Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Legendary Camping Night

Here we are at our camp site and let me tell you it has been an experience getting this damn tent set up.  We ended up getting to the camp ground about 6:30pm so it was already starting to get dark when we pulled in.  We drove down the long deer infested road to get to our camp site and once we got there it was drizzling with on and off showers, it was dusk, and the group from gravel.  Me not being the best planner decided to not put the tent together before we left which meant I had absolutely zero idea how to put it together and doing it in the rain didn't help matters at all.  Lets just say that I might have been a little angry as I attempted to put the tent together in the dark and rain.  Pretty sure by the time the tent got put up, an hour after we started, I used every word in the book at least once and my head was about to explode.  As you can see we did succeed in getting in put up but I also succeeded in making the wife mad and the kids hide in the car.  Probably not the best way to get the big Disney Week started.

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