Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Olivander's Wand Selection

Today on the second trip to Diagon Alley from Hogmeade we finally decided to stop at Olivander's to get some wands.  The couple other times we went into Olivander's it was crazy packed and there was a line outside the door that I didn't know for sure what it was for.  This time when we went by there wasn't a line at the door so I asked what that door was for and they told me it was for a personal wand selection with Olivander himself.  The way it works is a large group goes back but only two get selected from that group to get there wand selected.  It just so happened that Clancey and I were the ones that were chosen to have our wand choose us.  It was awesome, he gave us each a wand and had us wave them at things like Harry Potter did in the movie.  Of course crazy things happened, but when they switched our wands then just like the movie the lights went up and we felt the power of having the correct wand.  Of course we had to purchase our wands after we were to lucky to have them choose us.  Clancey got a wand of healing and caring, and I got a wand of strength which fit our personalities just right.

The video below shows the wand selection experience that Clancey and I got to get part of.

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