Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Night

Tonight for family night we are having pizza and watching Harry Potter. Jen is feeling a bit under the weather tonight so it is going to be an easy family night. Not sure what the big plans for the weekend are but I'm thinking tomorrow I will take the boys out on a boy day and then Sunday I'm not sure. I guess we will play the weekend by ear and see what happens.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy Week

After what turned out to be a pretty lazy weekend for me, this week has been a pretty busy week so far.  Every night this week I have had some kind of meeting I've had to attend.  Monday was a special session of the city council, Tuesday was helping the North Cedar High School kids build and program a robot and tonight I have a meeting with some people to help them put together a presentation.  The rest of the week I have free at night but then it's Jen's turn to go to meetings.  I'm thinking tomorrow night the boys and I will hang out, play some video games and eat treats all night.  All the stuff that is banned when mommy is around. ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Marshall In ELP!!!

Marshall got the permission slip sent home today asking us to give him permission to join the ELP class. For those that aren't familiar ELP stands for Extended Learning Program, when we were kids it was known as TAG (Talented And Gifted). Jen and I could not be more proud of Marshall. He is such a smart kid, and we were pretty sure he would get in, and enjoys learning so much so this is a big opportunity for him. He will go once a week and get to spend the whole day working at his more advanced level which is great. I can't wait to see how it goes the first week.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Resting This Morning

This morning Clancey and Jen headed to the Amish grocery store Stringtown in Kalona while I rested on the couch and nursed my sore teeth. Marshall on the other hand spent the morning building the biggest toy city he's ever built. I told Marshall I would take a picture of it and post it to the blog so everyone could see it. As you can see from the picture he is quite proud of it. Jen decided to take Clancey this morning because he was in prime form and I didn't really want to have to deal with a naughty three year old while I was recovering from my teeth extraction. Hopefully this afternoon I will be feeling a bit better so i can eat something more then liquid food.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Out

Well I have my wisdom teeth out and it wasn't too bad. They gave me a couple shots, a bit of drilling a crunching sound and they were gone. Now I just hope that it isn't too bad when the numbing medicine wears off.

Here We Go

Here I am in the chair getting ready to go.

Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out

Today at 2:30, after about 3 years of putting it off, I have to get my wisdom teeth removed.  A couple years ago, the same week I did my first Ironman, I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out.  Well they had to cancel the appointment for some reason and I was supposed to reschedule but this obviously is not something at the top of most people's lists so I just kind of blew it off.  Well at my last dentist appointment she finally twisted my arm enough that I scheduled an appointment for today to get them out.  They claim it's not supposed to be too bad so I'm just getting a couple shots in the mouth and getting them torn out.  Most people have said this is going to be a bad idea so I guess I'm about to find out.  I'll put a blog up after the appointment and let you all know how it goes. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game Time With The Boys

While Jen and her dad worked in the bathroom and I relaxed on the couch mema and the boys decided to play some games. The game of the day was one of Marshall's favorites, The Game Of Life. This time Marshall decided that he wanted to be the banker and with as smart as he is and as trustworthy he disbanded great job. I'm thinking this afternoon we may fire up the chess board for a game or two. Sometime this afternoon I was going to try and get to the pool to swim some laps and then possibly get a short spin in on the trainer if I'm feeling like it.

Bathroom Project

Yesterday day mema and papa came over so they could see the boys and papa could help Jen with her bathroom project. Jen needed to get her bead board up and ready so Rich could mount the sinks next week. As you can see Jen has become quite skilled at putting bead board on the wall. With all the projects Jen has done around the house she has become quite the little misses fix it. With all the work she has done on the bathroom she has already claimed the first shower in the new bathroom. ;)

Bathroom Coming Along

This week our tile guy finished tiling the bathroom and it is looking darn nice. Hopefully we are only a couple weeks away from having our bathroom back and we can start showering again. As relaxing as baths can be at times they just aren't that great if you are in a hurry or really dirty. I have to give Jen some credit because this project isn't going to end up costing that much and we will finally have a nice bathroom without a huge Jacuzzi tube that acts as a hamper and mold that grows on the walls. Jobbers sure to update again when the sinks are in.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


After The Restore and a trip to Target we headed over to Menards so Jen could pick up some stuff for the big bathroom project. Nothing more immasculating then being at the lumber yard while your wife picks all the lumber.

Crazy Wife

So Jen and I are down at the Restore in downtown CR and this place is a dump. The old Restore up in the northen part of Cedar Rapids wasn't too bad but this one is a shit hole. Its like they back up trucks full of construction garbage and where stuff lands it stays and my crazy wife is here to purchase stuff. Although I will say its surprising what she digs out from under the piles.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Game Night

We kind of have settled on Friday night as family night here at the VanOort house. We've had a lot of fun playing with the Kinect the last couple weeks. I better get back to the fun.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ironman Wrap Up

As anyone who reads my blog knows I was at Ironman Wisconsin over the weekend to sign up for next years race and support a friend was doing this years race. You may have also noticed that I only blogged when he got out of the water and that was the last blog entry I posted. Many of you may be wondering, did he finish? Well I'm happy to report that yes he did finish at 16:24. After a spectacular swim he headed to the bike and started to struggle a bit. Right about halfway point of the bike he started to get bad back pain which he fought the rest of the race and shortly there after he started to fight stomach issues. He told me that at the second transition he was about ready to call it quits but the volunteer in the transition area would have none of it. In fact at one point the volunteer resorted to showing him the picture of his kids he had in his transition bag and said you are doing this for them so you need to get the hell on that race course. He struggled quite a bit on the run too, fighting back pain and puking, but he toughed it out and found the will to get the finish line. It was a different experience being on the spectator side of the race but a very rewarding experience to part of someone's first Ironman. Brought back a lot of my Ironman memories and made me want to get back out there and do it again.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out Of The Water

My friend Aaron is out of the water with a spectacular 1:20 swim, I wish I able to do a swim like that. When we saw him getting ready to head out on the bike he was pumped looked like he was ready to rock. Right now we are hanging at the hotel watching his live progress online and resting.

Ironman Morning

Here it is Ironman Wisconsin morning and I'm here at the race site. My friend Aaron is excited and ready to go. Its kind of weird being at the race site this early and not be racing. Next year will be my year. Best of luck to all my friends doing the race remember one foot in front of the other and you will finish this thing. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great Day

Today I'm up in Madison for the Ironman and got to see the Cyclones beat the Suckeyes at a local bar full of Hawk fans, doesn't get much better. I guess the only thing that could make it better would actually be racing tomorrow but I will have my chance next year, hopefully twice. I always say this but it is really hard to be in Madison for the Ironman and not be racing but I guess I had my opportunity two weeks ago. I'm here to support all my friends doing to the race and to volunteer so it will still be fun to be here and just hang out with the other masters of the universe. ;)

Next Ironman

This weekend I came up to Madison to hang out for the weekend and get registered for next year's race. Well today they had early registration for people with race wristbands on so I decided to go give it a try. Well it turns out that they let me register today so I am in the race. Next year will be either my 4th or 5th depending on whether I do St. George in May. Now I'm going to meet up with some college friends and go watch the cyclones kick the crap out of the suckeye's. Tomorrow the plan is too see my friend off in the morning and do special needs run bags volunteering from 5:30 until 9:00.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Double Ironman

With my Ironman over my triathlon season is essentially at a close for the season and now is when I start considering what races I want to do next year.  The one thing about racing Ironman is you have to make your decisions about the races you want to do a year in advance because they sell out so fast.  It sometimes is hard to believe how many other crazy people are out there until you go to an Ironman event and see them all in one location.  The plan for next year is to do Wisconsin once again but I have a friend trying to talk me into doing an Ironman race on May 5th out in St. George, Utah as well.  The two races are far enough apart that there will be plenty of time to prepare properly for them both, my only real worry is with the first race being so early in the year I'm going to be spending a lot of hard hours on my trainer or bundled up in the cold.  My other worry is that Ironman St. George is know to be one of the hardest Ironman distance races in the world so I won't be able to approach it with the casual attitude that I did with Louisville.  If I decide to do them both it would be a break through year because I would be doing both the #1 and #2 hardest Ironman races.  I still have a little bit of time to decide on what I'm going to do though.  I have to sign up for Ironman Wisconsin this weekend but I can wait until as late as January to decide on whether I want to do St. George or not. 

Monday, September 05, 2011

Second Cache Found

We found our second cache of the day which was a traditional cache that you are supposed to trade stuff with. We don't have a stuff to put in the cache so we are just going to sign the log book and go.

Found A Geocache

On the way home the boys and I stopped off at squaw creek park to find a geocache. After a bit of looking the boys and I managed to find a very cleverly hidden cache. In fact while I was typing this blog a guy stopped and asked if I was a geocacher and if I found it. When I told him I did he congratulated us because it is a pretty tough find. Well now I'm on to the next one.

Boy Day

The boys and I decided to head into CR today for an official boy day while Jen got some stuff done around the house. First we headed over to Panchero's for our favorite lunch, Quesadillas and burritos. Next I decided I was going to take the kids to a park to play but Thomas park was way to busy to go too. We ended up going over to willow park to play for a bit. Not sure how long we will stay here, probably until the kids get bored.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ice Cream

After the big hiking adventure I took the boys over to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. Marshall got a blizzard ate all of it and then Clancey offered to share his ice cream cone with him and he ate most of it. Marshall is an eating machine these days. When this kid gets to be a teenager he is going to eat us out of house and home.


The boys and I decided to get out and enjoy this spectacular end of summer day and do some hiking. There is a wild life area just south of Lowden that we thought we would go check out. We were going to do some geocaching too but I couldn't get any of my gps devices to work in the thick woods. Its a pretty rugged trail so far and kind of muddy so shoes off when we get back in the car to head home.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Long Weekend

I was just looking over my blog from last month and noticed it was my biggest blog month ever. I guess it makes sense with all the things we had going on in August especially with both vacation and Ironman last month. This month I'm not sure I will be able to keep up with the standard I set last month. Besides work and school there really isn't a whole lot going on this month.

I guess I never followed up my blog about Clancey's first week of school. Well I'm glad to report it went great and he absolutely loved it. He is going two days with the 4 year olds and one day with the 3 year olds, since he is so smart. Every day that Clancey has school he is the first one up has his clothes on and is getting everyone else out of bed. Jen and I are really releaved that he likes it so much. Makes it hard to send him off if he is crying and doesn't want to go. Next week he is going to start doing wrap around on Wednesdays so that Jen can get a whole day to get stuff done. I'm sure he will love that too and want to do more days.

This weekend is the long labor day weekend so I get Monday off which is kind of nice as a way to ease back into work after a month of vacations. With it being kind of rainy today the boys and I are kind of just hanging inside and watching football while my crazy wife spends the day making applesauce. I tried to tell her that they actually sell applesauce at the store but she didn't want to hear none of it. To be fair this is one of the first years in a long time our apples turned out good so it is nice to actually get to use them for something, just as long as she keeps me out of it ;)  This afternoon I plan on getting back to working out again so I'll be curious to see how that goes. I planned on biking but with the rain I think I'm going to run so i can bike outdoors tomorrow. I always hate to spend time on the indoor trainer while the weather is still good, I'll get plenty of that kind of riding in the winter. Well I'm going to finish grilling and then play some games with the boys this afternoon, should be fun.