Thursday, March 31, 2011

150 Days Until Ironman

Hard to believe but as of today there are only 150 days until Ironman Louisville. My training has been going alright but has hit somewhat of a snag recently. About this time every year during training I start to lose some of my steam and this year is no different. I think the time change and the fact its still too cold to do any outdoor training is what causes it. This year I have been doing somewhat better then past years but still have missed more workouts then I would like. Today I did manage to get two hour long bike rides in. I also have been fighting an injury to the inside of my left ankle that has kept from doing much running the past few weeks. I'm hoping to get back to running in a couple weeks after Jen and my vacation. Well here's to the next 150 days of training. :-)

Marshall and Clancey Scrimmage

Here is a video of Marshall and Clancey taking part in the scrimmage today at soccer practice. They both did a good job getting right in there and being part of the action. All the kids playing were twice Clancey's age and he wasn't scared at all. They knocked him down a couple times and he got right up and got back after it.

Marshall and Clancey Go Head To Head

Here is a video of Marshall and Clancey going head to head at soccer practice. Clancey is defending the goal and Marshall is trying to score.

Clancey Kicking Goals

Here is a video I took of Clancey kicking goals at soccer practice. As you can see he got pretty good at it by the end.

Soccer Practice

Today Marshall had soccer practice again and today they let Clancey join in too. I asked the coach if Clancey could participate and she let him. Clancey is having a good time.

Well tonight Clancey became an unofficial member of the soccer team.  The coach let him practice with the team and he even got to play in the scrimmage with the team.  I took a video of him and Marshall playing and they both did a great job.  The coach even told Clancey that he could be in the team picture as the mini-assistant coach.  Marshall also did a great job tonight.  He was getting right in there and going after the ball in fact he even scored a goal during the scrimmage.  His first game is next Tuesday and I know he is excited to get to playing.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chasing Clancey Around the House

Happy Joe's

The boys and I have become pretty big fans of Happy Joe's as of late so we thought we would head down for lunch today. Being our cruise is coming up in 20 days mommy stayed behind so she wouldn't be tempted by the pizza which means it was just the boys and I. Thanks to papa Clancey demanded that he get some Cherry Pepsi pop to go with his pizza. I really don't mind because only drinks about 1/4 oof a small cup of it when we get it for him. Now that I've eaten some bad food I have to head down to the pool to get an hour long swim in followed by a run and a bike.

DS Attached To His Hip

After all the grief I've given him about his DS being attached to his hip today he came into the kitchen and it literally was. He has become rather addicted to Mario Brothers, kind of reminds me of when I was a kid. Be nice when it warms up and there are other things to do other then play the DS.

Clancey and the Rock for Mommy

Every Sunday when I pick Clancey and Marshall up from Sunday School on the way out Clancey always stops to pick a rock out for Jen. I just started noticing this in the last couple weeks but I think he has been doing it for a long time. This time I didn't even realize he had stopped to pick the rock up but sure enough when we got home there he was giving mommy the rock he picked out for her. She is starting to get quite the little collection of rock going.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Second Find

We just found our second geocache of the day deep in the heart of Amish country. The picture only includes Marshall because Clancey feel asleep on the way to the cache. Marshall was the one actually found the cache hidden in a group of pine trees. I think we are probably done searching for caches and are now going to make our way home. Be a 2 hour bike ride for me when we get back.

Geocache Found

After lunch we headed out to find our first geocache of the day. The cache was hidden on an old bridge on a dead end road just outside of Kalona. Now we are going to see if we can find another one.

Family Trip

This morning when I first wrote about the big family trip I didn't realize how cold it was out. So the big plan to have a picnic kind of died when we realized it was 33 and windy out. After hitting up Stringtown for some Amish goods we headed into town for lunch at the Kalona Family Restaurant. So far the place is pretty nice.


Everyone is up and about here in the VanOort house getting ready for a fun day out and about. The plan for the day is to head to Stringtown the Amish grocery store down in Kalona. After that we are going to go and geocacheing followed by a picnic. Should be fun. I'll keep the blog updated with all the fun stuff we do today.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soccer Practice

Tonight Marshall had his first soccer practice and Clancey managed to sneak in and take part in it. Its really too bad we didn't sign him up because he's big enough he could pass for a kindergartener. It's going to be hard on him when he doesn't get to go into the game and play. Soon enough he will be old enough to play. Marshall is having a good time tonight too, hopefully this year he will score a goal.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Love Brother

Today Marshall had the day off from school and Clancey was sicker then a dog. Last night right before bed Clancey wondered into the kitchen to ask Jen to put his pajamas on at 5:30. Jen put two and two together and took his temperature just to find out he had a slight fever. Today he wasn't feeling much better and at one point he had a temperature of 105. We took him to the doctor and they checked him for the flu and strep throat, which turns out he had neither. So they prescribed him rest and some 7up. Hopefully the kid starts to feel better soon. To help him feel better Marshall made him the message above out of dominos. Marshall is such a good kid.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Picture Of Marshall

We sitting here after we got home from our bike ride and I took this picture of Marshall. Marshall is a pretty photogenic kid so its pretty easy to take good pictures of him.

Out Enjoying The Day

The boys and I decided to enjoying the weather, now that the rain has stopped, and go ride bikes. Marshall is becoming quite good at riding his bike now and I think Clancey may have out grown his bike already. We probably need to get him a bike as big as Marshall has but this one will do for now. I'm thinking Marshall may be good enough now to go on bike rides with me around town.

People Watchers Not Babysitters

Last night, after Jen got home, we headed out with some friends to go see the Love Dogs in at Rhino's in Tipton. What that meant for the boys is we had to hired Rachael and Emily to come babysit the boys. First off I have to be clear, Clancey is convinced when they come over he is babysitting them. In fact he asked us last time why big people needed to come over to watched by him. This time when we told Marshall they were coming over he had a request can we call them people watchers not babysitters because neither Marshall nor Clancey are babies. I sometimes think Marshall is 7 going on 30.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing At The Park

The boys and I made it over to the park here in Tipton. The boys are really enjoying themselves so far. In fact some older kids are here doing Parkour which I'm sure is going to result in Clancey trying to do a flip off of the playground equipment. ;)

Ice Cream

The boys and I headed down to Tipton for a good and healthy lunch and Dairy Queen followed by some ice cream. After this I'm thinking the boys and I will try and find some park equipment to play on for a while this afternoon. With the warm temperatures I figured the boys would really enjoy getting outside and playing and not being stuck in the house. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to get out on my bike for a couple hours for a bit of fun for me.

Jen Gone Hour 22

Jen has now been gone for 22 hours and the boys and I are barely hanging on. The house is a mess, the boys are starving, were tired and I'm not sure we can hang on for the four hours it will be until Jen gets home. This may be my last entry.

Without Jen here we have to survive on what few pre made things are in the fridge. Problem is we are running out of dishes so even if we do find something we have to eat it off the bare table or kitchen counter. Clean counter space is at a premium right now because I'm not entirely sure how to wipe them down. Jen did leave us clean clothes but they are in baskets and its too much work to dig through them so we are all running around in our underwear. Daddy doesn't know how to do bedtime so we just stayed up all night. The boys are tired and fighting and are starting to smell. Lastly everything we have gotten out is on the floor because we don't know how to pick up. Jen if you read this please hurry home ;)

Just kidding, everything is fine here at home. In fact the house is picked up, the boys are being good and we are getting ready to go out and find something fun to do. There is some truth though, daddy really doesn't cook so we have eaten nearly every meal out. That's all right though the boys like it and it gives us something to do. Have a safe drive and we will see you soon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Boy Night

With Jen in Guthrie Center at her great aunt's funeral I have been left in charge of the boys for the night. Given that I'm not all that enthused about cooking supper I thought I would take the boys out for dinner. Tonight it is dinner at Happy Joe's with pizza and games. The boys are having a good time playing all the games. After this I'm not sure what we will do. I'm sure we will find something though.

New Glasses

Today I got the call that my new glasses were in at the eye doctor so I loaded the boys in the car and we headed to go pick them up. My other glasses had seen their better day, they were bent up, missing an ear cover and ready to be retired. My new ones are a bit more of a modern style and I think I look pretty good in them. Now the boys and I are going to head somewhere to get some pizza and have a fun boy night.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boys At Taekwondo Class

Here is a video I took of Marshall and Clancey doing Taekwondo tonight. Last week poor Mema and Papa drove all the way down to Tipton to watch the boys do Taekwondo just to find out it was cancelled. While this isn't as good as seeing it in person hopefully this will tide them over until they can make it in person sometime soon. Normally the class is a bit bigger and there are 3 other little kids that are there so Marshall and Clancey aren't the only little kids at the class.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First DQ Trip Of The Year

Today the boys and I made the first DQ trip of the year. The boys wanted to get out of the house but I didn't feel like driving all the way into CR so we headed to Tipton for some lunch. The layout of the Tipton DQ isn't very conducive to winter time ice cream eating. Everytome someone walks in the door cold air blows through the whole place so by the time you are done with your ice cream you are a popsicle. Poor Clancey in a T-shirt with blue lips didn't want to stop eating his ice cream but he was so cold. He did end up finishing it but he had blue lips in the end.

Clancey Enjoying Homemade Donuts

As you can see Jen got her homemade donuts done and Clancey seems to really be enjoying them. The topping was cinnamon and sugar so, as you can see, Clancey managed to get it all over himself. Marshall is in a bit of a funk and hasn't made time to eat one yet but I'm sure he will enjoy them as soon as he does.

Marshall did end up coming in to try a donut which turned into him eating about 4 of them.  They were actually quite good and addicting considering they were baked and not deep fat fried.

Awesome Xoom Stand

Yesterday before I started riding my bike I decided that I wanted a stand to put my Xoom on so I could watch videos while I rode. I looked and looked around the house and couldn't find anything suitable so I headed down stairs to dust off my wood working skills and attempted built one. It has been a long time since I've built anything, as you can tell by the quality of the build, but it works and that's all I needed.

So far I'm loving my Xoom.  I will admit that the Ipad probably has more apps, such as a Netflix app that would be freaking awesome, but the total lack of Flash and Apple's intention to never put Flash on the device is a show stopper for me.  Also I use any computer to put files on the Xoom and it doesn't require using Itunes with it, which is another showstopper for me.  I will admit that the Xoom isn't for everyone but for me it is a pretty killer device.  I can go to yahoo music fire up music video's and I'm good to go for my workout for at least 3 hours.

Jen Making Donuts

This morning Jen promised the boys that she would make them donuts. When she made the promise I think that she forgot that today was daylight savings day, meaning she would have less time to get them done before church. She will get them done eventually but maybe in time for a lunch time snack. ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lunch At Happy Joe's

With Jen in Cedar Rapids getting groceries and running errands left me in charge of lunch today. Clancey was really pushing for a boy day but Marshall wasn't feeling all that great so we figured just a quick lunch in Tipton would have to do. Like always we got the family favorite of pepperoni and mushroom and don't tell anyone but I got Clancey a small pop. Clancey was pretty disappointed that we couldn't go to the mall afterward but Marshall just wasn't feeling it today. Maybe tomorrow we could go to the mall and Clancey could play with the other kids in the play area.

Clancey's Trike Repair

This morning I was sitting on the couch surfing the web on my xoom when Clancey came up to me and said his trike was broken. I got up off the couch and sure enough the front axle of his trike had come loose and fallen off and needed bolted back together. I told Clancey I needed to go find some tools to fix well at this point Clancey pipes up and says "you can use my tools if you want daddy."  I had forgotten that papa had got each of the boys their own tool set for Christmas. So Clancey and I headed up to his room to take down his tool set to work on his trike. After a couple minutes of work Clancey and I had his trike up and running again and Clancey was pretty proud that we were able fix the trike with his tools. :-)

Clancey The Puppy

Here is a video I had to take this morning of Clancey running around in his puppy suit. When he's not being naughty he can be a pretty cute kid

Friday, March 11, 2011

Story Time

I got home tonight right about the time story time was going on. For anyone who has ever had story time with a three year old you know how trying a time it can be. Nearly every page Clancey had a question about the book. You hate to be rude but kid come on questioning what is going to happen next?  Just listen to the story and you will find out. Oh you have to love him though, soon enough there will be no tucking in or story time and we will be sad.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Sick Kid

Well its March and guess what, Marshall is sick. Year after year March is the month that poor Marshall always ends up sicker then a dog. So far this sickness hasn't been much more then a bad cold and hopefully it stays that way. Marshall did end up staying home from school today and tomorrow he already didn't have school so he will be home again. The goal is that he is better by Wednesday and can get back at it. It worked out that Clancey was at mema and papa's so Marshall could get some rest today. Lets just hope this doesn't turn into something worse and he ends up at the doctor.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

More Projects For Jen

Here is a picture of Jen working on her latest project, a table she got from the Restore. She got the table a couple weeks ago and its been sitting on the porch so this weekend she decided to start working on it. The table top needs sanded down and refinished as does the legs. I have no clue what the is with it when she is done with it, but I don't ask questions I just go along. I'm sure whatever she does it will look nice and all her crafter friends will be impressed. ;)

Clancey Off To Mema and Papa's

Today I'd going to be a quite day around the house with Clancey headed to mema and papa's for a couple days. Right after Sunday School they took off with him and will bring him back Tuesday for his eye appointment in Iowa City. It's nice for Clancey to get special time with mema and papa and it is nice for is to get a day to relax and lay around. Most of us have came down with a cold and we were out late last night so today is going to be a lazy day. Although I do have a two hour workout I need to do later today but I should be good and rested by then.

End To A Long Crazy Day

Today has to be one of the craziest days I've had in a long time. It started off helping some guy recover some stolen merchendise and ended with a bar fight at Bubba's in McVille. With Mema and Papa here Jen and I decided to go out on a date. Well we went to some crappy restaurant in Tipton for supper and then looked for something to do. One of Jens friends texted her and invited us to the bar in McVille for some karaoke and drinks.  Me, being me, I had to karaoke for a bit and then all hell broke loose. Some non-locals came in and started some stuff with a local and it didn't go well. I just stood on the side and watched because I had no clue who was the good guy and who was the bad but at the end the non-locals left without getting killed. Other than that it was a fun night and we have to do it again soon.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Back From The Crazy Trip

We just got home from the crazy big trip to Cedar Rapids. After all the craziness that started the trip the rest of it was pretty tame. We stop at Famous Footwear and got Marshall some new shoes since he was complaining that his current ones hurt his feet. Once we were done there we headed home and ended the crazy trip. Now the big debate is do I nap this afternoon or go workout for a couple hours. I suppose I do an Ironman coming up I probably should work out.

Crazy Boy Trip

This has turned out to be quite a crazy boy trip so far. As we were walking out of The Home Depot to the car I heard someone from the mall scream out " Stop fu***r" and I look up and see this guy running across the lot carrying an arm full of stuff and a guy giving chase. Well since Papa was with I had him get the boys put in the car and walked over to the edge of the parking lot so I could see if I could see where the guy went. Turns out the guy ran across the street by the Taco Johns and behind the buildings and I had a perfect view of what he was doing. The guy didn't know I was watching him and I saw him stash the stolen goods in some bushes and then walk away. I went back to the car and drove over to see if I could find the guy who was chasing him and tell him where his stuff was. I couldn't find the guy and I felt bad but didn't know what else to do so I decided leave. As I was leaving the police pulled in so I pulled in after them and told them what I saw. They found the goods and the guy got his stuff back. I didn't stick around to find out what was going on but was happy I could help. If I would have been thinking I would have pulled my phone out and taken a video of him.
Once we were done crime fighting we headed over to Panchero's to get some lunch. When Clancey got out of the car he was acting weird and we were trying to figure out what was wrong. Well the second we walked in the door Clancey pukes all over the floor. I hussled him to the bathroom so he could finish puking but, of course, by the time we got there he was done. After he puked he seemed alright and has been eating his lunch. Good thing I keep a bucket in my car for just this very reason. Hopefully we are done with crazy stuff on this boy trip. Apprently Papa brings all the craziness with him.

Home Depot Project

Yesterday mema and papa made the run over to Clarence so papa could go to the Home Depot Kids building thing today. So this morning after I slept in a little bit, long night of recruiting last night, we headed over to Home Depot to do our project. The project today was wooden race cars which the boys were pretty excited about. I think Clancey was also pretty excited to get to do the project with papa. Its really to bad grandpa Jerry isn't around because I'm sure this something he would really enjoy doing with the boys too. Now we are headed off to find a bit of lunch get a couple things at the grocery store and then head home. This afternoon its a 2.5 hour bike and then Jen and I are going out tonight. Should be fun.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jen The Sign Painter

Jen has become quite the sign painter lately. Right now she is in the process of painting about four different signs for various people. In fact she sold her first sign on her Etsy Store just this week. Jen is so talented it is cool that she has finally found something she enjoys doing so much that people are willing to pay for.