Monday, August 25, 2014

Hot Weekend

This weekend was the first really hot weekend we've had in quite a while and the first really good weekend to spend in the pool.  On Saturday it rained a better portion of the day but Sunday was perfect as far as sunny and hot is concerned so we headed out to the pool after church.  Of course as I was trying to get the pool ready for a vacuum I managed to break one of the shut off valves in shut position.  That meant I had to spend the afternoon driving to Davenport to get a replacement value and fix the pump.  At least the pool was clean enough so that the kids could enjoy the pool while I was spending the afternoon running around and fixing the pump.  They had a great day which I did manage to finally get in on late in the day before I spent some time fixing the value.  Overall, while it wasn't an ideal day for me, the kids had a good time and got to enjoy the pool, which makes the purchase well worth it.

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