Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crazy Wife With Big Ideas

After Jen made all of us a spectacular Easter Dinner I decided to head out and brave the wind for a bike ride.  I had thought about going 50 miles but cut it short to 25 when the wind was just a bit too much to handle.  When I came in the house I heard a lot of ruckus upstairs and decided to go upstairs to see what was going on.  Well what to my wondering eyes should appear is the guest bedroom entirely emptied and Jen on her hands and knees cleaning the hardwood.  It seemed like a whole lot of work to empty the guest bedroom just clean the floors and that is when she told me that she is in the process of moving our bedroom into the guest bedroom.  I questioned what sense that made and then she went one step further to tell me that she is going to move the office into our bedroom and the guest bedroom to where the office is.  She said since our bedroom is so bright it will be better to have the office/studio in there which meant our bedroom had to go somewhere.  I told her the the guest bedroom was awful small but she said all we do is sleep in our room so is really wasn't that big of deal to have a smaller room.  She had me there, logic I couldn't argue with.  She claims she is going to have our bedroom room moved by tonight and probably have the office moved by tomorrow when I get home from work.  I will keep you up to date on the progress.

Easter Morning

This morning was Easter Morning and the Easter Bunny made his annual trip to our house to hid eggs for the boys.  This year the Easter bunny had a great idea and got the boys not only candy but also a whole bunch of AA batteries for their Xbox controllers.  It amazes me how many AA batteries we go through in a given month but hopefully the stash the Easter Bunny gave the boys will last for awhile.  Not only did the he bring AA batteries but he also brought each of the boys new swimming trunks and towels for the pool.  The boys really wanted to use their new swim trunks today and were disappointed when they found out that the pool was closed today.  We told them that we could go down sometime this week to give them a try since the pool is open every night until 8:00pm.  

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lazy Day

Today was a busy day for Jen and Clancey but a pretty lazy day for Marshall and I. Clancey had soccer practice which Jen was the coach for and in the afternoon he had a bowling party to go to. Marshall and I spent the afternoon watching space shows on Netflix and napping. In fact neither of us got up off the couch until nearly 5pm. I think I'm fighting something off and Marshall is just getting over his stomach flu so it seemed like a great way to spend the day. We did get outside this afternoon to do some golfing in the yard and to do some grilling but that was pretty much about all the two of us ended up doing today. Hopefully tomorrow we have a bit more of a productive day.

Green Day Concert

Last night Clancey and I went to his first concert ever and we had a great time. I couldn't beleive what a trooper he was, normally he goes to bed around 7:30 but last night Green Day didn't start playing until 9:00pm. Heck there were kids over twice his age looking tired and crabby by the time they went on. With tickets on the floor we were able to get really close to the stage, or at least as close to the stage as you are willing to take a 5 year old. We also had plenty of room to dance and sing it was great. We ended up leaving about 20 minutes early because Clancey was getting pretty tired and wanted to go. It wasn't that big of deal because that meant we were able to beat the traffic. I asked Clancey if he wanted to go to another Green Day concert and he told me "Yes!"

Friday, March 29, 2013

Clancey's First Concert

Tonight with Jen having to stay with Marshall we decided the best idea would be for me and Clancey to go to the concert. At noon I got a hold of Clancey via Google Talk and asked him if he wanted to go, he said yes very excitedly. Jen said all afternoon or we could talk about was going to the concert in fact he got his Green Day shirt out so he would be ready tonight. It's going to be a late night but I'm sure he will have fun.

First Outdoor Ride Of The Year

With temperatures in the upper 50's today it was finally a proper spring day so I decided to cut out of work a bit early to go get my first indoor ride of the year in.  It was spectacular to be able to be outside and ride my bike a bit.  When you start training in early December there are a whole lot of miles spent in the cold basement staring at the wall so when you are finally able to get outside it is great.  It wasn't windy, it wasn't too cold, it was just right to enjoy a quick 20 miles outdoors.  Hopefully the weather holds out so I can get my 2-3 hour ride done outside tomorrow.

Sick Kid = More Ruined Plans

So late Monday morning after Clancey was getting over his sickness and we had our weekend plans ruined I noticed that Green Day was playing in Moline on Friday.  Wednesday the plan was to send the boys to Mema and Papa's until Saturday so I thought this would be a great opportunity for Jen and I to do something fun.  Jen told me that I shouldn't buy tickets because it will certainly get ruined just like everything else has for the last 6 months. 
As an aside Jen looked back at the calendar and notied that for the last 6 months we have had to cancel our plans to attend 6 events we had tickets for because of sickness or some other crazy occurance.  We've only been able to attend one, Taylor Swift, which if you ask me was the one not to miss. 
Anyways, against Jen's judgement I bought tickets sure that there was no way yet another event could get ruined by something.  When I bought the tickets everyone was healthy and it seemed we all had avoided Clancey's stomach flu.  Then Wednesday morning hit and Marshall was complaining of a stomach ache and had diarreha.  Well it went down hill from there, yesterday morning Marshall woke up looking like this.  Today he is feeling better but with him running a tempurature last night everyone is fearful to come to our house so another event has been ruined for us. 
This has probably been the worst spring break ever.  Every plan has been ruined, it's been too cold to do anything outside and both the kids got sick.  I think poor Jen is going to have a break down being stuck in the house all week with sick kids and getting all of her plans broken.  I was really hoping I could take her to this concert but oh well, that is the cost of being parents.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Alger's Pizza

With the kids on spring break all week Jen decided to bring the boys into Cedar Rapids tonight. The original plan had been to go to a candle light vigil in support of marriage equality but the event turned out to kind of be a bust. It appears that the organizers didn't really plan the event that well and not many people showed up. So instead we used the time to all head out for some supper. Since Clancey had been sick all week we let him choose the restaurant and he wanted to go to the "King Pizza Place" which we interpreted as Alger's Pizza in Mt. Vernon. The pizza was really good like always and once again Flat Stanley got to participate in yet another family event. While our plans didn't go quite as expected we made the most of it and still had a good time.

Colin's Benefit

Yesterday was the Colin's Benefit in Owattanna for Nikki and her family. Originally the plan had been for the family to head up to Owattana on Saturday spend the night in the hotel with the water slides, maybe head to the cities and then go to the benefit. Well like all plans we've had lately they got ruined by an ill timed sickness with Clancey. Instead of going up as a family on Saturday, I headed up by myself on Sunday afternoon. Of course being the crappiest spring ever it had snowed 3-4 inches over night and was snowing when I left at 1:00pm in the afternoon. After a long 4 hour drive I got there a little after 5:00pm. There was a ton of people at the benefit and they had a ton of baskets of cool stuff to bid on. I ended up bidding on a couple things but only won one bid, a couple golf shirts and balls. I had some supper, said hi to everyone, watched some kids sing a song for Colin and I was back on the road a little before 8:00pm headed for home. The first hour of the drive wasn't too bad but about the time I hit the Minnesota border it all changed. After snowing all day the roads were starting to get a bit cruddy and traffic slowed down. At this point I knew I was hunkering in for a long drive home. Between being tired, driving on crappy roads and it being night I thought about just pulling somewhere for the night but for some reason I had it in my head I was going to make it home. Finally about 12:30am I pulled into the drive and was damn happy to be there. It was great to see Nikki and support her but I sure could have done without the 9 hour round trip on crappy roads.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Snow!

Last night it snow again and we got another 3-4 inches of snow....ahhhhh! This damn winter will just not end. By now I was hoping to have been outdoors on my bike a least a few times and played a few rounds of golf. In fact just last night Marshall and I couldn't wait any longer so we practiced putting indoors for an hour or so. I guess I can be happy that I don't have an early season Ironman race like a did last year or I would be going totally crazy at this point. Nothing worse then having to do multiple 5-8 hour workouts indoors in the pain cave. Hopefully this is officially the last snow of the year, please!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Running Shoe's

After Marshall and I got done eating at BBQ This! we went to the gym so we could each get put runs in. After yesterday's run neither Marshall or I were really feeling it today, although a half rack of ribs at lunch probably didn't help either. I needed to get an hour in and Marshall was shooting to get another 2.5 miles in. I wasn't more then a half mile in and I knew the run was going to suck. I was struggling to maintain much more then a 10 minute a mile pace and Marshall was doing a good job keeping up with me. In fact over his 2.5 mile run I only managed to lap him 2 times. Once we got done we shot a few baskets on the basketball court and headed in for our showers. I figured since Marshall has put in more then 5 miles in two days running I would stop by Dick's sporting goods and get him a pair of decent running shoes. One thing I know from all my years of running nothing will cause an injury faster then running in a poor pair of shoes. I did tell him that now he is going to need to run everyday since he has a special pair of shoes for it. He said he would and to be honest I believe that he will.

Lunch At BBQ This!

After we got done at work we headed over to BBQ This! for some lunch. Marshall wanted to go to Wildwood but I told him it was long drive to get there but I told him I knew of another pretty good BBQ place we could go to. Once again you can see that we brought our good buddy Flat Stanley along for the trip. Food was pretty good and got us filled up before our workout.

Weekend Work

Once again I had to go into work for a 3 hour meeting to review a document. Since Clancey is still feeling somewhat under the weather I took Marshall with me so after I got done with work we could get some lunch and go to the Rockwell gym together. Marshall and I both wanted to get a run in and we thought we may play some basketball or something. Marshall and Flat Stanley did great being patient and waiting for me to get done with my meeting. He pretty much sat and played games on his tablet while I met. After 3 hours we were all happy to be done.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Marshall's New Hair

It may be kind of hard to see the difference in the picture but here is the result of his new haircut. As you can see it no longer hangs in his face and is certainly more conducive to swimming.

Marshall The Runner

Last night Marshall told Jen that he wanted to start running every day.  He told her that during the summer he sits around a lot and is lazy so he figured he should do some running to keep in shape.  So this afternoon after his haircut Marshall and I got our workout clothes on and headed up to the park for a run.  I strapped a GPS watch on him, ran a half mile warm up lap with him and then set him loose.  He ended up running 2.5 miles and looking at his mile splits he was running right around 10 minute miles.  Not too bad for a 9 year old kid, who know we may have another college runner on our hands!

Hair Cut For Marshall

With Jen in Cedar Rapids taking Clancey to the doctor that meant I had to leave work early to get home and get Marshall from the bus stop but also take him to get a hair cut.  The kids hair had gotten pretty unruly so it was clearly time for him to go in and get a trim.  He likes it long so we told her not to take too much off but we had to get some so it wasn't in his eye's all the time.  It turned out pretty good and I'll post a picture of the final result later on this evening for Mema and Papa to see.  On another note you may notice the little cut out figure standing in the mirror, well that little guy is known as Flat Stanley and he will be part of the family for the next week while the kids are on spring break.  I guess the Flat Stanley project is a project that they have been doing for years here at North Cedar when the kids are in 3rd grade.  The kids are supposed to keep a journal of what Flat Stanley does all week, who meets him and even take pictures of his adventures.  Too bad we won't getting to head up to Minnesota because that would have been a neat adventure to log.  I guess tomorrow I have to go into work and I planned on taking Marshall with so he could meet all my co-workers in the Green Room so that will kind of neat. 

Sick Little Boy

Yesterday after the boys got home from school Jen noticed that Clancey didn't seem to be acting like himself.  When he got home he didn't want a snack, complained that his tummy hurt and only wanted to lay on the couch and watch Spongebob.  Jen figured it was time to break the thermometer and see if he had a temp, well it turned out that the kid was sporting a 102 degree temp.  She got some ibuprofen in him and he spent the rest of the night relaxing.  When it was time to head up to sleep Jen let him sleep in our bed so she could keep an eye on him.  Since I've been stuck in Green Rooms late all week I didn't get home until after they were in bed and decided to sleep in Clancey's bunk.  About midnight Jen woke up to give him some more ibuprofen but in the process Clancey started throwing up everywhere.  At this point Jen is yelling for me because she didn't know where I was sleeping but I was sawing major logs and didn't here her.  I guess it turned into quite the scene, the bed is covered in it, the kid is covered in it, the dog is trying to eat it and Jen barely awake trying to deal with it all.  To be honest I'm surprised she didn't push me down the stairs this morning because I slept though it all.

Today she took Clancey to the doctor and he said that he had a viral infection and there wasn't a whole lot he could do about it.  He said give him fluids, ibuprofen and prescribed lots of rest.  That means that once again our weekend plans have been spoiled.  We had planned on going up to Minnesota tomorrow and spend the weekend having fun before Colin's benefit on Sunday.  Now it's looking like we won't be making it up there at all or it will be just myself going to the benefit.  Oh well, at least we made it to the Taylor Swift concert!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday At The VanOort House

It didn't start off real busy, but by this afternoon I ended up accomplishing a fair amount of stuff and feel like I had a pretty productive day.  First thing this morning I was lazy and ended up skipping church to sit in my recliner, enjoy a cup of coffee, surf the web and listen to music on the Sonos.  If you ask me it was probably the most relaxing hour I've had this whole week.  After Jen and the boys got back from church I bundled up and headed out for a 9.5 mile run.  To be honest I'm surprised the run went as well as it did considering all the long bike ride I did yesterday afternoon.  Once I got done with that I grabbed some lunch, showered and got my swimsuit on so we could all head to the pool for our weekly trip.  When we got there the pool was a complete madhouse and I had to knock a few kids out of the way while I was swimming my laps.  Once I got my mile in I went over and swam for about and hour with the boys.  Both Marshall and Clancey did great, they are both improving immensely in the water.  Marshall went off the diving board a whole bunch of times and Clancey was swimming around like a little fish.  Once we got done with the pool we headed over to DQ for some supper and then finally when I got home I spent a bunch of time balancing the check book and looking over our budgets.  After today I'm happy to be headed to bed so I can get a break!

Clancey Playing Piano

Marshall Playing Piano

Trivia Night

Last night we had another library fund raiser trivia night here in Clarence.  Once again I had to MC the event because nobody else will stand up in front of a crowd and talk for 2 hours, apparently they all suffer from glossophobia.  It wasn't as big as it was last time but there were still 6 tables full of people playing which made for a good time.  Once we were done with the event we all headed over to the new Onion Grove Bar in town to check it out for the first time.  We all ended up having a pretty good time hanging out there for a couple hours.  Turns out that I knew a lot of people hanging out in the bar last night and got the opportunity to chat to a whole lot of people I don't get to talk to that often.  All in all it ended up being a pretty fun night.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

60 Miles Indoors

Untitled by lvanoort at Garmin Connect - Details

I was really hoping that it would be warm enough to actually ride outside today but alas my dreams were thwarted by mother nature again.  Last year at this time we were in T-shirts and enjoying the warm days but this March has been absolutely horrible weather wise.  What that meant was I was once again stuck in the basement for 3 hours spinning away on my trainer for 60 miles.  Today's ride was somewhat of a break through ride for me again.  As I had been slowly adding mileage week to week I haven't been able to maintain a solid effort for the whole time.  I generally get to about an hour in and I start to struggle to maintain an average speed over 20 mile per hour but today I was finally able to push it the whole time.  Ended up averaging right at 20 miles per hour for 3 hours and got right at 60 miles in.  This was one of those rides that made me feel like I'm ready for my 100 mile indoor ride coming up in early April.  I just hope that next weekend I am finally able to get out side for my multi-hour ride, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Bakery Morning

This morning we took our weekly trek down to Tipton so we could get some donuts at the bakery.  This morning the kids actually let Jen and I sleep in some and weren't in our bedroom at 6am trying to get us to go.  Jen and I didn't get out of bed until after 8:30 this morning and it felt good to sleep in some.  I have to say that the transition to daylight savings time has been somewhat of a rough transition so far.  Hopefully by next week it will start to be a bit easier.  Now the picture above appears to show a little boy who is happy and excited to be at going to the bakery but in all actuality he was in a mood.  Once Marshall decides that he doesn't want to do something then there is no convincing him otherwise.  This morning he had it in his head that he didn't want to go and was being a total bummer, if Clancey wasn't so excited to go we would have just stayed home.  By the time we had gotten home he had come out of his mood some but my lord when we left I was about to make the kid walk!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Last night after we got back from Omaha Jen and I had parent/teacher conferences for the boys.  Just like always they went great.  Just like always Marshall's teacher showed us a whole bunch of papers with 100% on them and told us that Marshall is not only a very bright kid but a very good kid.  In fact we talked again about him moving up a grade level in a couple subjects.  They have been hesitant to move him up a grade simply because the current 4th grade class is kind of a rough bunch that they are not entirely certain Marshall would fit in well with.  More too come after supper.....

Well turns out after supper was the middle of the afternoon the next day.  Anyways Jen has a meeting on Monday with the ELP teacher, and his two 3rd grade teachers to talk about what we can do accelerate Marshall's learning in some areas, especially math.  Jen has been reading a lot about gifted learning and will come to the meeting equipped with a bunch on information so we can get the ball rolling.

Just like Marshall, Clancey is showing signed of being very gifted as well, in fact we are thinking he could be more advanced then Marshall in some areas.  He has been telling Jen and I that preschool is too easy, he knows everything already and he really wants to learn to read and do math.  We have started working with him on basic addition and Jen has had him reading Hop On Pop to her.  The real issue that we are going to have with Clancey, just like with Marshall, is getting him identified as gifted.  Until he can read to take standardized tests that prove his intelligence the school system is very hesitant to set him apart.  I suppose from their perspective he is able to do the work and he isn't a discipline problem so they see him as just fine. So for the next year or two it will be a battle, I guess that is the deal.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lunch At Cheesecake Factory

On the way back from Omaha we decided to stop for some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. This place is freaking awesome but it they feed the heck out of you.

Morning Workout

This morning, being on vacation, I thought I would use the opportunity to go down and check out the Hilton Gym. What I've found in all my years of travel is business class hotels tend to have really nice health clubs and this one didn't disappoint. It was huge full of nice Precor equipment, with a full weight area, locker room, pool and and hot tub. I was thinking it was really to bad I didn't bring my swim suit so I could have gotten a few laps in too. I did succeed in getting an hour long run in even though I was somewhat tired from staying up late last night. It's nice to have my workout in for the day and not have that hanging over my head all day. Anything else I get in today is just gravy at this point.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Concert Over

Well the concert just got over and it was a pretty good concert. It was a bit overly sappy at the beginning but after about a half hour it was better. Probably the best song of the night was the Dubstep version of I Knew You Were Trouble, heck I bet even the boys would have liked it especially Clancey. Jen managed to survive the concert without "getting sick" this time, which had to have been tough with the hotel right across the street.

At The Concert

Here we are at the concert listening to the opening acts and getting ready see the first show if the Red Tour. We have pretty awesome seats, front row of mezzanine level right at the stage. Should be able to see the show pretty good.

In Omaha

We just got to our hotel in Omaha which also happens to be connected directly to the concert venue. Jen is getting pretty excited about the concert and has been blaring Taylor Swift in the hotel room while we wait for the concert to get started. I did point out to Jen that everyone here is about 12 years old so she should be kind of embarrassed about wanting to come but she told me that it wasn't embarrassing at all. If nothing else just like the last Taylor Swift concert she drug me too the men's bathroom line and beer line will be extremely short. ;-)

In Des Moines

Here we are in Des Moines to run our list of errands before we head west to Omaha. We just got done at the hospital seeing Olivia and she was looking good. We got there right when she was waking up to be fed so we got to see her in interactive mode. While we were here we got Jen's sign delivered to the woman who works at Mercy. Now all we need to do is get a sign shipped, eat some lunch and we are off to Jen's concert.

On The Way To Omaha

Jen and I are on the way to Omaha for the opening day of the Taylor Swift's Red Tour. Jen has been excited all year to go to the concert, me not so much but it's what you do when you are married. On the way we have to drop a bunch of signs off, visit Olivia and then we are on our way the western part of the state.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ice Cream

It just isn't a proper boy trip without stopping to get some ice cream at the DQ on the way home. After we went bowling we went to a couple stores so the boys could spend there money with no luck. Marshall really wanted to get Sim City for his DS but we had very little luck finding many DS games at any game store. I guess the 3DS is what all the new games are for and most of the used games have been picked through. What we ended up doing is just buying the game on Amazon from my phone. Clancey really wanted to go to Intelligent Life Toys but by the time we got there it was closed so I told him that we would look online for him to see if he finds anything he likes. Not as fun as getting to pick something out at the store but you do have far more choice.


The boys and I just got done bowling and it was a madhouse there. Both of the boys had a great time and both times it took me getting a turkey in the last frame to beat Clancey, he appears to be quite talented at the game. While we have the bumpers up the boys rarely use them it is right down the center most of the time. If the boys were a bit stronger they would be getting quite a few strikes. Now we are headed to the store so the boys can spend the valentine's money that they got from mema and papa.

Lunch At Panchero's

The boys and I managed to brave the fog and get to Cedar Rapids for some Quesadillas and Burritos. I was surprised how busy it was when we got here, especially considering it was 1:30. Apparently everyone is still on the old time today. The food was pretty good and up next we are headed to the bowling alley for a few games. I brought my ball with, which I haven't thrown in a couple years, it's probably going to end up in the lane next to us. ;-)

Foggy Boy Day

This afternoon after I got done with my 2.5 hour bike ride in the pain cave I promised the boys we would go on a boy day. It's been a long time since the boys and I have been out on a boy day so it was about time. Jen had a bunch of signs she needed to get painted so she was a big fan of me taking the boys for the afternoon. As you can see it was quite foggy on the way into Cedar Rapids. I wasn't planning on going all the way to CR but Clancey really wanted Panchero's and to go bowling. That extra hour of light will be a nice because we know we won't be driving home in the dark when all the fun is done for the day.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Golf Season Is Almost Here!

When I was finally on my home from Cedar Rapids at around 4:30 today I stopped at Dick's to get each of the kids a new set of goggles.  The strap on Marshall's broke a couple weeks ago and were pretty sure that Harley ate Clancey's.  While I was there I wandered over to the golf section to see the new equipment.  I had thought about getting a newer nicer set of clubs but not really being all that great of golfer yet I kind of figured it was a waste of money at this point.  One thing I do want though is a new golf bag.  The one I have came with my cheap set of entry level clubs and after a year of golfing it is starting to wear out.  I'm gathering that my cheap set of clubs is really meant for a golfer who goes just a couple times a year, considering I started going every week, walking the course most times, my bag has seen it's better day.  The bag above is the 2013 version of the one I was eyeing last year and it is still as awesome.  Maybe once the snow melts I will finally pull the trigger and get it.

Long Run Today

Untitled by lvanoort at Garmin Connect - Details

Since I was already in Cedar Rapids I figured I would take the opportunity to go to the gym and get my run in.  I'm been trying to slowly step my mileage up week by week so that when Ironman training starts I'm ready to do the greater then 10 mile weekly runs that are required.  Today it was 9 miles done in a combination between the treadmill and the track.  There really is only so long that a person can stand running on a treadmill, today I finally got sick of it about 65 minutes in.  I ended up finishing up the last 25 minutes on the track where I ended up chatting with an older guy about Ironman.  He was telling me his son had done Wisconsin a couple times in fact we ended up doing the race the sames years.  It sure did help to pass the time because running around a 160 meter track for 25 minutes isn't really that much better then the treadmill.

Work Today

After we got back from the bakery about 7:45, which is normally the time we take the boys up to the school bus, I jumped in my car and headed to work.  We have a software freeze on Monday for a big test event that starts on Tuesday plus I'm part of a proposal team which has had me stuck in Green Rooms all week meaning I haven't been able to be over in the lab helping solve the final software issues.  Since we had a pretty big group of engineers working today we had some lunch brought in from Biaggi's so I guess that makes up for not having the day off.  Next week at least for the first two days I'm going to be stuck writing proposal sections and then it's off to Omaha on Wednesday for the concert!

Bakery Morning

In keeping with our new tradition we were up first this this morning and went to the bakery.  Actually we didn't get there as early as the kids wanted though.  Marshall set his alarm for 5:30am and both him and Clancey got up, put clothes and got shoes and coats on before 6am.  At 5:50am Clancey came in the room turned the light on and tried to wake me up so we could go.  Well I decided that leaving for the bakery at 6am was probably a bit over kill so I slept in until 6:30 before I got up to go.  Marshall was a bit mad at me but once we got there and there were still donuts left he got a little less mad.  He did say that next weekend there won't be any sleeping in we need to be up so we can be there when the bakery opens at 6am!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

Every year the boys go all out for Crazy Clothes Day at school and this year was no different.  You can't totally see from the picture above but Marshall and Clancey both had shorts over pants, wilds socks, crazy shirts, and even went so far as to have the hair to go with it.  Before they left for school this morning Jen got them to pose for this picture, which I stole from her instagram feed.  

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Snow Day

Woke up the this morning to a winter wonderland once again and while I was getting ready to get on my bike for my morning ride the school called and cancelled for the day.  The boys obviously got up and were excited to have another day to hang out and play all day.  For me on the other hand it meant I was stuck at home and given the amount of work I have this week I had to actually spend the day in my office working instead of enjoying the snow day with the boys.  I guess the one nice thing is that instead of a 45 minute drive I had a 30 second commute from the kitchen to my office.  It does mean though I have to spend the day talking on my Blackberry with headphones jammed in my ear on telecons instead of being physically in meetings.  With the short commute home I should be home early today and make the wife happy. ;)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Marshall Going Off the Diving Board For the First Time

Supper at DQ

When we got done at the pool Clancey said that he really wanted a cheeseburger and ice cream.  He said that cheeseburger's and ice cream taste really good after you've been at the pool and have chlorine in your mouth.  The DQ in Tipton has been closed since November so we told him that we probably weren't going to be able to find a place to eat cheeseburger and ice cream, unless he wanted to go to Hardee's, but Marshall absolutely hates Hardee's.  We told him that we would drive by to see but he shouldn't be disappointed if it wasn't open.  Well it turns out it was open and Clancey got his wish.  All in all I think the kids have had a pretty good weekend.  The bakery, sledding, swimming and DQ, not sure it gets much better then that!

Swimming Pool

After church and my two and a half hour ride in the pain cave we all piled in the car to head to the pool for a bit.  We've been trying to make going to the pool on Sunday afternoon a regular thing but with all the craziness of the past month we hadn't been able to make it for a few weeks.  Even though it was almost 4:00pm and the pool closed at 5:00 we figured we should probably go and boy it turned out to be a good trip.  Since we've been visiting the pool so much both of the boys are getting a lot more confident in the water and Marshall has actually started to really learn to swim.  Today, since I rode, I decided not to swim laps which meant I got to spend the whole time with the boys swimming around.  I convinced both Marshall and Clancey to ride on my back and I took them both to the deep end to swim around some.  Marshall even swam from the deep end wall all the way back to the shallow end, which is 25 meters, quite a swim for a little kid.  When he did that I asked him if he wanted to go off the diving board, much to my surprise, he said yes. So I through him on my back swam him down to the diving board, he climbed up, jumped off and splashed into the water like a champion.  I swam over to help him so he didn't panic or anything but he was fine, he swam back to the wall and did it again.  I took a video that I will post in a little bit when it gets done uploading.  Turned out to be a great idea to swim today!

189 Days Until Ironman

Well another week of training has come and gone and I'm 189 days or 27 weeks away from my next Ironman race.  This week I had planned on kicking my number of hours up a bit but just wasn't able to get it done.  I started out pretty good getting a ride and two runs in early in the week but towards the end of the week I was fighting some pretty bad saddle sores from the long bike the weekend before and wasn't able to ride on Saturday and pushed it off until Sunday.  I guess I could have ran on Saturday but I really wasn't feeling it, I've had some foot pain, plus with the sledding we did in the afternoon I never really found the time.  I still managed to get a good 6 hours of training in this week but I really wanted to get more like 8.  There is still plenty of time and my official training for Ironman doesn't start for another 7 weeks so there in plenty of time.  Really I'm just trying to get the hours in the on the saddle so my 100 mile indoor ride coming up the first week of April isn't total hell.

Kids Singing In Church

Here is the kids singing in church this morning.  I'm not exactly sure what Marshall was doing but he was clearly being a goof ball.  Clancey, on the other hand, has a song in his heart and never misses and opportunity to sing.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Sledding In Massillon

Video I took of the boys sledding today .

Sledding With Family

After we got home from the bakery and had some lunch we decided that it would be fun to go sled for a while. This afternoon we headed over to Massillon campground, which has a pretty good hill, and went sledding. Clancey was bombing down the hill like a wild man. I took a few videos of the boys while I'll post when I get home.

Tipton Bakery

This morning we all decided to sleep in a bit and then pile into the car to try out the Tipton Bakery. This bakery is known for its Cresent donut/turnover thing, I guess they had been making it at this place for 85 years. Crazy to think we have lived in Cedar County for 10 years and have never been to the bakery before. Well it turns out that the Cresent is freaking awesome and we are going to start making it a Saturday morning thing to go to the bakery. As you can see the boys really enjoyed it.