Saturday, June 30, 2012


After we had our supper over at Panchero's we all packed in the car and headed over to the bookstore. Clancey is really wanting to go to the mall play area so I figured Marshall and I could get something to read while Clancey played. Although Marshall appears to be having problems figuring out which book he wants to pick out. I think there are just too many choices for him and the decision is way too hard. I may have to let him pick out two books.

Boy Night

Normally we go on boy days but today since I had to bike and golf it ended up being a boy evening. Like always we headed over to Panchero's for some supper and then after this I'm not sure what we will do. Maybe head to the bowling alley, maybe the mall at this point I'm not sure but I am sure we will find something fun to do.


Today I went out golfing with some friends and golfed my first 18 holes ever on my own. At first I was a bit worried, I could barley hit the ball and if I did it was flying randomly down the fairway. I managed to actually hit it in the hole the first 9 without ever having to pick it up because of the 9 stoke limit. On the back 9 I really picked it up and managed to golf a couple 4's and even putted for par a couple times. I'm finally good enough that I could go golf on my own and actually get done in a reasonable amount of time. I've found golf to be quite fun and I really loom forward to playing when I get the chance. I'm thinking I need to make this a weekly thing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Furniture

After about two weeks of waiting we finally got our furniture delivered today. I have been really excited to get my new recliner and finally have a decent chair to relax in and watch TV. Of course the boys have been bouncing off the walls waiting for their new bunk beds. I guess I should also mention that Jen also got a new recliner that matches mine except that it is not electric. Tonight it is going to work out great the boys want to go to bed early and we want to sit in our new chairs and watch Netflix. I sure hope Jen doesn't have any big plans for the weekend because I plan to do my bike ride and then sit in my chair all weekend. ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Indoor Campout

Today the family made it back home after spending the weekend at mema and papa's. They had to make it back today because Clancey had an eye checkup in Iowa City that went great. His eye is finally starting to be normal again after 4 years of fighting this. Its great to finally have this fixed and be moving on with our lives. On another note we are finally getting our new furniture tomorrow after two weeks of waiting. That meant we had to have the boys room cleaned out tonight which turned into a fun camp out on the floor. The boys are pretty excited to get their new bunk beds but probably not as excited as I am to get my new chair. I'm thinking I'm going to be glued to it for the next few days. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Biking Done

After 80 miles on the bike the big training day is done. It was awesome to get out and ride and let me say the day was great. I was surprised how easy the 80 went. I could have easily done 112 today if I needed too. When we got done they had a grill out with brats, burgers and beer. I ended up winning a door prize for being the person who had done the most ironman.

Swim Is Done

I just got done with my open water swim and let me tell you it was about 4000 times easier then St. George. There was a bit of seaweed to swim through but that was about it. Now it time to get the bike gear on and saddle up for 80 miles on the bike.

On My Way To Madison

Here I am, bright and early in the morning heading up to Madison for my big training day. I was on the road this morning about 420 and let me tell you it felt early. It should be a really great day today it has been forever since I've ridden bikes with people. going to be nice to have someone to chat with from time to time. Plus it is been nearly a year since I've seen my friends so it will be nice to catch up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ironman Update

Its been awhile since I made an update about how my Ironman training has been going so I figured it was about time. As of today there is only 81 days until Ironman Wisconsin and just like every year about this time I'm feeling run down and very unmotivated to train. In fact for the past 2 days I've had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed and when I do get out the door its hard to.maintain a good pace. My last two runs, only 5 miles each, felt like death marches that I couldn't wait to finish. Tonight on my bike I felt a bit better so hopefully I'm starting to come out of this funk which is good cause I have a training camp in Madison this weekend. The plan is to head up to Madison early Saturday morning to meet up with some college friends to do a 1.5 mile swim and then do about 80 miles of the bike course. Looking to be a 6-7 hour training day and should be a good time. On another note my sister Nikki told me that she and her family are planning to come see my do my race in September which is pretty cool. This will be the first time any of the family on my side has actually come to see me do an Ironman. I've been told multiple times over the years "family first",hmmm, I guess that must just apply the other people in the family that don't rock the boat. Anyways I'll be sure to keep my blog up to date this weekend with updates about my training camp progress.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

I forgot to put an update about our Father's Day celebration a couple of days ago. Our celebration was cut a bit short because I had to work half a day on Sunday to finish some slides up for a presentation I had on Monday but it was good none the less. First thing in the morning Marshall convinced Jen to make me breakfast in bed, a bowl of life cereal. After I finished my cereal the boys gave me some awesome presents, Jen got me a new golf polo and Marshall made me a world's greatest dad gift certificate. Once I got home about 4pm Jen had made an awesome cheesecake and had a bunch of meat thawed out for me to cook. All in all it was a good day and the kids made me feel like a super star for the day. :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lunch With The Boys

After getting up and spending 3 hours on my bike in the basement while Jen went to CR to get groceries the boys and I headed to Tipton for some lunch. Old Tipton doesn't really have a whole lot of of choices when it comes to wanting to go out, It was a toss up between DQ and Hardees. We ended up choosing Hardees which I almost always regret but it is just so darn tasty and fattening. I'm not sure what we are going to do for the rest of the day but my thoughts are relax and have an early father's day party since I have to go into work tomorrow all afternoon to finish up a design approach review for Monday.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Tonight we headed down to Tipton Happy Joes to celebrate Marshall's awesome Iowa Basic Skills test score. Marshalls over all score put him in the 99th percentile nation wide and his grade level equivalent was 6th grade level. In addition we got his results from the MAP test too, this was the one that identified him initially as highly gifted and his test scores went up. Marshall is a scary smart kid and we could not be prouder of him.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Highlight Of Harley's Day

Ever since Harley got invited into our home his life has been significantly better then I imagine that it had been. Like today for instance, Harley and I spent a couple hours napping on the bed, followed by a rough afternoon sitting on the couch. This though is the highlight of his day, getting to lick the plates when Jen puts them in the dishwasher. At first we tried to stop him, just like tossing him off the bed at night but like anything we gave up and just let him enjoy himself.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

New Furniture

After looking around probably the biggest furniture store outside of a major city like Chicago or Minneapolis we managed to find some new chairs to replace the couch Jen sold. Last Saturday we just about bought a new couch but decided we should wait and look around a little more. Turns out that waiting was a good idea because the furniture we found was nicer and cheaper then the stuff we were looking at last week at Slumberland. After we got our two new chairs we finally decided too get the buy the boys some bunk beds for their room. We won't get our new furniture until June 26th so it will be a couple more weeks but it sure will be nice when we get it and the boys are really excited. 

Enjoying Ice Cream

On the way back home we decided to take highway 6 instead of the crazy interstate. As we were going through Grinnel we saw a little dairy freeze on the side of the road and thought ice cream sounded like a great idea.

Lunch At Rock bottom

Ever since Jen sold our couch in the garage sale last week we have been on a quest to find some replacement furniture. We went to Slumberland last weekend in Cedar Rapids but didn't really find anything that tripped our trigger so we decided to head to Des Moines to Homemakers. They are supposed to have the largest showroom in Iowa which I'm hoping will result in some success today. We are also thinking of getting the boys some bunk beds today but haven't shared the news with them yet. I'm sure they will be excited when we tell them.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ice Cream

After a hot afternoon at the driving range, and since the kids are a bit young for a cold one at the club house, we headed to DQ for a second time today to get ice cream.  It was funny the whole way from Solon to the DQ in Mt. Vernon Marshall was asking when we could go to the driving range again and hit balls.  I'm thinking that running and golf may end up being his two sports.  Those both seem to be pretty good sports for a genius to do.  ;)

Golfing With The Boys

I've just recently started to get in to golf because a lot of the people I hang out with golf and it seems like something I really need to know how to do.  Golfing seems to be universally what the high ups in any company do so I figure I probably better start learning.  Today after we went to piano and hit up DQ for lunch the boys and I all went golfing together to hit some balls at the driving range.  I guess technically we went to Scheels in Iowa City first to get the boys some clubs and then we headed up to Solon, where my golf out is tomorrow, to hit some balls at the driving range.  After going through one large bucket of balls Marshall was really enjoying himself and wanted to know if we could golf on the real course.  I had to explain to him that I'm not good enough yet to hit the ball around the course myself so we were going to have to just hit the ball on the range today.  Turns out that Marshall isn't a bad little golfer and to be honest besides the fact that he is not as strong as me he was hitting the ball just about as good as I was.  I told him I would practice up and we would go golfing together sometime before the courses close for the year.  Clancey also did pretty good considering he is only 4 years old.  He ended up hitting a couple really good shots and he really enjoyed it too.  The only thing he really didn't like was that there was no shade and he got kind of hot.  He didn't seem to enjoy it as much as Marshall did but he also may be a bit too young to enjoy the subtlety of the sport.

Day Off

Today I decided to take the day off from work so that Jen could go get the massage that I got her for our anniversary that was last week. OK I say I got her a massage for our anniversary but in all actuality she was the one that had the idea and even set up the appointment. I guess part of my gift is that im taking the day off from work to watch the boys so she can go get the massage during normal work hours. Its kind of nice to have the day off because while its been a short week its already been a busy week for me. Im finally starting to get into my new job which has meant spending a whole lot of time in green rooms. For those who may not be familiar, a green room is where we work on bid a proposals which means a lot of meetings, PowerPoint and writing. Today I think the plan for the boys and I are to go to piano, DQ for lunch and then this afternoon Im not sure, guess we will see what sounds fun.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sleeping Angel

After spending the weekend at mema and papas the boys made it back  home yesterday. When they are gone it gives Jen and I a much needed break but after a day or two I really do start to miss them. I even think the boys start to miss us a bit too. Last night after web had gotten the boys to bed we went in to check on them only to find Marshall deeply engrossed into a book and Clancey sleeping like this. As naughty as the kid can be he sure can be sweet sometimes.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Race Complete

I have finished the Pigman triathlon and over all the race went well. I'm not sure my exact splits but I pretty much did the same times as I did last year and felt pretty good the whole day. On the bike I pressed it hard for the whole 15.5 miles and ended up going sub 45 minutes which is darn good. Then I was really surprised on the run that I was able to keep a constant good pace. I figured my day yesterday was going to take its toll during the run but it never did. I ended up running a 23 on the 5k and and overall of 1:22 which wasn't a PR but a good race nonetheless. Now Jen and I are going to grab some lunch and look at new recliners to replace the couch she sold yesterday.

Pigman Triathlon

Here i am at the Pigman Sprint triathlon which normally is the first race of my season but with St George its my second. Having already done an Ironman this year there really aren't an nerves for the race. I'm hoping to have a good race and get some triathlon confidence after my disappointment from Ironman St George. Besides all the newbies this is always a fun race that I enjoy doing so it should go well. I am a bit worried about the fact I spent yesterday playing golf and drinking beer with my friends but I feeling alright.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Garage Sale Day

This morning is the big city wide garage sale day here in Clarence. For the past few days Jen has been feverously working to get ready for the big day. We are selling a lot of stuff that we have been carrying from move to move and finally decided it was time to get rid of some of it. Hopefully we are carrying very little of this stuff back inside today.

10 Year Anniversary

Hard to believe but yesterday was Jen and my 10 year wedding anniversary. With the close proximity to the date that my dad passed away 9 years ago we have never really celebrated our anniversary properly but this year we thought it might be time to actually celebrate and do something. As many people at work told me, not many people make it to 10 years these days. After searching around the web for a couple hours in the morning Jen and I decided we would head up to Stone City to the little local pub/restaurant they have there. I cut out of work early about 4 o'clock so we can try to get there before the mad rush. It turns out we didn't actually be mad rush we ended up getting there about 530 and there were cars parked everywhere. At this point I was just about ready to throw in the towel but Jen said since we've driven this far we should go check it out. Much to our surprise when we got in the restaurant it wasn't bad at all in fact we only waited for about 10 minutes before we got a table. All in all the restaurant turn out to be really great. We got a table in the corner,food turned out to be really good and I got to spend the night with my great wife and celebrate our marriage.