Sunday, November 24, 2013

252 Days Until Ironman

While it is still 36 weeks out my next Ironman is slowly creeping up on me.  Right now is the time of year where it is hard to stay focused on your training.  It is cold, so every bit of training is indoors, and to be honest the pain cave is also cold as hell.  Today when I went down to get on my bike for 3 hours it was 55 degree's down there.  Now you may be wondering why I had to be on my bike for 3 hours when I'm still 36 weeks away from my race.  Well when you are a lazy swine during the week you have to put in extra hours on the weekend to make up for the missed hours.  Right now I'm trying to get between 6-8 hours a week and when I started my ride I was only at 3.5 hours this week.  I did manage to get my hours in but next week I need to make sure I get my hours in during the week so I'm not stuck in my freezing pain cave for 3 hours next weekend.  With Thanksgiving next week it's going to be very easy to blow it off.

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