Thursday, September 18, 2014

Clancey and the Case of Food Poisoning

So last night around 1am Clancey, who has a stomach made of steal, started to throw up.  Normally when he does throw up he does it like one time and then he is good to go.  Well last night was a different story for the kid, he started at 1am and kept it up most of the night.  After the first time where he wasn't able to make it to the bathroom, he managed to keep in contained to a bucket.  Jen and I figured it was just some stomach flu going around and didn't really think anymore about it until morning.  Jen called the school to let them know he wasn't going to be in because he was throwing up well turns out that more then 30 kids had already called in with the same symptoms.  It didn't take much to realize that the only way that could happen that quick was for all the kids to have gotten food poisoning.  The school is in the first stages of their investigation and are unwilling to admit it yet but it seems unlikely at this point that it could be anything else.

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