Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out And About

Jen and I headed into Cedar Rapids so we could run some errands and she could get more stuff for her bathroom project. We started off at Casa Las Gloria's for lunch and then we headed over to Home Depot for all the hardware on Jen's list. I do feel pretty non-manly having Jen deal with all the construction stuff but its not my project so she is handling it all. After this I may have Jen drop me off at the gym so I can get a run in and shower at the gym so I don't have to take a bath after being all sweaty at home.

Beaver Island Boat

Just this morning Jen was bothering me again about getting a reservation for the Beaver Island Ferry. I told her I would get to it next week, well being the worrying type she went to the website and started poking around a bit. In her exploration she found a spot that said if you want to get your car on the ferry in the busy summer months you should make your reservation in January. Right about then Jen started to get real worried but me, on the other hand, started to figure out alternative things we can do, rent a car, maybe use the opportunity to take a plane, ship the car over some other day. I figured just to give it a shot I would give them a call, they listed their office hours Monday - Friday minimum and I thought maybe I would get lucky. Turns out when I called someone actually picked the phone up, wouldn't you know it they turned out to be really nice and actually had one spot left on the boat for us. So we have an official reservation to and from the island on the days we wanted now vacation can commence.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ride Done

Well I'm done with my two loops of the Ironman Wisconsin bike course and it went alright. Ended up being around 85 miles and it felt good right up until about 10 miles to go. Right about then I started to really struggle and fight some stomach issues. I was riding with one of my friends and I think I pushed it too hard on the first lap and then stuggled to hang the last 10 miles. The ride gave me confidence that I will be able to do Louisville alright except for maybe the excessive heat. Now the plan is to head into Madison and grab a shower before I make the 2.5 hour trek home. Only 29 days until my race.

Headed to Madison

Being one of the final weekends before the Ironman so I decided to break
the monotony of long training sessions and head to Madison to ride the bike
course with one of my friends. Been a long time since I've ridden with a
group so it should be a good time. The course is harder then Louisville
which means it should be good prep for me. I'll keep the blog up to date
with progress.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bathroom Remodel

Today Rich, the guy which did the drywall on the ceiling in the kitchen, started on the remodel of the bathroom. For those who have never experienced our bathroom it was something else. While it looked nice on the outside it was really kind of junky. There was a leak in the shower that was slowly rotting the floor, mold regularly grew around our shower and we had this huge Jacuzzi tub we used as a hamper. It will be nice to get a shower that doesn't leak and maybe even a heat vent in our new bathroom. Hopefully it doesn't take too long because it is hard to go without a shower as an adult for very long. I know Jen is excited to get it done so our house can be the showcase of the home tour.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back Home

We made it home after our afternoon out to Miss Effie's birthday party. The people cooking food ended up leaving before we could get something to eat so when we left we had to go find some lupper.  Our plan was to drive into Davenport but we ended up stopping on Eldridge and found a decent place to eat. I can't remember the name but it was a place I could see us going back to sometime in the future. When we got home I decided I had put my workout off long enough and headed out for a quick 3 hour ride. OK, I'm not sure there is a such thing as a quick 3 hour bike ride but when you say it that way it makes it seem shorter then it is. It was nice that it finally cleared off so I could go outside to ride 3 hours inside is just pure torture.

Petting The Goats

The highlight of the trip today was getting to pet the goats. Marshall is a bit braver then Clancey when it comes to petting the animals. Clancey didn't really want hold the baby goats while Marshall did.

Miss Effie's Birthday

Crazy weather won't keep us or a bunch of others away from the big Miss Effie birthday bash. I thought for sure no one would be here and when pulled up in the rain 30 cars were parked here. So far we haven't track down miss eiffie but I did find the salted nut rolls which I want at least 3 of. ;)

Lazy Weekend

With it being rainy pretty much all weekend so far its been kind of a lazy weekend. Yesterday I got up and did a two hour run and managed to get soaked because for about half of it it was pouring rain. Then when I got home Jen headed to Cedar Rapids which meant I was in charge of the boys. We spent all afternoon relaxing, watching television and napping. Today seems to be no different then yesterday, I'm supposed to go on a long bike ride but it is pouring rain again and I'm not real excited about getting soaked again. I'm thinking I'll just do a two hour bike downstairs today. Hopefully it stops raining because this afternoon were supposed to go to Miss Effie's farm for her birthday party.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Interview Day

Today I had an interview for a promotion at work so I got break out the new suit. The interview went alright and I'm probably going to have to do a couple more over the next week or two before they make a decision about if I get the job or not. The job would be the head of a department so I would go from 20 reports to over 100 people that report to me. Technically only my 5 managers would directly report to me so its not as daunting as it sounds. If I would get the job it would be a new challenge for me probably a bit less technical and more management type activities. I'll be sure to update the blog with updates as they come available.

Swim Lessons

Today Marshall and Clancey finish up their second week of swim lessons and I think both kids are disappointed they are over. For both of the boys swim lessons have been awesome and they have both come a long way. Marshall has been really doing good with his back float lately and is determined to pass his test today. Clancey has been doing good dunking his head under water this week but he isn't as concerned about the big test today. Wish both if the kids luck :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Day

The long weekend has taken its toll on the boys. After we got done with supper I went into the living room to get the boys for bathtime just to discover them curled up together on the couch relaxing. I don't blame them after all the heat, the wedding and the pool today I'm ready to crash myself. I missed my long run today so tomorrow its going to be 10 miles on the treadmill at noon and a ride on the trainer in the morning.

Back From The Pool

With it being 96 degrees today the family and I all headed down to the pool. Marshall had really wanted to show me some of the things he had learned at swimming lessons so we got to kill two birds with one stone. We were down there for around two hours and both of the boys did great and had fun. The funny part is the bigger pool is inside so we spent the afternoon swimming inside in fact when we got done the boys wanted to go outside to warm up. Now we are home and we are going to grill some turkey tenderloins and corn on the cob a great Iowa meal.

Boy Day

Jen had run into Cedar Rapids to get some groceries so the boys and I were left on our own for the day. I figured the boys would like to head to DQ for some lunch and then some ice cream. This afternoon we are also planning on heading to the pool for a while too. Should be a fun day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home From The Wedding

We just got home from the wedding about 10 minutes ago and had a great time. The boys were dancing machines and danced all night. When the dance was over the boys didn't want to go home because they were having so much fun. At one point during the night myself and one of the groomsman danced together to a song from Grease. We had both warned the groom that we were going to make asses of ourselves at his wedding and we didn't disappoint. At least the groom isn't blaming us for ruining the wedding. All in all we all had a great time and we wish Dan and Kara the best.

Dance Is On

The reception just started here and the boys were jonesing to dance. I just
taught the boys the twist which they picked up pretty quick. I'm hoping
they play some Taylor Swift for me later this evening it will make it
complete. As a side note I talked to the best man and told him the story of
the last wedding and he has promised to top it by stabbing his brother
tonight. Should make for an interesting evening if that happens.

Headed To The Burg Wedding

The family is all dressed up and headed out the door to one of my friends wedding. The big question is who is going to get in a fight at this wedding that Jen and I can can get blamed for ;) Seriously though we are really looking forward to having a good time at this wedding with no drama and just be able to relax and watch the boys dance. Should be fun.

Track Builders

Marshall and Clancey have spent the morning building hotwheel tracks of various shapes and sizes. Marshall has been putting together the motorized tracks with the dinosaur tracks and all his other sets. He has come up with some pretty neat designs.

6 Weeks To Ironman

This morning I had a great long ride, one of the best rides I've had in a long time.  It wasn't that the ride was exceedingly fast but the ride just felt good, I felt like I could have easily ridden 100 miles today.  The only reason I had to cut it short was that Jen had a hair appointment at 10am which is probably good because I stopped ride before it started to be hard.  It has been a rough week for me this week, between stuff blowing up at work and my family (my mom and siblings) treating us like crap, it was just good to get out early and enjoy 3 hours of piece and quiet.
When I got home I was looking at the calendar and realized that Ironman was only 6 weeks away.  That realization kind of made me a bit nervous being I haven't really been training all that hard this year.  I've trained more then I did for my first Ironman but not as much as last year.  I'm pretty sure I have the fitness to do the bike and the run but I am a bit worried for the swim.  I haven't swam a much as I want to this year and being this is a non-wetsuit swim if I get cramp in the swim there is going to be no relying on the buoyancy of my wetsuit.  Once I get out of the water I will be more confident.  I guess we will see when race day gets here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Car

I headed over at 2 signed all the papers and drove in Jen's new car. Jen is pretty excited for me to get home so she can take her new car for a spin but I have some stuff to finish up so I won't be home for a bit yet. Maybe I should stay out late tonight just to torture her a bit ;)

Jen's New Car

For a few months now Jen and I have been meaning to go get her a new car. We already had it picked out and in April, right before our cruise, we went to the dealer checked out the car with the intention of buying it right after we got back. Well every week we always said next week was the week we would go get it done. Here we are in July and finally today it all came together and I went over to the dealership and bought the car finally. Jen really wanted red but they didn't have that color in the model she wanted with a manual transmission so we ended up going with blue instead. She is pretty happy with it and at 2 today I'm going to go over and pick it up. It will sure be nice to have a car that gets better gas mileage for our vacation to Beaver Island coming up in a few weeks.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Supper At Happy Joe's

After we got done at the fair I took my starving and tired family to Happy Joe's for supper at the boys request. The boys had coupons for free mini pizzas and wanted to use them. It also sounded like a great excuse to have a taco pizza. Good thing I ran for an hour today so I don't have to feel guilty about it.

Cedar County Fair

Tonight Jen wanted to head down to the county fair to watch of our family friends perform in the Bill Riley Talent Show. Its been a long time since I've been to a county fair and I've never been to the Cedar County fair but so far it isn't too bad. I probably should be finishing some stuff at work that I'm delinquent on but I can just work later tomorrow so I can get caught up then. Its nice to spend some time with the family doing goo wholesome Iowa things. ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naughty Phase, Round Two

We thought we were through with the naughty phase but recently little mister Clancey has decide to have a second go at it. About the past month we have noticed a steady decline in his behavior and tonight when Jen went up to the cafe to arrange flowers Clancey and I did battle. Long story short Clancey refused to get in the shower and go to bed so he spent about 45 minutes crying on the back stairs in timeout. This is just the most recent in a long string of behavior issues. Hopefully once school starts in the fall he will get into a bit of a routine and his behavior will improve. I love the kid to death but he is a stubborn as a mule.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marshmallow Roast

Tonight Marshall really wanted to go out and finally do the marshmallow roast that we promised to do over the 4th of July this year. So we gathered some bricks to build a fire pit, some wood and started a fire. Took me a bit longer to get the fire started then I thought it would but I did get it going and we had our roast. The boys had a great time and so did Jen and I except for the horrible humidity. Sure made the house feel that much better when we did go inside.

Boys Hanging Out

Here is a video I took of the boys hanging out in the living room. Kind of a boring video but those people who are really missing the boys, yes I'm talking to you mema and papa, will enjoy it a bit.

Out and About

Well we finally made it out and about after hibernating in the house all day. First thing we noticed was that it is hot as hell out today, it was a good day to stay inside. We went down to Walmart to pick some things up and let the boys each pick a treat out because we promised them something the other day at Adventureland but by the time we got to the toy store it was closed. Tonight after we get done eating supper I think Jen and the boys want to go outside and roast some marshmellows. Hopefully it cools off a bit by then.

Lazy Weekend

With everyone still feeling somewhat tired and lethargic from being up until 1am Friday night at the drive-in, which both the boys stayed awake for, we have pretty much just laid around the house this weekend. Yesterday somewhat of an emergency popped up at work so I spent most of the day at the office and when I got home around 5 I just fell asleep on the couch. Today the boys and I have spent all day in our underwear just lounging about watching TV. By the way we did get to see the big American victory over the Brazilians at the woman's world cup soccer today. Now that Clancey is up from his nap we may venture out to the store to pick a couple things up and get something for the grill tonight. Other then that not a whole lot else to report.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Drive In Movie

Tonight when I got home from work we all decided to head over to Maquokata to the drive in movies. The movies tonight are Mr. Poppers Penguins and Cars 2. Marshall claims that he is going to stay awake for both which means he will have to be up until 1 am. I doubt he is going to be able to make it but you never know. We got here early enough that.we got a decent parking spot for once. We may actual be able to see the screen this time. We brought the truck so we could all pile in the back and enjoy the movie, should be a fun night.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Headed Home

We are headed home after a long day at Adventureland and we are all pooped
out. Turns out that Clancey is a brave little dude and went on a lot of
rides with me that I haven't ridden in years. Poor Marshall is cursed with
Jen's stomach so there aren't a whole lot of rides that he can do, I think
the most fun he had all day was when he was at the water park. We'll have
to keep that in mind for the next time we are here. Maybe instead of
Adventureland for Marshall we will do a water park next time. Clancey on
the other hand may be ready for the Viper at Worlds of Fun. Now the long
drive back home and the hard work of trying to stay awake.

On The Train

We hit up the water park for about an hour and now we are on the A-Train
for a nice relaxing ride. So far we are having a fun day and I'm sure the
boys will want to come back soon. Not sure what's next but probably the
bumper cars again and then the log ride.

Ice Cream

After standing in the sun and waiting in line it was time to cool off with
an ice cream cone. After this we are headed over to the water park to cool
off even more. We are all starting to get a bit tired but we are going to
press on because you only get to come once a year.

Chuck Wagon

After the Dragon Clancey wanted a ride that was a bit less wild so Marshall
and Clancey headed over to the Chuck Wagon for a nice relaxing ride. Next
it may be the outlaw for Clancey and I.

Clancey Rides The Dragon

Well after the Raging River Clancey and I decided we should go tackle the
Dragon. They measured him and found out he was the right size so we jumped
on for Clancey's first rollercoaster. He was grabbed on and took the wild
trip. When he got off he looked at me and said "Daddy that wasn't very fun
and I'm dizzy". Don't know if I'll get him on it again anytime soon but no
tears were shed and he didn't hate it. Maybe I have finally found my little
partner for the amusement park. :)

Raging River

Here is a picture of Clancey's first ride on the Raging River. Just like
always the line for the ride was really long about 45 minutes but both boys
did great waiting in line. Clancey really loved the ride and he got soaked
right along with everyone else. If the line shortens up a bit we will go
ride it again today.

Picture With The Tiger

The boys got to take a picture with the Adventureland tiger that was
wondering the park. Don't know his name but the boys liked him.

Having A Fun Day

So far we are having a fun day here at Adventureland. Clancey is a little
trooper and has been riding all the rides with me. It is way busier here
today then I thought it would be but we are still having a god time. My
phone has been acting up so I had to switch to my Blackberry that is why
there haven't been many updates yet I'll be sure to post more now that I
have a phone that works.


We made it too Adventureland and both the boys are excited to get going onto their first ride. In fact they are both standing over me now asking me when I'll be done blogging. I better get going so we can pick our first ride out.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Busy Day

With my extra day off from work we all headed into Cedar Rapids to get some stuff done. First thing Marshall had his 7 year check up with Dr. Gray. Everything was fine with that he grew 3 inches from last year and is developing right on track. After that we headed over to get some lunch at a mexican restuarant in Marion. Mexican is always a big hit with the boys because they get chips and salsa although neither of them actually ordered a mexican dish.
When we got done with lunch it was up to Irwin's Suit Shop in Marion to get me my first real suit. I'm applying for a promotion at work and figure its time I have an actual suit to interview in. When I interviewed for my current job I wore a $3 suit I got from Goodwill and figured I needed to retire that one. Now let's hope I actually get an interview or I'm going to feel like I wasted some cash. I guess if nothing else I needed a suit for general use so if I don't actually get an interview not all is lost. Finally we stopped in Mt. Vernon and got Marshalls glasses adjusted because they were all bent up from his ruffian brother.
Tomorrrow I'm going to take the day off from work and the family is going to head down to Adventureland for the day. This year Clancey isn't being a total psycho so he gets to come. I'm hoping he likes all the rollercoasters so I finally have someone to ride with. :)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Enjoying Ice Cream

Here is the video of the family enjoying the ice cream treats in the front yard. As you can see Clancey is covered by the time he is done eating his treat. I guess that is what being 3 is all about

Ice Cream Man

Today has been the lazy day that I anticipated that it would be. I was still a bit run down and tired from yesterday so I spent part if the afternoon napping on the couch. Just a few minutes after I woke up Clancey and Marshall come charging into the living room yelling about how they want to get ice Cream from the ice cream truck.  Out of all the years we've lived here and all the times the ice cream truck has been through this is the first time we've ever gotten ice cream. The kids stood in the front yard eatery waiting for the truck to come by as the music got louder Clancey got more excited and as it subsided he got sad. Finally the truck made the trip down 7th and stopped in front of our house. We each picked treats and sat under the tree in the front yard and ate them. I took a video of them eating the treats that I'll post in a bit. Tonight I'm thinking we will head to Tipton to watch the fireworks if the boys can make it that late.

Lazy Morning

After a late night last night we've decided to take it easy this morning. All of us slept in until nearly 8am this morning and haven't really done much. The boys have been playing games with Mike and Michelle all morning and I've been watching a documentary on the Revolutionary War. Just this I read an article that said around 50% of Americans can't name the country we fought for independence from or what year we declared our independence that is a sad state of affairs. For the rest of the day I'm not sure what the plan is bit I imagine it is just going to be a lazy day.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Party In Full Swing

Jen and her brother Mike had to head across the state today so we had to hold the party off until they got home. Now that they are home the party is in full swing. We started with a water balloon fight with water balloons that wouldn't actually pop when they hit people unless you threw is hard enough to leave a welt. When we were done with that it on to the seed spitting contest which I won with a spit nearly to the sidewalk from the porch. Then we did snap pops for a bit and now its time to make supper and then do some sparklers.

Boys Jumping On the Couch

8 Weeks To Ironman

This morning I got up early and headed out for a 76 mile ride that went all right until mile number 60. At mile 60 my right knee started to really hurt and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it the whole way. This happened a couple weeks ago too and now I'm a bit worried about Ironman. After I get beyond three hours it starts to hurt so I may have to keep my rides down to less then three hours for the rest of the year and just hope a can suffer through on Ironman day. Besides that, the ride went all right. I will be glad when the race is over and I can relax again.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Weekend Visitors

This weekend Mike and Michelle decided to come over and spend the 4th with us. The boys are pretty excited because they have big plans for a lot of different fun things the most exciting of which is a water balloon fight. Tonight we weren't able to get too many fun things in but hopefully tomorrow we will make up for it. I'll be sure to keep the blog up to date with all the fun things we do.

Mall Play Area

After we got done getting Marshall his Hotwheel set the boys asked if we could go to the mall play area and hangout for a bit. I couldn't tell the boys no so here we sit. The play area isn't as packed as normal but I guess that's because a lot of the kids are probably out at the pool today. I'm thinking after this we will head to Best Buy real quick and then make our way home so I can get my workout in during the heat of the day.

Big Decision

Marshall is having a hard time trying to decide on the Hotwheel set that he wants. Its a pretty big decision for a 7 year old with a gift card. I could really break his heart and tell him that he doesn't have enough money for any of them and make him go home without it. Marshall is a good kid and I'm not that mean so we will let him get the one he wants and make him believe he has enough for it ;)

Boy Day!

For the first time in over a month the boys and I decided to head out for a fun day together. Just like always we headed over to Pnachero's to get some lunch. After this Marshall and Clancey wanted to go walk around to mall for a bit and then I think Marshall wants to go to Target to spend his gift card. I'm thinking I want to stop by Best Buy and look around maybe check out the Garmin 310XT watches. Just a note about the picture above you may notice the cell phone that is near Clancey. He has taken to carrying around my old cell phone but it is not activated so no I am not letting a 3 year old have a cellphone. ;) I sure bet though that people will think that my 3 year old has a cellphone when we walk around the mall and they see it. :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Long Weekend

Its Friday and I'm looking forward to my long 4th of July weekend. We have big plans for this weekend and it should be fun. Saturday morning my plan is to get in a 4 hour ride followed by a party 4th of July party on Saturday night. Sunday will be more grilling and fun followed by a 3 hour ride/run.  Hopefully it cools off for this weekend because it is way too hot right now.