Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Tree Time!

We made it to Kelly Tree Farm to get our Christmas Tree for the year and it was freaking packed.  The first time every we had to park on the gravel road outside of the farm because there wasn't any parking in actual lot.  It's alright I guess, I did manage to get this good picture of the sign on the way in.

Normally Kevin Kelly is there to greet you and show you where all the tree are that you can pick from but this year being so busy he was running from customer to customer to get them checked out. Being old pro's it wasn't that big of deal so grabbed our saw and headed down the hill, but not before we had the boys pose for a picture at the top of the hill.  They were somewhat disappointed that it was warm today and all the snow had melted, that meant no sledding down the hill this year.  

Like always the family picked the tree that was the farthest from the car and while the picture gives the impression that the boys carried the tree up, that lasted all of 2 seconds before I ended up carrying the tree up the hill.  Good thing I'm and Ironman and in great shape because the hill is steep and it's a long way up it.

Posing for a Picture.

Finally I got that heavy tree up the hill and the farm hands got it all shaken out and ready to load.  We once again posed for our picture with our tree that we will receive from Kevin next Christmas, I suppose as a reminder to come back.  I took a short video of the cutting of the tree that should be uploaded shortly for everyone to enjoy.

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