Sunday, September 07, 2014

Up and Ready For Ironman

Here it is race morning and I'm getting ready to head up to transition to attempt to finish my 7th Ironman race.  I haven't been as nervous for this race as I have been for my past races.  I think part of it is that I finish Ironman Boulder 5 weeks ago so I've technically stamped my Ironman pass for the year already this year.  At this point this race is "gravy" for me.  The weather for today looks absolutely spectacular which means there are no excuses for a bad time.  I'm not sure where I stand recovery wise since my last event but I'm pretty sure I'm not 100% yet.  It's really too bad because the conditions are perfect for fast times.  With my new ability too swim it's possible that I could get a PR today if I was 100%.  I guess we will see how the day goes.  Either way it will be exciting for the boys to finally see me do an Ironman.

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