chair over into the shade and watched the boys play in the pool while I listed to some music.  Not too bad of an afternoon for my day off.
Jen of course just doesn't have it in her to sit and relax so she spent the afternoon and most of the morning in her garden getting things planted.  Maybe when we get home she will sit and relax a bit.

Last Day Of School

Today was the last day of school for the boys and they were excited to get summer started.  To get the summer started right I took them up to the local bar and got them each a beer ;) Just kidding.  Actually I had a long workout this morning so after I picked the boys up I asked them if they wanted to go up to Onion Grove to have a pop and some appetizers while I had a steak sandwich.  Not sure what the plan is after this, they have a piano recital later today and I'm not sure if they will have time to get in the pool before we head down.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Enjoying The Porch

This morning was the first morning that there was no Sunday school so the boys and I played hooky from church while Jen went to do her council person duties.  This weekend Clancey has been on a quest to spend the whole weekend in his pajamas but that didn't prevent him from hanging out on the porch with watching the rain cuddled up underneath a blanket.  It's a bit chilly out here but it's hard to pass up a nice rainy morning on the porch, you don't get a whole lot of these.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Out Riding

Today with it being another nice day I figured I should get out for a bike ride to get some extra miles in before my big bike ride tomorrow.  I was a little windy but wasn't too bad out there.  I just about rode inside but was thinking about the fact that I had been stuck inside for the past 8 months riding so I should go enjoy every minute I can outdoors because I will be back inside before you know it.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Marshall's New Cell Phone

Today Jen and I finally broke down and got Marshall his first cell phone.  We had told him about 2 months ago that if he didn't lose anything for the rest of the year we would get him a cell phone.  As a surprise I came home early from work and took him up to the phone company and got him a phone.  Now lets hope he doesn't end up breaking the phone screen immediately.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Marshall's Band Concert

Tonight Marshall had his final band concert of the year up at the middle school.  While not as good as his honor band concert, because everyone there was as good as he is, it was a good concert.  Crazy to think this was pretty much the last thing of the year and he will be going in to 6th grade next year.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Marshall Choir Concert

Last night Marshall had his final choir concert of the school year and, from what he is saying, probably his last choir concert ever.  Turns out Marshall is not a huge fan of choir and the only reason he went out is Jen accidentally signed him up at the beginning of the school year.  The concert wasn't too bad, the 7th grade girls did this rendition of "The Hanging Tree" from the Hunger Games that was pretty awesome.  Thursday we head back for his band concert and then we are done with school events for the year.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Too Cold To Swim

With pool cleaned up and ready to go the boys considered for just a second getting in the pool, but after feeling the water decided against it.  If it wasn't so windy out it might not have been too bad but with the crazy wind you would have frozen to death.  Were getting close but we just aren't there yet.  Maybe in a week and a half when the boys get out of school for the summer we could have a small pool party and officially get the pool opened for the year.

Working Outside

This afternoon after we got back home from church Jen and the boys headed outside to work on some projects.  The kids worked on getting the fire pit sanded, so Jen could paint it, while Jen worked to prepare and old pot for a plant.  As you can see Harley relaxed in the shade and kept an eye on the projects to make sure they didn't get off track.

Jen and I Playing Handbells in Church

Posing After Church

After church Jen and I were dressed up so we thought we would pose for a picture together.  I guess if I'm being honest with myself I wanted to use the camera on my phone since it takes such great pictures.  Either way though it's nice to have a picture of Jen and I together from time to time.

Wisconsin Course Fast Downhill

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Big Post Ride Lunch

After getting done with my big ride I decided to stop at Grey Tied House for lunch. I was freaking starving so I grabbed a place at the bar, had them turn on the golf game and ordered myself I big steak for lunch.  After eating gel and chewy granola bars for 5 hours having some real food in me sounded awesome.  I'm still not feeling great and, to be honest, my legs are starting to hurt worse I'm a little worried how the drive home it going to go.  I will say every passing minute my chair is looking better and better.

Wet Ride Today

Today ended up being a pretty good ride but I figured out that I'm not quite in good enough shape to hammer two of the Wisconsin loops.  The first lap, like always, I started out hammering the course.  I think part of the problem is that I'm around people and my competitive nature drives me to ride fast to stay ahead and if they pass me try and keep up.  Today for the first lap of the ride it rained for about the first half of it which includes some pretty sketchy downhills.  I'll post a video later of one of those descents.  Also I didn't realize that the guy I was hammering with for the first lap wasn't intending to go two laps which, had I known, I probably would have just let him go.  The second lap the sun came out, it got humid and the breeze picked up a bit.  It wasn't too bad but by about mile 65 I was totally gassed and had to head into the big hills.  I managed to get up them without cramping but I was completely wiped out after that and just wanted to sleep.  The plan now is to go find something to eat and then head home to collapse into my chair.

Headed To Wisconsin To Ride The Course

This morning I'm headed to Verona to ride two loops of the bike course.  All week they've been predicting rain for today and as I head down the road you can see that it is in fact raining.  I'm not going to be deterred though, I signed up for this event months ago so assuming the rain doesn't turn into a severe storm I'm just going to have to deal with getting a little wet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Random Midweek Post

I figured that I would make a random midweek post just so my blog wasn't a weekend to weekend thing.  Plus I guess it was worth mentioning that the boys didn't have school on Monday because a bunch of seniors vandalized the school.  About 1am they back a semi full of silage up to the cafeteria and filled it up.  At this point they have figured out who did it and it turns out that a staff member gave them the key.  They had to cancel school because they school smelled horrible and they also didn't know if the seniors and had vandalized the other school as well.  Going to be interesting to see that comes of this whole mess.