Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great Time Last Night

Jen and I had a great time last night getting to have an adult night out together.  We went to Baiggi's for supper and were able to walk right into the bar area and get a table.  The meal turned out to be spectacular.  It had been years since I've been to Biaggi's but turns out that it is a really good restaurant.  It was nice to be able to enjoy a nice meal together and have some time to hang out and chat since we weren't in a huge rush. We ended up getting to the Wine to Water Event at 7:30 after taking our time at supper.  The place the event was held was pretty cool, it was a 3rd floor loft area that was under construction but they had really done a great job to get it ready for the event.  We each got a glass of wine and wandered around checking out the art they were auctioning off and also chatting with Jen's friends that were there.  We ended up staying until around 10:00 chatting and enjoying the live music.  As you can see we also won the auction on a nice piece of original art by a local artist.  Not sure where we will hang it yet but I'm sure we will find a place.

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