Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Day

With it raining this morning I thought for sure that I was in the clear and didn't have to mow today. So around 10am I went out for a nice hour long run and as you can see the road is wet and I was thinking the rest of the afternoon would be spent playing Halo. Turns out about 10 minutes after I got home the sun came out and that meant I didn't have an excuse to not mow. Right around one I headed out and mowed what could have really been called a hay field. In fact the grass was so long the tops had went to seed. Once I was done mowing about 4 Jen and I decided to get the porch furniture out. What was going to be a lazy day turned out to be a quite productive day.

Day Off

I ended up getting an extra day of from work so today Clancey and I are going to hang out. I was planing on mowing but since it started raining no mowing for me so now I plan on getting out for a run and then playing video games with Clancey. Should be a fun relaxing day.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

The boys headed outside this morning for some sprinkler fun. Turns out the sprinkler fun was short lived because it was like 30 mph winds and not all that hot out yet so the boys were freezing after only a couple attempts. The boys really wanted to try out papa's new sprinkler design so we had to let them give it a try. Just wish is wasn't so darn windy today going to make it hard to keep the grill lit if we fire it up later.

Mema and Papa's

Jen and I made it to mema and papa's house last night about 1:30 am after making the trek from the Taylor Swift concert. This morning we were greeted by fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast and smiling kids. Yesterday was a whole lot of driving for Jen and I and after a long night at the concert we were happy to pull in the drive. Not sure what the day has in store for us yet. Right now the kids are getting the sprinkler out with papa so we are going to be here for a bit yet. To bad Marshall has school tomorrow because I have the day off and we could have done something fun. I guess it's going to be Clancey and I to fend for ourselves for something fun to do tomorrow.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Concert Over

Well the concert is over and it was pretty good. I think I may actually be a fan of Taylor Swift now after going to this. Poor Jen ended having stomach problems again and left the concert a bit early which left me sitting in the concert by myself for a while. I was going to leave with her but given how much we paid for the tickets Jen made me stay. Now we have to try and navigate the treacherous path out of here and not run over a 10 year old.

Concert In Full Swing

The Taylor Swift concert is in full swing and it turns out it is way better then I thought it would be. I'm find myself singing along to most of the songs. I'm having quite a bit of fun in fact.

Found Our Seats

Well we found our seats for the concert and are waiting for it to start. The unique thing about being at this concert is there absolutely no line for the mens bathroom. In fact I was in there earlier and not one guy was in there. Jen's stomach was starting to bother her a little earlier but it has started to settle again. I'm glad because I know she really wanted to see this concert.

Taylor Swift Concert

Here we are at the Taylor Swift concert with about four billion 10 year old girls, I can't believe Jen drug me to this thing. Well at least Taylor Swift has some good songs so it shouldn't be too much torture. Now the open band I've never heard of but from what I read about them I'm not real excited, hopefully they keep it too a minimum. I'll be sure to keep the blog up to date with Jen signing along and having a great time.

Hickory Park Again

Here I am at Hickory Park for a second day in a row, yes! Jen is finally starting to feel a bit better so we were able to come over and go to the Taylor Swift concert tonight. The plan had originally been to come over yesterday and spend the day down in Des Moines before the concert. We ended up sleeping in until 10am and just bummed around the house until we left at 1pm. Now we are planning on eating a good meal here at Hickory Park and then heading down to the concert. The opening band looks to be crappy so we may get there a bit later but I guess we will see how the night goes.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Measured For Tux's

The boys and I are finally measured for our tux's and Allison can breath a sigh of relief. I'll tell you what Clancey is quite the little ladies man in a sport coat. I could see him heading in for the first day of preschool in a sport coat putting the moves on all the girls. Now that the boys are dropped off with mema and papa I was going to stop at Best Buy and maybe the bike store and then start the long trek back across the state. Hopefully when I get back Jen is feeling better so we can start enjoying the holiday a little bit.

Candy Time

Getting candy after we eat at Hickory Park has become the thing lately. Marshall is very methodical about how he picks his candy and Clancey just grabs the first things that strike his fancy. Now we are headed over to Milroy's to get measured before Allison kicks our butts.

Lunch At Hickory Park

This morning I got up for a 6am 50 mile bike ride that included a bit of just about everything. It was cool, windy, rainy and even bit of sun. It was a bit tougher then last weeks ride but I was also dragging one of my friends along so there was a lot starting and stopping. Jen is still sick but the boys really wanted to visit mema and papa and we have to get measured for our tuxs so I drove the boys over to Ames anyways and left Jen behind. Any day you can think of an excuse to go to Hickory Park is a good day, its just too bad Jen couldn't make it. Once we get done here its the lonely trek back for me and hopefully I get home to a wife that feels better so we can go to the concert tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Supper With The Kids

With Jen down and out with the stomach flu I was left in charge of feeding the kids tonight. That being the case I did what I do best for supper, take the boys out. Once again its Happy Joe's for supper. Hopefully tomorrow Jen starts to feel better so we can start to enjoy this weekend. We planned on heading over to mema and papa's tomorrow by way of Ames and Hickory Park after my morning race rehersal. Then Sunday its a day in Des Moines and the concert while the boys get to enjoy the day with mema and papa. Should be fun as long as Jen gets to feeling better soon.

Delivered Sign

With Jen down and out today with the stomach flu I've had to be Jen today. First thing I had to do was stop at the preschool and drop off Clancey's registration papers for next year and then it was onto Eldridge to drop off a sign to one of Jen's customers. I did gets chance to take a picture of another of Jen's signs hung up outside of the store which was neat. Now Clancey and I are back on the road to Clarence to eat and then wait on the bug guy. Only after we stop at Casey's and get him some strawberry milk he requested.

Sick Wife

For the start of my long weekend poor Jen had become down with something. Last night she was complaining about being really tired and that her stomach hurt a bit and by this morning she was full up sick. She asked if I could take the morning off so I could let Rich in to finish the ceiling and deliver one of her signs. Hopefully this doesn't last too long because we have big weekend plans and it is no fun to be sick over a holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long Weekend

This weekend is the long memorial day weekend for me and I am going to be busy. On Saturday I'm planning on getting early for a 63 mile bike ride. After that we are going to head to Ames for lunch at Hickory Park and then over to get measured for my tux for Jigs wedding. On Sunday Jen and I are planning on spending the day in Des Moines and then I'm taking Jen to the Taylor Swift concert. Finally on Tuesday we're thinking about going to buy a new car. So it should be a fun weekend.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleeping Kids

Like I said I would have sleeping kids on the way home. It didn't take but about 5 minutes and both of the kids were snoozing in the back of the car. The only bad part about the kids napping is when Clancey wakes up he is a huge bear. I guess that is what being three is all about.

Ice Cream Time

No boy day is complete without a stop to get ice cream. It was a toss up between Coldstone and Dairy Queen but with the traffic a huge nightmare up by the Coldstone the Dairy Queen ended up carrying the day. Marsh went with an oreo blizzard and Clancey went with the old stand by an ice cream cone. All in all we've had a fun day so far and I bet I will have two sleeping kids on the way home.

Marion Park

Here the boys and I are at the Marion park which happens to have to best play equipment around. It is absolutely huge. There are a ton of kids here and plenty of space for everyone to play. In fact one slide is so high Clancey was a bit scared to go down it. I had to climb all the way up and go down it with him so he would go. The boys are having a good time and its going to be hard to get them to go.

Lunch At Panchero's

With Jen wanting to get a bunch of stuff done around the house I decided to take the boys into Cedar Rapids for some lunch. Like always we decided to hit up Panchero's for some quesadilla's and burritos. After this I thought I would take the kids over to the Marion park which has this huge slide that I'm sure they will both love. On a side not Marshall has been complaining about have sore legs today but last night he did say he wants to do another 5K this summer. That kid has a tough mind just like his dad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here

Today after Marshall's big race I decided to head for long bike ride early enough so I could be home in time for the rapture. The plan was to head out and loot as soon as all the people disappeared and after the big earthquake. Well here it is five after six and no in our house has disappeared, which I suppose could be that none of us made the cut, but more importantly the big earthquake hasn't hit yet so no looting for me tonight. Oh well I guess we will take the kids up for baths, get some supper, and watch Harry Potter. I have to believe that the people who wasted their life savings listening to this guy are feeling a bit stupid right now. Doh!

5K Finisher

Marsh and I just got finished with the Marion Art Festival 5K. Marshall did great! The last mile was really tough on Marshall but he pushed through and finished. Once again a bunch of adults were struggling to keep up with him. There were a couple times he wanted to quit but I encouraged him and he kept going. After the race was over he told me he wasn't sure he wanted to do a 5 mile run. Don't blame him that is a long way for a little kid.

Marion Art Festival 5K

Here Marshall and I are at the start/finish line for the start of the race which gets going in about 15 minutes. Marsh is pretty excited to get going and is telling me that he learned some stuff last year and is going to do better this year. No matter what his time I'll be proud of him. I was just telling him this morning that he only has 4000 days until he can do his first Ironman ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Marshall's 5K

Tomorrow morning we are all headed off to Marion to watch Marshall run his 5K. Well I guess technically I'll be running the race with him but everyone else will be there to cheer him on. Last was Marshall's first year doing the race, he did great and he felt great about accomplishing something even some adults struggle with.  In fact last year at the race towards the end of the race a couple people were struggling just to keep up with him. I'm really impressed that he wanted to do the race again this year because I know last year he was really tired that last half mile and had to dig deep to make it to the finish line. I'm thinking this year he is going to do good because he knows what its like to run that distance and I think he will pace himself better earlier in the race. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see how he does.

100 Days Until Ironman

As of today I am once again 100 days away from my third Ironman.  Just like every year it's right about this time I start losing my motivation to keep training.  It's just hard to stay focused on getting up everyday and putting the work in when you've been training since Christmas.  I feel like my fitness is there but not where it could be if I just buckled down and put the hard work in everyweek.  I think I've been averaging around 8-10 hours of training a week and should really be upwards of 15 hours a week by this point.  Ironman Kansas, which is only 23 days away now, will be the real test of where I'm at.  Given this has been advertised to the wife as an "Off Year Ironman", I have worked hard to not let if get in the way of family plans, which means sometimes I just have to miss some training.  Since I feel like I have a lot of ultraendurance expierence at this point and my general fitness level is very high missing some rainings sessions shouldn't have that big of impact on my overall performance. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Detroit

We just landed in Detroit on our way back to Cedar Rapids and we are grabbing lunch. For lunch we decided to head over to the attached Westin Hotel and eat at their fancy restuarant. As you can see the lobby has growing bamboo trees and a pond so it is a great environment to unwind for a couple hours until our flight to Cedar Rapids.

On The Way Home

After a day of meetings down here in Huntsville I'm at the airport headed home. The meetings turned out to not be all that fruitful, I presented slides for 20 minutes and that was it. I came all the way down here just in case a certain engineer came and he didn't come so it was pretty easy. Although had I not come he would have been here for sure so I guess it was worth it for that reason. Oh well can't complain about eating expensive meals on Rockwell. Now its a full day of travel home, yeah me.

Monday, May 16, 2011

In Huntsville

Just landed in Huntsville about 20 minutes late but we got here. The flight in wasn't too bad, I suspect that's because the travel gremlin is at home. Now we are getting the rental car and headed to our hotel that is right by space camp. Someday I will have to send Marshall off to space camp since he is so into space and science these days.

In Detroit

Here I am in Detroit waiting to catch my next flight to Huntsville. I just got done eating at Chilli's and now I'm headed to find my gate. Can't wait to get there because tonight its dinner at Ruth's Chris which an awesome steak house.

Headed To Huntsville

This morning saw me up at 5am for a 45 minute swim down in Tipton. The swim felt great, I was able to swim about 80 lengths on the pool in the time which is kind of slow, but good for me.  Once I was done there it was back home to grab my luggage and head off the Huntsville for a couple days for a customer meeting. The plane takes off at 10 and we don't get there until 4 which means we get to spend most of the day at the Detroit airport, yeah me. Hopefully since I don't have the travel gremlin with me, Jen, my travel will go a bit smoother then my last trip to Puerto Rico. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carnival Day

Poor Marshall being sick ended up missing Sunday school carnival day. Clancey, on the other hand, got to enjoy it and enjoy it he did. In fact that backpack that Clancey is holding he won because he was the only kid to pin the tail in the donkey. I know Marshall is going to be disappointed but he didn't need to risk making the other kids sick or end up puking at the church. Hopefully after resting the rest of the day he will feel better.

Sick Boy

Yesterday morning Marshall started to complain that he had a stomach ache but seemed to be doing alright. I should have known that Marshall was just at the start of something bad. Late afternoon Marshall really started to not feel that great, he just wanted to lay on the couch and watch netflix.  It wasn't to long until Marshall started to puke. He only puked the one time but his stomach still hurts today so we are not sure if he will be going to his piano recital or not. We will just play it by ear and see what happens.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lunch With The Kids

The boys and I took a vote and Happy Joe's was what we decided to eat for lunch. We have become Happy Joe's addicts lately and at least once a weekend end up eating here. Its just too bad that it took up 7 years to figure out that the best pizza in the county was here.

Boy Day

With Jen headed off to IKEA with her friend the boys are left to fend for ourselves today. Not sure what the plan for the day is yet but right now Clancey and I are hanging out in bed watching music videos on my Xoom. I'm thinking for sure that we will head somewhere to get some lunch and find something to do. I'm also thinking that mowing is off the agenda again today since the grass is wet. If I don't get it done tomorrow it won't happen until I get back from Huntsville next Wednesday. I'm also thinking I need to get a bike ride in today at some point but not sure when. I could always setup the computers again so i can keep an eye on them while I ride but that is kind of boring for them. I guess we will see what happens as the day progresses.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Cannonball Splash Fun

Here is the video I took of the boys playing in the Cannonball Splash this afternoon. They had a great time playing on it. Towards the end poor Marshall did a flip into the pool but he was alright. If it's warm tomorrow the boys plan on playing on it again.

Cannonball Splash

Being the first 90 degree day of the year I cut out of work early to come home and help the kids play with the pool they got for Easter. It is a blow up toy so I'm happy we had a hand pump to fill it up. It would have taken into next year to pump it up without it. I took a video of the boys that I will post later of the boys are having a great time. It looks fun enough that I want to try to but I'm afraid I would break it. I guess I will just sit here and watch.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Lunch

For mother's day we headed to Ames so we could take Jen and her mom out for lunch at Hickory Park. It was a big surprise for Bev she though it was just going to be Mike and Michelle taking her out so when we popped out she was pretty excited. Since its within 3 days of my birthday I'm hoping to get a Sunday and have them sing to me :)

Training Wheels Off

Last night Clancey begged and begged to get his training wheels off so we finally gave in and did it. What that meant was daddy running up and down the driveway holding onto the back of Clancey's seat. Clancey assured us that if he fell off and got blood that he would get back on because that's what Ironmen do. Sure enough he fell off a couple times and he got back on even though he was a bit nervous. By the end of the night he was convinced that he could ride his bike by himself and if we had a ramp he could jump of the house, apparently we watch to much Nitro Circus. I will be sure to keep the blog updated with his biking progress.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Great Workout

Today was a solid workout to get me prepared for Ironman Kansas. It started off with a 3:15 bike and then I followed it up with a 2.5 mile transition run. The wind of the bike was killer and really serves to break you spirit when you are riding into it. I managed to get through it but I did suffer a bit. As you can see I drug Marshall along for my transition run. I took the picture at the turn around and if you look hard you can see Clarence in the background. Before you freak out Marshall asked if he could go on the run so he can get ready for his 5K coming up in 2 weeks. He did great so no one needs to worry. Tomorrow its an 8 mile run followed by an hour long bike and hopefully less wind.

Lunch At Panchero's

Of course when we got done at Home Depot the boys wanted to head over to Panchero's and get some quesadilla's for lunch. What kind of dad would I be if I said no? Here we are enjoying some lunch and then we may do some geocacheing on the way home. This afternoon its three hours on the bike and a thirty minute run with Marshall so I may take my time heading back.

Home Depot

This morning it was off to Cedar Rapids to take the kids to the Home Depot kid project morning. This morning it was a Mothers Day planters. Since it was just me this morning I had to try and help them both at the same time which lead to Marshall hitting his finger with the hammer. I was helping Clancey and look up to see Marshall holding his finger and grimacing in pain. Kid didn't cry and all and finished the project using only one hand. The boys and I also picked Jen up a mothers day gift which I think she will like.

Friday, May 06, 2011

My Birthday

Tonight we are all celebrating my 35th birthday. First we all went down to Tipton and had pizza at Happy Joe's. When we all got done there Jen and the boys went into Walmart to pick out some presents. Both of the boys got to pick out what they thought I would like. Marshall's present were practical a lantern for camping and two nice work shirts and Clancey's were a bit eccentric a bag of Starburst and some Car's bandaids. I'm pretty sure Clancey got me presents that he liked. I'm sure the bandaids will come in handy when we take Clancey's training wheels off this weekend. Now the family is enjoying some cake and ice cream.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Spring Concert

Tonight was the big elementary spring concert for North Cedar in Lowden. Marshall was quite the little entertainer tonight. He was dancing on stage and seeming to have a good old time. He did get to play an instrument for one of the songs which was pretty neat. I'll upload the videos later tonight.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Busy Day

The day turned into a way busier day then yesterday. Jen went to Cedar Rapids bought a bunch of groceries, came home mowed half the lawn and then worked around the yard for a bit. I got out for a 10.5 mile run, mowed the other half of the lawn and then played with the boys outside while I cooked supper. Right now Jen and I are both beat and just want to collapse on to the couch.

Travel Canceled

Today I was supposed to be on my way down to Huntsville for a couple days of customer meetings. With all the tornados down in Alabama this week the Rockwell facility is closed and I'm not sure power has been restored to the city. Even if it had probably not ideal to head down to a region that has been so hard hit and take away resources from those that really need them. I'm not sure when the customer meeting is going to be now but at least now I will be able to make it to Marshall's spring concert tomorrow.

Lunch At Happy Joe's

Since Jen is in Cedar Rapids getting groceries I was in charge of lunch today. Given we don't have much in the cupboard and the fact I didn't want to cook, the boys and I headed down to Happy Joe's in Tipton. After this I'm not sure what we will do. I sure wish it would warm up a bit so we could go outside but with temps in the low 50's and a steady wind its just too cool to really be able to enjoy playing outdoors.

May Day

Hard to believe that today is already the first of May and triathlon season gets started next month. This weekend has been kind of a lazy weekend around our house as demonstarted by the total lack of blog entries. Yesterday we pretty much just hung out in out pajamas all day and just kind of raided the cupboards from time to time for food. I did get a ride in on my bike downstairs for a couple hours but that was about it. Today we have plans to be a bit more active. Jen is out shopping for groceries and I'm getting ready to take the boys out for pizza. This afternoon its going to be a 10 mile run and then mow the lawn.