Thursday, September 04, 2014

Ironman Wisconsin

Here I am once again checking into another Ironman less then 5 weeks from my last one.  I decided to take half a day off from work to drive up here and get checked in a day early so tomorrow when we are coming up as a family I'm not a total crazy bear getting them to hustle along.  Originally the plan was for me to go up tomorrow morning and have Jen and the boys come up Saturday.  Jen was a bit worried about me driving home by myself on Monday after two Ironman races so close together so she wanted to drive up together in one car.  Now the boys can go to school all day, I can go to work for a bit and then we can leave right when the boys get out of school.  In addition to getting checked into Ironman I got signed up for Ironman Wisconsin next year as well.  Every year I get closer and closer to the magical 12 number and Kona!

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