Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick Or Treating

It's Halloween and the boys are getting ready to head out for a night of trick or treating.  As you can see Marshall was a pig and Clancey was a Huffelpuff Wizard, glad to see he got to use those robes ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marshall's First Choir Concert

Tonight was Marshall's first choir concert and it was pretty good.  As you can see Marshall cleans up pretty nice.  I can't believe how big the kid is getting.  Looks like a little man when he has a button up shirt and fancy pants on.  I took a video of the concert but my stupid phone decided to mess it up so it didn't turn out.  Take my word for it, the concert was really good.

Headed to France

In true fashion to how it goes with me and international travel I found out today that I'm going to be jumping on a plane to head to France Saturday at 1:30 for a week.  There is a customer meeting at our office in France that I need support which means I'll be on the road again.  I have to say that this year is probably the busiest travel year I've had since I worked at Rockwell and it doesn't really look to slow down any time soon.  I already have another trip scheduled for the first week of December which should be my last of the year unless something last minute pops up.  I guess it isn't all bad, at least on this trip I get to ride business class over the ocean which means I should get some rest.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Clancey's Birthday Party

Today was Clancey's birthday so we had to have a birthday party for the kid.  Hard to believe he is 7 already and by looking at him you see how quickly he is growing up.  Mema and Papa came over for the party, Mike and Michelle planned to but Michelle got sick today so they weren't able to make it. Clancey requested a ham, mashed potato's and gravy and cheesecake for his birthday cake.  Alot of really good picks that no one had any complaints about.  Even though the party was a little small we still had a good time.

Bell Choir

A couple weeks back Jen got talked into being in the bell choir at church.  When she came back she told me all about how they really needed more ringers and especially male ringers, hint, hint.  Since we were heading on vacation I was able to avoid the subject for a while but with us being back Jen came on strong again.  Being the only man on a choir made up of all woman and mostly old woman wasn't really my idea of a good time but I figured it was only for a little bit so I could do it.  Today was my first practice and I was horrible.  We have a performance in a couple weeks so I better get after it or I"m going to bring the whole choir down.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


This morning the boys asked if I could dig out the boxing gloves for them to play with.  We used to box all the time but recently we really haven't had much time.  The boys had a really good time and ended up boxing for a couple hours.  Turns out that Clancey is a pretty good little boxer.  May have to get this kid in some classes sometime soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Marshall Composes A Song

Today before Marshall headed off too piano class he sat down and composed a song for the piano.  This was his first song which is pretty awesome given he's only 10, maybe we have a little Beethoven on our hands.  I'll try to get a video of him playing the song to post later.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


After two fairly long days of driving we finally made it home from our whirlwind vacation in Florida.  It's always hard to get back into the swing of things after a vacation but given how busy we've been lately I'm sure by the end of the week the vacation will seem like the distant past.  I'm happy we were able to make it home today not in the we hours of the night so we can relax a bit before I have to get back at it tomorrow.

Boys Playing on The Beach In Panama City

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ocean Time

Today's drive was a lot longer then I thought it would be and we ended up getting to the beach way later then I thought we would.  As you can see the boys still got to play in the water, it just wasn't for as long as we thought they would get to play. Tomorrow we officially head for home and have a long day of driving ahead of us.  Hope to make it all the way to Puducah, Kentucky and then from there make the trip home on Sunday.

Headed Out Today

After 4 short days at our Disney resort we are headed out today to head to Panama City, Florida to spend some time on the ocean and then head for home.  This vacation has been fun, tiring and way too short so far.  Next time we make it down this way we will think about flying just so we can get a couple more days at the resort and have a bit more vacation.

Tired Kids

After a long 15 hour day this is what your kids look like.  Clancey was waiting for Jen to finish up her shower so he could shower but fell asleep shortly after she jumped in.  Today was a really long day but was fun and I have to say both of the boys are so good.  It's hard to remember that Clancey is 6 sometime because is acts so good.  I saw a whole lot of total meltdowns today by kids older than Clancey, especially after is got dark.  Clancey and Marshall on the other hand were troopers and hung in to the very end.  Then to top things all off we ended up having to stand up on the bus on the way back to the hotel which took around 15 minutes.  Once again nary a complaint from our boys.  So far we've had a good but a bit tiring of a vacation.  3 days of theme parks in a row going until 6pm the first day, 10pm the second day and midnight the third day, is pretty hardcore.  Today we are going to drive to Panama City and enjoy the beach for a bit before we start the drive back home.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nighttime At Disney

I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures this afternoon and spent more time riding and experiencing the park.  Although this is the first time I've ever been too Disney at night so I figured I better take a few pictures to post.  We've had a lot of fun so far today and right now we still have a few hours left before the park closes at midnight.  All of us have a huge bag of candy and a still going strong.

Family Favorite

The Tomorrowland Speedway quickly became a family favorite.  Neither of the kids really like wild roller coaster rides all that much but they really enjoy the rides that let them drive cars.

Pictures From This Morning

Here are a bunch of random pictures from our morning activities.  Not much more to report than the kids are having a good time and so far despite the huge crowds of people the lines haven't been too bad.  Were banking on it getting a little less busy this evening when all the people without tickets to the Halloween Party have to leave.

Castle Picture

A Disney trip isn't complete without a picture in front of the castle.  So far everything is just as I remember it, except for maybe all the people.  We have a Fast Pass for the Jungle Cruise first thing this morning so we need to make it over to Adventureland Area to get on that ride.

Disney Day

And finally the day we've all been waiting for, the big Magic Kingdom day.  Today is shaping up to be a really long day, we are just getting here right around 9:30 in the morning and will be here until midnight with our No So Scary Halloween Party tickets.  I know the kids are excited to get going and get on some rides.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Done At Epcot

Today ended up being a pretty long a tiring day by the time we got all the way done with the fireworks show at 9:30.  As a kid I remember Epcot being so fun and futuristic but it seems that technology is catching up.  All the cool futures rides now seem a bit aged and not as cool as when I did them 25 years ago.  It was pretty cool to walk around the world but I have to say we all had a lot more fun at Universal Studio's.  Next time we come down here we will try the Animal Kingdom instead of Epcot.  Heck as much fun as we had Universal Studio's maybe we will just go do that for a couple days instead.  Tomorrow is the big trip to Disney World so we better get some rest tonight.

More Pictures

So far we've enjoyed a whole lot of good food, at least Jen, Marshal and I have, Clancey on the other hand has demanded a burger in America.  I guess when your 6 the thought of trying food from around the world just isn't that appealing.

Touring the World

Here making our way around the world on our tour of Epcot.  We had to get a picture of Marshall in the UK, being he is so fascinated by it.  I had to get a picture in Brazil to send of my friends from Brazil back at work.

Epcot Center

With Disney having a ton of different parks we had to choose which ones to do.  Jen and I both remember enjoying Epcot a ton as kids so we decided that we should choose it.  Hopefully the we have fun today and get to enjoy a lot of good food on our tour around the world.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Diagon Alley Performance

Great Time Today

I opened up the day with a post about my worry about spending a whole bunch of money to go to Universal Studio's Orlando but I have to say it was well worth it.  There is so much to do here it's impossible to get to everything in a single day.  We skipped a whole bunch of the area's today simply because we enjoyed the ones we got to visit so much.  Not sure if we will make it back down here again when the boys are young but I would seriously consider two and even three days at this park.  By the end I was running around like a little kid with both of the boys.  Between all the cool areas, the neat experiences we had and the boys enjoying themselves today was spectacular.  If Disney is half as fun as we had today then we are in for a real treat the rest of the week.  It's going to be hard to go home after all of this.  

Olivander's Wand Selection

Today on the second trip to Diagon Alley from Hogmeade we finally decided to stop at Olivander's to get some wands.  The couple other times we went into Olivander's it was crazy packed and there was a line outside the door that I didn't know for sure what it was for.  This time when we went by there wasn't a line at the door so I asked what that door was for and they told me it was for a personal wand selection with Olivander himself.  The way it works is a large group goes back but only two get selected from that group to get there wand selected.  It just so happened that Clancey and I were the ones that were chosen to have our wand choose us.  It was awesome, he gave us each a wand and had us wave them at things like Harry Potter did in the movie.  Of course crazy things happened, but when they switched our wands then just like the movie the lights went up and we felt the power of having the correct wand.  Of course we had to purchase our wands after we were to lucky to have them choose us.  Clancey got a wand of healing and caring, and I got a wand of strength which fit our personalities just right.

The video below shows the wand selection experience that Clancey and I got to get part of.

Big Performance In Harry Potter World

This afternoon, after we all had a taste of Butter Beer, we were sitting on the stairs in the picture above enjoying it.  While we were sitting there we saw some activity behind up like they were preparing for something.  Well it wasn't long before they told us to move off the stairs for the show that was about to start.  While I was standing there just about where that girl was one of the stage people asked me if I would be willing to participate in the show.  Me being me, of course I said yes. They told me to stand up by the stage and on the 3rd song the girls would come down and get me.  Sure enough the third song they came down to get me and brought me on stage to sing around me.  Jen got a video of the whole thing but it was pretty fun.  I was pretty red faced the whole time they were singing to me but I had fun.  I'll post the video later for everyone to see.

Indiana Jones World

Not sure the name of this area but I'm just going to call it Indiana Jones World.  There really wasn't any rides in this area but it was pretty picturesque.  Like every good parent I made the boys pose on the animals for a picture.  Later on in life we are going to get these pictures back out to show their future wives.

Dr. Seuss Land

As you can see from the picture above the smile is back and we are back in the game having fun.  Worked out well that Dr. Seuss Land was next to Jurassic Park Land which is a far more kid friendly area.  

 Here is Marshall posing amongst Truffula Tree's, not quite the excitement levels of Clancey but Marshall isn't as emotional as Clancey tends to be.  He wouldn't show it but he was pretty freaked out by the Jurassic Park ride too, so it's good we are in Dr. Seuss Land now.
 A trip to here wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of the famous folks.  Here is one of the boys with "The Grinch".
 Here is one with "The Lorax".
 Of course Jen and I had to get in on the action and grow our love on the Red Fish, Blue Fish ride.  It did so happen that I was a horrible fish driver and both Jen and I managed to get soaked by the fish statues shooting water.  The song told you what to do but I just couldn't keep up, in fact I'm pretty sure I did the opposite of what was right.  Good thing I put Jen on the outside.
And finally, why not finish the trip with a ride on a Dr. Seuss police motorcycle.  As you can see the smiles are back in full swing now.  So we should go see what else we can find to do.

Jurassic Park

The area right next to Harry Potter land turned out to be Jurassic Park Land, which to a kid is pretty awesome.  I'm not sure I don't know a kid who isn't fascinated by dinosaurs.  As we were walking around we stumbled onto a water ride that seemed like a great idea, turns out that probably wasn't the case.  The ride started off nice enough but about halfway through we ended up in escaped Raptor area and Clancey got scared.  By the time we were done there was sirens, screeching, and if you can make it out a T-Rex.  All of that was finished by a huge hill where we all got soaked.  By the time we were done I was afraid we were going to have to pack it up for the day because Clancey was in a funk.  We have managed to get him back but we need to find something fun fast!


Hogsmede is the newest addition to Harry Potter World and was also pretty cool.  So far the only thing I have to complain about it just how busy the place is.  I think the plan is to walk around Hogsmede for a bit but I"m thinking we will leave the Harry Potter area and try one of the other areas out for a bit to see if it's as busy.