Monday, November 04, 2013

Town Smells Like Natural Gas

Apparently earlier today Alliant energy was outside of town adding more of the stuff that gives natural gas it's smell and they added way too much.  Given the danger that is associated with natural gas leaks one would assume that the natural gas system is an entirely contained system with only the small leak here and there, well it turns out that is not true at all.  Right now the entire town reaks of natural gas oder, in fact when I drove into town I could smell it immediately. When I got home the whole house smelled like it was going to blow up.  One would be worried but everyone in town is complaining about the same thing.  From what I heard Alliant energy has sent extra techs to the town to go house by house to make sure that the houses are all safe.  We decided since the problem is through the entire town that our house is safe and we staying in it for now but hopefully they show up soon so we can remove any doubt.

Update 7:30pm
Alliant showed up and tested our house out and assured us that there was no issue.  The tech told me that the reasons homes are smelling so bad is that there is too much odorant in the gas and it doesn't burn off with the natural gas.  So every time the furnace or water heater kick on the house gets more of the smell in it.  They said it could be like this for another day or two which kind of sucks.  Well at least our house isn't going to blow up.

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