Friday, October 17, 2014

Tired Kids

After a long 15 hour day this is what your kids look like.  Clancey was waiting for Jen to finish up her shower so he could shower but fell asleep shortly after she jumped in.  Today was a really long day but was fun and I have to say both of the boys are so good.  It's hard to remember that Clancey is 6 sometime because is acts so good.  I saw a whole lot of total meltdowns today by kids older than Clancey, especially after is got dark.  Clancey and Marshall on the other hand were troopers and hung in to the very end.  Then to top things all off we ended up having to stand up on the bus on the way back to the hotel which took around 15 minutes.  Once again nary a complaint from our boys.  So far we've had a good but a bit tiring of a vacation.  3 days of theme parks in a row going until 6pm the first day, 10pm the second day and midnight the third day, is pretty hardcore.  Today we are going to drive to Panama City and enjoy the beach for a bit before we start the drive back home.

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