Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Big Performance In Harry Potter World

This afternoon, after we all had a taste of Butter Beer, we were sitting on the stairs in the picture above enjoying it.  While we were sitting there we saw some activity behind up like they were preparing for something.  Well it wasn't long before they told us to move off the stairs for the show that was about to start.  While I was standing there just about where that girl was one of the stage people asked me if I would be willing to participate in the show.  Me being me, of course I said yes. They told me to stand up by the stage and on the 3rd song the girls would come down and get me.  Sure enough the third song they came down to get me and brought me on stage to sing around me.  Jen got a video of the whole thing but it was pretty fun.  I was pretty red faced the whole time they were singing to me but I had fun.  I'll post the video later for everyone to see.

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