Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clancey Went Off The Diving Board for the First Time!

This afternoon after I got done with my bike ride we decided it had been awhile and we should take the kids to the pool.  Clancey has been making some amazing strides with his swimming of the past few weeks, going from being unable to keep himself afloat for 10 seconds to being able to swim all the way to the other end of the pool by himself.  Today just as we were getting ready to go I asked if he wanted to go the deep end with me to swim around a bit.  When we got down there I had him jump off the side of the pool all by himself which took a little convincing but he did it.  After he did that I knew he was ready to try jumping off the diving board.  Well we talked about it and he was pretty scared to try.  I told him if he jumped off the board we would go to Dairy Queen for supper as a treat.  This got him to climb onto the board but he just couldn't bring himself to jump off.  After that I told him he didn't have to so we swam back down to the other end of the pool.
When we got down to the other end of the pool Jen came over to talk to him and he was pretty defeated.  In fact tears were even welling up in him eye's.  I figured if anyone could work magic Jen could so I took Marshall and we swam around a little bit on the other side of the pool while Jen and Clancey talked.  After a could minutes I swam back over to see if he had changed his mind.  When I asked if he wanted to swim to the other end he agreed and we swam down together.  At this Jen got out of the pool and got her camera ready.  He acted a scared again but got out of the pool, climbed up the ladder. walked to the end of the board, like a boss, and jumped right off.  Being cell phone camera's are horribly slow and capturing a shot she only got him just as he splashed into the water and the one above on the board.
When he surfaced and swam to the edge he was really proud of himself and let me tell you so were the rest of us.  Like a champ that kid got out the pool and did it a couple more times.  This time Jen took a video of it that I'm working on posting.  She took it in portrait mode so I have to do some work on it before I can post it.  Let me tell you though, that kid earned every bit of his DQ treat afterward.
Walking down the board like a Boss!
Splash goes the dive master!

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