Thursday, November 28, 2013

Brown Thursday Shopping

I swore up and down that I would never partake in the craziness that is Thanksgiving Day shopping.  While I wasn't necessarily against it, standing in multi-hour lines to get stuff really cheap, especially at WalMart didn't seem like the way I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving evening.  Yet hear I am.  The boys and I managed to get our hands on a second Xbox 360 for the holiday season but we didn't have a second TV to play it on.  Turns out that today they had 32" TV's on sale at Walmart to $98 so I headed on out to get one.  The TV's went on sale at 6:00pm but if you got there at 4:00pm you could get a bracelet to guarantee that you actually got one.  I was not going to wait in line with a bunch of other people, then sprint through the store at 6pm to the TV's and battle others to get one.  I was surprised that when I pulled up at 4 there was hardly anyone at the store.  The parking lot was mostly empty and I was able to walk right back to the place where they handed out the TV bracelets and get one.
Once I got my bracelet I headed over to the Xbox games to get see what they had, when I got there I was the only person there and they had a ton of games on sale for really cheap.  Since I knew I had my TV already I made camp here and scoped some games out.  It was finally around 5:15 when the store started to really get busy and a lot of people started to gather around the games.  It was rather interesting to watch, at first we were all casual and chatting nice but as the hour approached 6:00pm people started to smash in so they got there game.

About 5:55pm the announced over the PA system in the store that shopping started and immediately the chaos ensued.  There was an immediate rush towards the games and since in front I was pushed up against the game display.  There were people elbowing, pushing and yelling it was freaking nuts.  Since I was pushed up against the display I was able to reach in the grab the games I wanted and shove my way out of the madness.  Until this day I didn't really think that the video's they showed online happened everywhere and where a bit dramatic but now I"m a believer.  I'm not entirely sure how good I feel about being a part of one of those ;)
With that done I headed over to the TV line to get my new TV.  Besides being a long wait this line was way more calm, which after my video game lunacy I was ready for.  The line moved pretty quickly and after 15 minutes I had my TV.  Good thing it was small and light because this guy forgot to grab a cart.  Now by this time the store as a complete madhouse.  Apparently fire code only allows 533 people in the Tipton Walmart and rumor was there was a line of nearly as many people outside the store waiting to get in by now.  Too by the time those people got in there wouldn't be anything left.
I had to make my way across the store at this point, trying to wrangle my TV and video games to go to the area where I could pick up the boys Big Present from Daddy.  As you can see from the picture above it was not easy to navigate this place.  Once again after fighting my way through all the people I picked up my present for the boys and headed to the check out line.
Just like everything else the checkout line was crazy long and wound throughout the store.  I found the end and commenced the waiting game.  I did find it refreshing that people were being nice and cordial to one other.  The line for the checkout didn't take as long as I thought it would and, to be honest, after spending multiple hours at the store waiting it wasn't that big of deal.  I had did my battle for the stuff I wanted was in the checkout line the conquering hero.  Not sure I would so that again anytime soon but I'll say this it was an experience.

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