Monday, October 07, 2013

300 Days To Ironman

300 days seems like a long ways out from Ironman but given the amount of training required to be able to finish the race it really isn't that long.  Once you reach this point in the year you have to start making the transition from casual training to a bit more focused training.  Technically the real meat of my training gets started with 280 days to go but if you aren't training hard right now it gets really hard when 40 weeks to go hits.  Next year will be my second attempt to finish 2 Ironman races in one year and after last time I know I need to focus to accomplish that goal.  As of this morning I'm still not feeling like I've fully recovered from Wisconsin, I'm able to train but still have lingering stiffness and a general lethargic feeling most mornings.  Next year at this time I would only be 1 week out from Wisconsin which makes me realize I need to focus my training so that I can recover faster.

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