Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clancey First Day Of School

Hard to believe but today is Clancey's first day of preschool. Now we have two kids in school and none at home, I guess we are now beyond the baby period. The kids just grow up so fast that you to have make sure that you enjoy every moment you can. I'll be excited to see how his first day goes. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Three Time Ironman Finisher

Last night about 10:30 pm I became a three time Ironman finisher and I am quite happy. I was a bit worried about this race for a couple reason. One it was going to be my first non-wetsuit swim so I was worried about cramping and also making the cuts. Second I just wasn't in the race mood. I think my casual approach to the race lead me to feeling like I wasn't prepared and I let some self doubt settle in before race morning. In fact about 30 miles into the bike was already thinking there was a possibility that I might not finish. Ultimately I did finish and as you can tell I was pretty excited about it.

All in all the day went amazing. For as much self doubt as I had I ended up PR'ing every event which lead to me getting a new Ironman distance PR. The swim here is unique in that it is a time trial start and you have to stand in this long ass line and jump in the water one right after another. I got in the water at right around 7:33 am. I would have been in earlier because they had to pull a guy out of the water on a stretcher and they had to stop the line to clear a path for it. They were doing chest compression on the man and I heard later in the day that he ended up dieing. I'm sure seeing that right before the first timers jumped in the water messed with their nerves a bit. After that the swim when pretty good. I got to the 1000 meter mark and the turn around to discover that the water was shallow enough to stand up in so I took a short break to gather myself and finish the remaining 2500 meters. I couldn't really feel the current but if must have helped because I swam 8 minutes faster then I normally do for the 2.4 mile distance.

The bike just like always was a sufferfest. The first 50 miles went alright but when I got to the special needs bags at 66 miles I was suffering. If you have never been on a time trial bike for 7 hours you have never experienced the joys of a bruised and blistered crotch. At the special needs area another competitor gave me a thing of shammy butter which lead to me being able to stay in my aerobars for another 20 miles but once I got to mile 86 it was everything I could do just to stay on my bike and keep pedaling. I neck hurt, my back hurt and my crotch was on fire. When you get to that point there just isn't a comfortable position on your bike. Despite all of my pain I did pull have a bike PR and was happy about that.

The run went better then it has ever gone for me. I actually managed to run most of it and unlike years past I was able to run past mile 13. It took me about 4 miles until I finally settled in to the groove of the run and plowed through the first 13 miles. I stopped a few times to put some new skin on my feet to prevent blisters and I'm not sure if it was this prevention or the fact that all of this Ironman training has made my baby soft feet tougher that made me not get blisters. At about mile 18 I pretty much feel apart and was thinking that I was just going to walk it in the rest of the way but at mile 20 one of my friends caught up to me and let me join his running group. Turns out they were doing a run/walk to get to the end. You would run for 100 meters or so and then walk 50 meters or so. In the last two miles I saw that I was on pace to go sub 15 hours and one other guy, Larent (never got a last name) and I started powering through. We ended up dropping the rest of the group and in fact pulled in a 9:31 last mile. You can see Larent finishing in my video, he is the black guy in the yellow and white tri-suit. Finally you can see me finishing and I have learned over the years to woop it up and just enjoy the finish line. You push for 140.6 miles so when you get to the finisher chute this is your moment to shine and soak in everything that is Ironman, the fact you get to be a super star for one day.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me through out the year so I could accomplish the feat for a third time. I love you all and I will be home soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mile 7 Of The Run

Here I am at mile 7 of the run and feeling alright. Some blisters are starting form but I should be alright. Better get to running.

Special Needs

Here I am special needs and not feeling too bad. I met up with sherlock here and it was good to see him. I better get back on my bike. Later

38 miles down

I literally just stepped off the shuttle bus (after waiting 2 hours in line) to hear the announcer say "and here comes LEVI VANOORT"...didn't see him but he's making good time.
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Levi is in the water! 7:30

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Swimmers stopped

They've stopped the swimmers from jumping in.....emergency with a swimmer upstream.
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The Pros Start! Levi Next!!

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At Swim Start

Jen and I made it to the swim start and its busy. I'm going have to get in the swim line soon to get this adventure started. Wish me luck.


I'm in transition getting ready to head to the swim start. There are a lot of nervous looking people here this morning. As far as me I'm ready, I WILL FINISH THIS RACE! 

Race Day

Hard to believe that once again race morning is here.  You always have to love race morning because you have to get up super early after a piss poor night of sleep.  Although, to tell you the truth, I guess I didn't sleep surprisingly for a race night.  I'm feeling good this morning and ready to race.  I'm still a bit nervous about the swim so once I get through it I'll feel a lot better about my race.  I'm under no delusions though I know I'm going to start suffering around mile 80 on the bike.  I will get a small reprieve when I get off the bike and for the first 10 miles of the run and then it will hurt again until the finish, I'm just hoping I can avoid the horrible blisters that have plagued me in the past.  That is the one thing the first timers have on us Ironman veterans is they have no idea what is coming.  I was looking this morning and they changed the tracker site and my name wasn't on it so hopefully they get that fixed before race time not going to be real happy if my tracker doesn't work.  I better get to eating my breakfast and start preparing for the day ahead.  See you all at the finish line around 9-10pm tonight.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ford Ironman Louisville 2011 Ramp Up Show

Bike In Transition

I just got back from dropping all my stuff off in transition. This drop off was a bit different in that they had a volunteer assigned to escort you through transition and answer all you questions. I never worry too much about knowing where my bike is because generally when I get out of the water there aren't that many bikes left. The transition are is pretty neat because you can see everything so it is quite spectator friendly. Hopefully Jen will get some good pictures.

Finish Line

Jen and I wandered down to 4th Street Live so she could see where I'm going to finish at tomorrow night. The finish line is pretty much in an outdoor bar so I expect it to be lively tomorrow night. Here in an hour or so we are going to head to the Great Lawn and drop my bike off and gear bags. Not that long until the race now.

Tracking Link

GPS Tracker Attached to me (Best Link to track my progress)

Ironman Live Video and Athlete Tracker (#1455)

First link is a GPS tracker attached to my race belt and will update with my position and speed every 30 seconds all day. I will not wear it in the swim so you will not see it start moving until around 9:00am on Sunday morning. The second link is the Ironman website Live Video and Athlete tracker. The Athlete tracker will only update when I cross check points which will be once every couple hours. The live video feed will cover the pro's most of the day but after they finish they will cover the finish line from about 3:30 to midnight so you will be able to see me finish there.

For the first time every I'm planning on carrying a cell phone with me during the race.  I probably won't post a whole lot until I get to the run and have more time to actually type on my phone.  My plan at this point is to post when I get to the transition areas and then at halfway of each of the events but things may change during the heat of the race.  If nothing else I will be able to get your well wishes all day long which will be neat.  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ironman Gear

It just isn't an Ironman unless I take a picture of all of my Ironman gear and post it too the web. Tonight was the athlete banquet followed by the mandatory athlete meeting where they pretty much tell you the same things they tell you at all triathlons except for a few special Ironman rules. They did say the water temp was 86 degrees which means I won't be able to wear a wetsuit at all. I was expecting that but was holding out hope that it might sneak into the low 80's. The water is murky and dirty so it is going to be a fun swim. They recommend you try not to drink any and cover up open sores to avoid infection sure makes you feel good about swimming in it. Other then that nothing more major to report. Tomorrow I'll drop off all my gear bags out my bike into transition and then spend the rest of the day trying to take it easy. Tomorrow I will post my tracker link so you can follow me on Sunday.

Ironman Banquet

Here I am at the Ironman banquet preparing eating with other kings of the universe and getting excited for the race. There is kind of an echo in the room so they are hard to hear but I've heard it all before. There are a lot of nervous people here attempting there first race and I'm handing out all the pointers I can.

Start Line

After brunch Jen and I wondered down to the transition area and the race start line to see how far it was away and just to kind of take it in. This is a unique race because the start line is actually a couple miles away from the finish line and about a mile from the transition area. We will start at the docks you can see behind me swim 1000 meters up stream and then back down stream under two bridges. From there its on to the bike and then the run. My tracker link is live so I will be posting it later for those who want to follow me. Also I'll have my cell phone with me so on the run I'll be able to text people and read my facebook posts.

Checked In

I just got checked into Ironman Louisville so it begins again. I got down there right at 9 when it opened and that turned out to be a great idea because there are 3000 people in the race and only 700 checked in yesterday, so 2300 people have to check in today. This morning I think Jen and I are going to walk around and check out the downtown area and then at some point make our way over to the transition area.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Louisville

Jen and I got to our hotel The Galt House just a little bit ago, a little before 11pm eastern time. The drive over wasn't too bad, I thought for sure that an 8 hour drive we started at nearly 3pm was going to be torture but it really wasn't. It was quite surprising how quickly the time pasted and it wasn't until we were only 10 miles away that we both started to get tired. When we pulled into Louisville crossing over the Ohio river you could see the Ironman transition area setup and lit up which was cool. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I'll go get registered and then Jen and I are planning to walk around and explore the downtown area. I'll be sure to post a bunch of pictures. Well I better get to bed so i can start adjusting to eastern time and not sleep though the race start on Sunday.

Packed For Ironman

This morning I have spent my time packing for Ironman and getting mentally prepared. I know on my blog I was saying a couple days ago that I just didn't feel like I had the nerves and excitement like I should well this morning it all changed. Getting my stuff gathered up finally set in the realization that this thing is going to happen and something clicked in my mind and now I feel like I want to take off right now. It is going to be hard to wait the 3 days to get to raceday. Normally I put up a huge blog about what times I think I will be done with every event well this year I'm not going to do that. Since its a time trial start I'm not sure when I'll actually start the race and second it only leads to disappointment. My focus is solely on finishing the race and whatever time I get I will be happy with. Like I said I last week I will have a tracker on me and I will post the link here and on Facebook Saturday so everyone can follow my progress.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Of School

Here we are once again at Marshall's first day of school.  Hard to believe the kid is going into second grade now.  It's really hard to believe that he is going to be in Junior High in just a few short years.  This whole parenting thing goes way too fast.  This morning Marshall was one of the first people out of bed, heck he was ready to go before I even got out of bed.  Apparently he was pretty excited.  Hopefully the school day goes well for him and nothing happens to make him not want to go back tomorrow.  I think he just kind of got bored of the summer and was looking forward to having something to do everyday.  Marshall, just like Jen, like structure in his life and school provides that for him.  Next week we will be sending Clancey off to school and Jen will be home alone again for the first time in years, I suspect it's going to be a bit wierd for her but I bet she will manage.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clancey Eye Appointment

Today, after the last appointment was so shocking, I decided to go to the appointment to give her some support. The doctor we have is pretty intimidating and is saying we should go to surgery after our doctor who has been on maternaty leave for the last couple months said we should just keep an eye on it. I have never met this guy but apparently most people cower in fear and he gets his way. We will see how it goes.

Marshall Wins

Last night right before supper Marshall asked me if I would play a game of chess with him. Marshall has been getting continually better at chess the more games we play. When he play I always spot him my queen and I'll coach him as we play but last night he legitimately beat me at chess. I just wasn't paying attention and sure enough he made a great move and beat me. It isn't going to be long and he will be coaching me at chess.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Supply Drop Off

Today we had to take Marshall to school to drop his supplies off and it gave us a chance to meet his teacher. Marshall is getting excited for school to start and in fact he wished that he could go tomorrow. This year is TAG year so I'm hoping Marshall gets invited. I'm thinking we are in for a good school year.

On a different note yet somewhat related Clancey's preschool teacher called today. She told Jen that she thought Clancey was too advanced for 3 year old preschool and wants him to go to 4 year preschool 2 days a week and 3 year old preschool one day a week. That way next year when his class catches up to him she can work with him on more advanced stuff. It is great having two brillant kids.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leaving The Fair

Well here are leaving the fair again for the year and once again I told Jen that summer is officially over and Christmas is right around the corner. We had a fun day and I'm glad that we came down for the day. Now for the long trek home and getting prepared for Ironman Louisville. 

Butter Cow

We just got through the butter cow line. Line was about as long as it is every year but this year they put in ropes to prevent people butting in line. Still didn't matter people still did it some but at least it preventing the majority of them. The butter cow is a staple of the state fair and I think I have about 20 pictures of it, just not a year unless I get one.

Train Exhibit

One of the things Marshall really wanted to do was go to train exhibit. Kind of nice since they started charging to get in the exhibit is not so busy. So far we are having a fun day and the big slide will be up next.

Butter Cow Statue

So far we've found a couple of the butter cow statues and are having a fun day.

Goat Barns

We made it too the fair and just like every year before the park and ride dropped us at different gate. This year right by the goat barns so we figured we would head in to see them.

On The Way To The Fair

We are on the bus at SE Polk high school on the way for our day at the fair. We normally don't go on the weekend but between vacation and the Ironman I just couldn't get away during the week.  I was kind of afraid we weren't going to make it but we decided we had to make it to the fair and figured going the last day is better then nothing. I better enjoy the fair today cause next week at this time I'll be on my bike headed out for 112 miles of biking fun in the Louisville heat.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Supper Time

School clothes and shoes purchased now we are at Happy Joe's for supper. Clancey just likes coming here because he gets pop and can get prizes.

School Clothes Shopping

After my bike ride we all headed to CR to run some errands including doing some school clothes shopping. Right now we are Old Navy and Clancey is having a hard time realizing that he is a size 5 in pants even though he is 3 years old. Turned out Marshall was a size 7 so that is where Clancey got the idea that his size should match his age. So far no meltdowns over it but the day is early. ;)

Last Outdoor Ride Before Ironman

Today I went out for what was likely the last outdoor ride I'll do before Ironman. Since I'm no longer trying to gain fitness this ride is just about maintaining fitness and making sure my bike is ready to go. All in all its going alright, I'm still not as nervous as I should be considering I have a Ironman in 8 days but I'm sure it will start soon. I better get back on my bike and ride home so the family can go shopping.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back To The Real World

After hiding out on Beaver Island for a week I finally had to come back to the real world and go back to work.  We ended up getting home about 6pm last night so it wasn't too late and since we did the drive back in 3 segments we really weren't too tired.  First thing when we got back I had to get out for an hour long run because I do have an Ironman less then two weeks away now.  It's hard getting adjusted back to being at work after 10 days off.  Unlike Christmas break where everyone is coming back and getting back into the swing of things nothing stopped during vacation so everyone expects you to be right back in the game when you walk in the door on Monday.  Now the sole focus turns towards Ironman next week.  Let the waking up late for Ironman nightmares begin. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Princeton, Illinios

On the way home we decided to stop in Princeton to let the boys burn off some excess energy. It wasn't that the boys were being bad they were just getting restless and needed to get out for a while.  Once we leave here it will only be two more hours and we will be home. 

For lunch we stopped in Beecher and let me say this I will never, never go to another "family restaurant" again those places just aim to disappoint. Everytime you go to those places the food is mediocre at best and the atmosphere is horrible. I'm convinced that they make an effort to make the food suck and try to make the place crappy inside.

Last Leg Home

Last night about 11 we pulled into our hotel in Grandville, Michigan and not a minute to soon. We saw nearly everything on the road last night wild turkeys, deer, drunk drivers it was a nerve wracking drive. In fact the deer we saw were on the area between the one ramp and the traffic lanes. There they stood right between all of this traffic and on fact when I encounter there were cars in every lane so i had no where to go if the deer would have decided to run into traffic, I'm sure glad they didn't. Today we will be in the light and plan on going south of Chicago and Gary so we don't end up driving through any bad neighbors again plus we can avoid all of the traffic.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleeping On The Boat

Clancey made it about 30 minutes into the ride until the swaying motion of the boat put him to sleep. Really kind of a goof thing because we have 3 hours of driving ahead of us and we didn't need a crazy kid. Now Marshall on the other hand started to get motion sickness from all the swaying of the boat. He is doing better now but for a bit he was pretty green.

Headed Home

After a week on the island we are at the dock and getting ready to head home. Seems like the week just flew by and I wish we could stay another week. I was thinking that I should figure out a way to leave in June when school let out and then come home in August when school starts. I could work remotely for 3 months it would be awesome.

Rainy Last Day

Our last day on Beaver Island is turning out to be somewhat of a soggy day. We lucked out that they didn't have this place rented out this next week so we are able to hang around the house until our ferry leaves at 5:20 this afternoon. Its a good thing because otherwise we would have had to be out by 10am and try to find something to do all day today. Turned out to be a really great vacation and sounds like we will be coming back here again next year.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hiking At Miller's Marsh

After lunch we headed over the other side of the island to go hiking at Miller's Marsh. The hike itself was pretty uneventful except for the mosquitoes. When we got done and ready to go we went to start the car and the key would not turn. I figured there was too much pressure from the steering wheel lock so i took some off by turning the wheel a bit but still the key would not turn. I'm a bit worried at this point so Jen jumps in and gives it a try she has no luck either. Of course we are in a place with no cell coverage so we can't call anyone either. That is when I decide my only course of action is to walk. I'm not that far down the road when I hear Jen honk, she had got the car started by wiggling the wheel. Thank gosh it would have been s long walk and I'm not sure what anyone could do anyways. On the way back we developed a squeak in the hatch back so i will be taking the car in on Monday for sure to get everything looked at. Too few miles to have issues with it already.

Lunch At The Dalwhinnie

After Jen's awesome portabelo mushroom sandwich the other day Jen requested we come back so she could have another one. Since it isn't as windy and cool today we were able to sit on the porch and enjoy the scenic water view. After this we are going to go and hike around Miller's Marsh to see the beaver dams and then probably head to the beach one last time this afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon we are back on the ferry and have to head home and go back to real life.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Beach Again

After we got done at Protar's tomb we headed back down to Iron Ore Bay so boys could float their paper boats in the stream that heads down to the water. Paper boats are fun but unlike paper airplanes you really only get one shot and then they are done. I folded 6 of them for the boys and they were gone like that. Once the boats had seen their demise the boys wanted changed into their trunks so they could play in the water. Today was a lot nicer at the beach because the flies weren't out so you could sit and enjoy the beach for a while. Yesterday we picked up some floaties so i blew them up and let the boys play with then for a bit. We probably played for an hour before they were both ice cubes and were starting to get hungry for lunch. I'm thinking we will head out to the city beach this afternoon for a bit and then some ice cream.

Protar's Tomb

We found the tomb that the locals built for Protar when he passes many years ago. The tomb is deep in the woods down a single car level B road. Now we are going to head to the beach to do the paper boats.

Protar's Cabin

We found the Protar Cabin in the middle of the island. This was a cabin owned by one if the most beloved citizens of Beaver Island. He was a philanthropist and acting doctor of the island. The cabin is a pretty neat place on the national register of historical places.

Headed Out

We are getting ready to head out the door to go have more vacation fun. This morning the plan is to hit up the farmers market, go see the Protar cabin, and then go float the paper boats I spent the morning folding. We may also go to the beach for while. Should be a fun morning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hanging At The Harbour

They family and I decided to walk downtown to take a little of the town in on this cool day. Marshall is lobbying hard to the beach again but I'm not sure it is warm enough today to go to the beach. We will see after Clancey gets done with his freakout fit if it is warm enough or not. We got some floaties for the beach so the boys should have fun once we get there again.

Lunch At The Dalwhinnie

For the past couple days I've come down here to get cinnimon rolls and turnovers for breakfast but today we decided to come down for lunch also. There aren't a whole lot of places to eat at here on the island and I'm pretty sure after this we will have tried them all. This place is a pretty neat place with a great view of the harbour if it was a bit warmer we would have sat on the porch to eat.

Story Hour

With it being very chilly this morning, the low 60's, we decided to hit up story hour for the boys. Well I just for Clancey, Marshall didn't really want to participate because I think he is just getting to big. Instead Marshall just went and got a book on the universe to read while Clancey did story hour. The story hour was packed this morning. I think everyone had the same idea since it was so cold this morning. Probably not going to be going to the beach today since it is windy and cold I'm guessing we will have to find some warm indoor things to do.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Afternoon At The Beach

Once the rain stopped and we were done playing with paper airplanes Marshall asked if we could go to the beach for a while. We figured the beach wasn't very far away so why not. When we got there the beach was kind of busy by Beaver Island standards which meant there may have been 10 people there. The boys played in the water and built a sand castle while Jen read on the beach and I got an open water swim in. All in all it was another great day here.

Paper Airplanes

Since Jen was really enjoying her book we decided not to do the beach and instead did paper airplanes. We started, just like last, time with the balsa wood airplanes but they quickly broke and then moved onto paper airplanes. Great part about paper planes is if they get stuck the tree or break all you have to do is make another one. Takes a bit to figure out how to throw then properly but once you do they fly forever. Not sure what we will do after this but I'm sure we will figure something out. Probably just have more fun.

Jen Relaxing

I wasn't sure these Walters women actually knew how to sit down a relax but here is proof that it is possible. Last night at bedtime Jen found a novel on the nightstand and thought she would check it out. Turns out the novel was quite good and she has been entralled in it ever since. This morning with us all having to hang inside because of the rain she has just been relaxing and reading. It sure makes me happy to see her actually relaxing and enjoying vacation too.

Rainy Day

Today is turning out to be kind of a rainy day so I'm not sure we will be going to the beach today. Being stuck in the house all day Jen and I are taking the opportunity to relax and read while the the boys are hanging out in front of the TV watching cartoons. I'm thinking later Marshall and I are going to play some chess. We've been playing chess everyday so far and Marshall is getting quite good at it. So far this is turning out to be a very relaxing vacation and a good way to refresh for the year to come.

Right around noon the sun came back out and we are going to be able to get out and do something this afternoon.  Not sure what the plan is but I'm thinking we will either do some Geocacheing or go to the beach on the other side of the island again.

Number 1455

I was just looking at the Ironman Louisville website a noticed that they had assigned numbers for the race. Hard to believe that the race is now only two and a half weeks away or more exactly 19 day away. I'm not sure what to expect from this race I'm feeling good about my bike and like I said before I will suffer in the run no matter what it is the swim that still worries me. I just haven't put the work in the water this year and that fact is leaving me with a total lack of confidence when it comes the swim this year. I know I can do the distance what worries me is cramping up because not having a wetsuit means I won't be able to deal my legs as well if I do. Not much I can do about this now except just focus on finishing.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Ice Cream

Here we are at the ice cream parlor getting our after supper dessert. Clancey got this crazy multi-colored ice cream that made his tongue all crazy colored. Don't know for sure what the plan is next but I'm sure we will find something to do.

Back At The Beach

The boys talked us into heading over to the beach again. They have a playground on the beach the boys wanted to play at plus we got to skip rocks again. When we got here the Charlevoix football team was swim laps in the water which meant nearly every teenage girl on the island was here too. They left shortly after and we had the place to ourself. Another good day of vacation.

Supper At The Shamrock

Tonight we decided head for supper instead of making it. Being an Irish island the restaurant was and Irish place that served only normal american food but it did have plenty of alcohol. The place was alright Clancey got a cheeseburger that was freaking huge and Marshall got some chicken strips. I'm thinking after this we will head to get some ice cream.

Toy Store

We made it to the toy store after our long hike out to the fossil place. I am happy to report that Marshall did find a fossil so he was pretty excited about that. Poor Clancey got a blister on his foot from his new flip flops so I was in charge of carrying him back the half mile to the sidewalk. Right now the boys are trying to find the perfect toy here at the store. Clancey has found a bunch of things Marshall isn't having as much luck. We will see what they each finally decide on.

Toy Store

After we went down to find fossils at Gull Bay we headed back and stopped by the toy store. The trek back went a little slower since I had to carry Clancey the whole way. On the way out his new flip flops had given him a blister on top of his foot so he had to take them off for the trip back. Since it was gravel for a half mile that meant daddy had to carry him. On a happier note Marshall found a fossil so he was pretty excited about that.

The toy store was quite the place. As you can see from the picture it is a very small cramped store full to the brim of little trinkets. The lady who runs it is quite the eccentric lady too. The store reminds me of what a store would be like in some kind of fantasy lady like Harry Potter or Alice In Wonderland. The boys each picked out a couple toys Clancey got a stuffed animal and Marshall got a little boat. Not sure what the plan for the afternoon is but I think it is going to include a nap. :)

Fossil Hunting

We finally got to the fossil hunting place and right away Jen had some luck and found two fossils. Marshall still hasn't found one but there are tons around here so I'm sure he will find one. Clancey, on the other hand, is enjoying looking for grasshoppers. On the way out here the boys managed to find two toads so it has been a good hike for us.

On The Point

This morning after we got up and around we headed out the door the go to Gull Bay to look for fossils. On the way we got to the entry to bay and found a lighthouse and memorial to all those Beaver Islanders who have died on Lake Michigan. I also told Marshall that is a Geochache is nearby so we are going to spend some time looking for it before we head on our way. We will let you know if we find it.