Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treating

Tonight was the big trick or treat night for the boys here in Clarence. Marshall has know what he wanted to be for Halloween for a long time but Clancey on the other hand has been changing his mind on nearly a daily basis for the last month. For the costume parade he was a skeleton but that just wasn't going to do for trick or treating. For the past few days he talked about being a penguin with a sword and he would be called penguino but we really didn't have the stuff to make that costume so they decided to run through all the costumes that we did have. Jen mentioned the pirate and the chicken but couldn't really remember the others until Marshall mentioned Harry Potter. Once he said that it was settled Marshall would be Harry Potter. For the actual trick or treating I stayed home to pass out treats, which meant I didn't get to see how it went but Jen said everyone loved their costumes. In fact when Clancey got home he said he wanted to be Harry Potter every year now since everyone loved it so much. Both the boys came home with a ton of candy so clearly they did. For me while I had to deal with a psycho dog everytime someone came to the door which meant Harley had to spend the night on his leash so I didn't have to spend the night searching the streets for a dog on the loose. Well now the Halloween is over we can officially start Christmas season tomorrow. :-)

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Here are the final results of everyone's jack-o-lanterns.  As you can see each person in the family has their own take on their pumpkin.

Carving Pumpking

After spending the afternoon last Sunday at the pumpkin farm, this Sunday we spent some of the afternoon carving those pumpkins.  I was feeling kind of lazy and still recovering from being up way to late last night on the way from the football game but Jen told me that if we didn't do it right after lunch we wouldn't get it done.  She was probably right and I drug myself out of my chair to go and crave the pumpkins with the family.  The boys had a great time digging the guts out and coming up with crazy pumpkin faces for their jack-o-lanterns, while Harley liked when we dropped pieces on the ground so he could eat some pumpkin. 

Marshall Playing Bell in Church

Here is the video I promised earlier of Marshall playing bells this morning in church.  

Playing Bells in Church

After getting home at 1am last night from the game it was 50/50 whether we would make it to church this morning for Marshall's bell playing. Turns out the boys and Jen were up bright and early and we're more then ready to head to church for the big concert. Me on the other hand I wasn't quite as enthused to go to church but after a small guilt trip I was convinced to go. ;-) Marshall did a pretty good job playing the bells and I made sure that I took a video for those who didn't make it. I'll be posting it later today after it uploads to YouTube.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

At The Game

Here I am at the first football game I've been to in years. I'm on the hill side but it should be fun.

Clancey and The Moose

Sometime over the last year Clancey was looking through a catalog and saw a wooden moose that pooped out gumballs. Well he immediately wanted to get one and that gave papa and idea. Papa, being a skilled worker, found some plans online and got the stuff to build one. When Clancey opened it he was more excited then he was for the DS. For the past hour both the boys have been making the thing poop constantly and laughing every time.

Football Game Birthday Party

In a final hurrah for Clancey's Birthday party we came down to the Iowa State football game. It's a 6 pm game so we have plenty of time to tailgate and have some lunch. I think this is one of the first games we've ever taken Clancey too so it should be a good time.

Clancey's Birthday Party

Last night after I got home from work we had Clancey's official birthday party with the family.  I didn't get home until right around 5:45 so the kids were bouncing off the walls waiting in excitement when I finally walked in the door.  First thing we did was pile in the car and head the Happy Joe's in Tipton to get some pizza for the party.  Once we got back home we all chowed down while Clancey tried to figure out what his gifts were.  Clancey's big gift this year was the Nintendo 3DS XL, which he has been asking for since about Christmas time last year.  Once he opened that present we just about didn't get to have cake and blow out candles because all he wanted to do was play with his new DS.  We kind of figured it was his birthday so he could decide what he wanted to do.  Well after about a half hour both of the kids came running into the kitchen and had decided it was time to sing happy birthday and eat cake, which made Jen and I happy because the cake had been staring us in the face begging us to eat it.  All in all it was a great little party and I think Clancey really enjoyed it.  Now today we are going to go see mema and papa and celebrate some more!

Morning Birthday Party For Clancey

Yesterday morning after we all got up and got  around for work and school we made time to have a quick birthday party for Clancey.  Jen had made some cinnamon rolls as a special treat and we thought it would be nice for Clancey to get to blow out a candle first thing.  Also as a special treat I drove the kids to school and then at noon Jen went over to have lunch with him.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012


On the way home from Wildwood, after we stopped by Best Buy to Marshall some new batteries, we did a whole bunch of geochaching. We stopped at 4 different geocaches but only managed to find 3 of them. We looked for the cache for about 30 minutes but didn't have any luck finding it. All the others we managed to find after a few minutes of looking except for the last one which took a bit longer. We ended up having a really fun day hanging out today. I kind of wish we would have gotten out for some golf but it's warm this week so I'm sure I can get at least once this week.

Wildwood Saloon

With Jen gone for the day that left daddy in charge of lunch today, like I always say daddy's make reservations best for lunch. Today we all loaded into the car and headed to our favorite BBQ place in Iowa City, Wildwood. They make absolutely spectacular ribs and since Jen doesn't really like the place it seemed like a perfect day to go. After this Marshall wanted to go get some batteries for his Xbox controller and then go geochaching for a while. Should be a fun boy afternoon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Dog Pictures

It never gets old posting pictures of Jen treating Harley like he is a little baby. It appears I got snipped too soon because Jen clearly wants another baby, just look at the way she treats the dog. ;-)

Pumpkin Patch

After kind of a lazy morning sitting around on my recliner watching the game cyclones get beat by Oklahoma State we headed off to the pumpkin patch. We weren't sure which one to go to the one by Palisades or Solon but Marshall made a game time decision and had us go to the one by Palisades. That's where we went last year and found out the the prices of the pumpkins were really cheap and they had a great selection of pumpkins. Just like last year Jen, Clancey and I all found our pumpkins right away but Marshall in the other hand is more discriminating and needed to find just the right one. After a short search he tracked down just the right one and loaded it into the wagon. While it was a pretty short trip we had a good time and will be carving our pumpkins next weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Night

Tonight I cut out of work about 4pm so I could get home to take Clancey to his Family Night at Pre-K.  When they invited the "family" they didn't want any of the older siblings to come, I suspect so the focus would be on the Pre-K child.  That meant that either Jen or I had to stay behind to keep an eye on Marshall.  Well since Jen is going on Clancey's field trip tomorrow to the pumpkin patch Clancey thought it would be a good idea if I came to the family night tonight.  Clancey and I ended up having a really good time together.  There were 6 different activities and you got a stamp every time you did one.  We ended up decorating a cookie, eating Skittles, making a paper pumpkin, measuring each other, floating a pumpkin and reading a book about Halloween.  We got there around 5:30 and spent an hour doing the various activities.  Of course on the way over we got to listen to some of Clancey's favorite music, Dubstep.  :)

President Visits Cornell

Yesterday the Jen and the boys went to Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa and got an opportunity to see the President of the United States.  Regardless of your politics this is a big event and a great expierence for the boys.  I wasn't able to make it because I had stuff I needed to get done at work so that meant that Jen wrangled the boys all on her own through almost 4 hours of waiting.  I told her she was nuts to try and take an 8 year old and a 4 year old to the event but she assured me it would be alright, turns out that Jen was absolutely right.  They got in a 4 block long line at 8:45, didn't get into the gym until 10:30 and then had to sit around waiting for the President to show up until almost noon and she said the boys could not have been better.  They were really excited to get to see the President so they were more then willing to spend the hours waiting.  Jen said the event was great and the boys asked a lot of intelligent questions throughout the day.  I'm glad they got to go and wish that I would have been able to make it!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marshall School Picture

Here is Marshall's school picture for the fall, can't believe how old he is getting.

Clancey School Picture

When the kids laughs and smiles naturally it looks awesome, for some reason when you ask this kid to actually smile he looks squirrelly.  If Clancey plans on being a model someday he may have to work on that ;) To be perfectly honest though the kid is cute as heck.

Barack Obama Rally Tickets

Hey we are waiting in line at the Marion democratic headquarters waiting to get tickets to see Barack Obama when he comes to town Wednesday. The line isn't as long as I thought it would be but no matter what we have to wait until 4 when they start giving out tickets. The kids started to complain a bit but I told them to imagine we are at Adventureland waiting on the Raging River.

Lunch At Applebee's

Today, after sitting around the house all day yesterday, we needed to run into Cedar Rapids to get my car. On Friday everyone came to Cedar Rapids to meet me so we could go to the book sale but since it was so late we didn't want to run all the way to the north side of Cedar Rapids to get my car. Figured while we were out and about we should grab some lunch and run some errands. I'm thinking I'll just run home with the boys after our trip to Target if mommy let's us. We will see.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday At Home

After spending a lot of weekends away from home for various reasons today we slept in and decided to spend the day at home.  We all kind of are doing our own thing today.  The boys have been downstairs all day playing video games and watching TV, Jen is spending the day making salsa and I'm spending the day format reloading Jen's old PC and watching the Ironman World Championship on the Internet.  Earlier today I watched the Iowa State game and was disappointed that be couldn't get a victory for a second weekend in a row over a ranked team but at least we played well.  Later on I'm thinking about getting onto my bike trainer for an hour or so maybe after we get the kids put in bed. Just feels kind of nice to sit around the house and relax for a weekend.

Clancey And His Chapped Hands

Clancey is a pretty obsessive kid when it comes to washing his hands. Well with it becoming winter the poor kids hands are getting really chapped from the constant washing. In fact this morning the top of his right hand was bleeding so Jen figured it was time to see if she could do something about it. Well what do you do with chapped hands well you puts tons of lotion on them and wrap them in socks which looks quite comical.

Final Haul

Marshall's first official book sale and came out with a heck of a haul. I ended up having to give Marshall my bag too because he filled is all the way up. As much as this kid likes to read I didn't mind letting him fill my bag too, heck he will probably have all of these books read by the end of the month. Im not sure the total number of books we got but four full bags was only like $140. It was about 8:30 when we finally got to the checkout and by that time we had two really tired kids. They are normally in bed by 8 so we were really pressing it. We thought about going to a sit down restaurant for supper but decided that would probably be a bad idea with two really tired kids. We just ended up hitting up a fast food place and then trucking it home. It was 11:45 when we finally walked in the door and by that time I was tired as heck.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Planned Parenthood Book sale

Tonight after work we made the long trip to Des Moines for the Planned Parenthood book sale. I told Marshall he could get as many books as he wants. Given how much Marshall likes books we are probably going to end up going home with a whole lot of books. Once we are done here we are grabbing supper and then headed all way back home. Should have gotten a hold of my friends so we had somewhere to stay for the night.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clancey and His Stuffed Animals

For those who don't know Clancey is a huge fan of his stuffed animals. In fact every night we have to track down every one of his friends before he can go to sleep. Tonight we were on the hunt for puffer, which we found under bed, before he could go to bed. As tough as the kid is from time to time he does show that he is still a sensitive little guy.

Supper With Daddy

As I said early the best thing that daddy makes is reservations and tonight I made those reservations at Happy Joe's tonight. I kind of wanted to go to the bbq place in Tipton but Clancey requested two things, Happy Joe's and Dubstep on the radio. I figured that ribs could wait so the boys could get what they wanted. The pizza was good but I probably didn't need to get a large ;-)

Boy Night

With Jen headed off to her Dress For Success woman's event to teach a class on painting that left us boys to fend for ourselves tonight. We thought about going golfing but shortly after I picked the boys up it got pretty cloudy and windy making it less then ideal for a round of golf. Im thinking we will probably head out to find something to eat pretty quick, since daddy's make reservations best for supper. After that im not sure what the plan is. Probably be time for showers and bed by the time we get back.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Weekend Camping Trip

Last Saturday I met some friends down at Sundown Lake for a post Ironman campout/celebration.  After we all finished Ironman a few weeks ago we thought it was time to get together to hangout and relive the day.  Since I had to get up early and head to Sweden the day after the race I never really got a chance to talk to them about the day.  They both bought some land down on Sundown Lake so what better place to meet and hangout.  Besides being a bit cold we had a great time and I can't wait until we are able to get together again. 

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Harleys New Bed

Yesterday when Jen went store she got Harley the new bed along with some new clothes as well . Jen and I both have a dream that someday the dog will actually sleep on the floor and not underneath the covers at our feet and sometimes right in between us. As you can see from the pictures above last night was not that night but we both still hold out hope that we will sleep dogless soon.