Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sleep Over

Last night Marshall had two friends over for a sleep over, or to be more accurate an all night video game session.  The kids got here right after school on Friday and besides a little stint of running around the house when they first showed up they pretty much played video games all night on the Xbox.  I guess Clancey finally called it quits around 9:00pm and went to sleep on the couch but the Marshall and his two friends didn't shut it down until nearly 2am in the morning.  This morning shed some light on the activities after the parents went to bed.  We found empty pop bottles, candy wrappers and evidence that they had played Halo.  When we went to bed and we overheard Marshall say something about wait 10 minutes and then we can do whatever they were talking about we probably should have went back downstairs to check on them.  Jen and I fell asleep though which meant they had free reign to do what they wanted.  I guess they had fun and didn't do anything too bad so it's alright.

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