Sunday, February 27, 2011

DS Addict

Lately Marshall has developed somewhat of an addition to his Nintendo DS. Here is a picture I took of him earlier today when he got home from Sunday school. He was in such a hurry to get to playing his DS that he never actually changed his Sunday school pants. He got them off but never got any put back on. It may be time to start limiting the amount of time that he gets to play video games on the weekend. Now to be fair, if Jen didn't limit my time I would be playing them too. ;)

More House Work

I've decided that my wife isn't happy unless she has some kind of house project going on. Sometime last week Jen decided that she wanted to repaint the dining because she was sick of be red. If you following her blog at all you know that she started with blue and decided when she about half done with that, that she didn't like it either. Well now we are on to color number two, kind of a beige color. So far it looks pretty good but if you ask me all the colors looked fine. I guess that's why I'm not on charge of deciding on room colors.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mall Play Area

Today when we had gotten done at Target Clancey asked if we could go to the mal so he could play with the other kids. I told him that would be all right so we headed on over to let the him play. So far they are having a really good time and its good for Clancey to learn how to play with other kids. Of course Marshall is keeping a close eye on his brother because he is the responsible one. ;)

Boy Day

The boys and I headed into Cedar Rapids to hang out and have some fun. First we went over to the Verizon store to check out the new Motorola Xoom for a bit. Once we were done there and the boys were bored to tears we headed to our favorite lunch place Panchero's for something to eat. We are now over at Target so Marshall can spend the gift certificate that he got for his birthday on a new DS game. Once we are done here we are probably going to hit up the motorcycle shop for Clancey and then Home Depot for some paint and maybe some ice cream. Should be a fun rest of the day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marshall's New Uniform

Tonight Marshall became an official taekwondo student and got his new uniform. I didn't end up getting Clancey a uniform because I wanted to make sure he was going to stick the class out. Turns out that was kind of a mistake because he as really disappointed that he didn't get a uniform tonight too. Next month I will sign Clancey up for the three months and then he will get his uniform too. Tonight I decided to step in and do a class with the boys and had a good time. I forgot how much I enjoyed sparring people. Since I have an Ironman coming up I don't think I will join but it would be something fun to do in my off season. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vacation Officially Booked

Jen and I finished booking our first real vacation with just the two of us ever, a 7 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean.  In the 14 years we have been together the only significant vacation we've taken with just us two was to a NASCAR race in Atlanta and that was 10 years ago.  I remember we drove down over spring break stayed in some flee bag motel and drove back the next day, hardly a relaxing vacation.  We've kind of made a thing of going to Door County every year with the boys but once again not really much of a relaxing adult vacation.  So this is going to be our first real vacation where we get to enjoy some time together without the distraction of everyday responsibility.  Jen and I are really excited, April 16th can't come fast enough.

Day At Mema and Papa's

Today we are being lazy and enjoying a relaxing day and Mema and Papa's enjoying the Daytona 500.  Ok, to be honest me and papa are the only one's enjoying the Daytona 500 everyone else is hanging in the other room chatting and watching the boys the play.  I'm thinking that I'm probably not going to be able to see the end of the race because we have to head home before it gets too late.  Although it is looking like I'm going to miss my Sunday long run today for sure.  Oh well, I have 190 days to go so I don't think it will be that big of deal if I miss it.

Jen and Clancey

We ended up getting to Thor after the game about 11:15 with two really tired little boys. In fact when we woke Clancey up he broke into enraged tears. Here is a picture of a happier Clancey we took early in the night.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Game Time

We made it too our seats in Hilton for the game tonight. We are trying to figure out if this is Clancey's first game or not. I may have to back through the blog to figure it out. Either way Clancey is pretty excited to be here to see the game. I told Marshall that he will be on the floor someday playing basketball for the Cyclones and then Clancey piped up and said me too!

Hickory Park

After my long workout today we headed down to Ames to meet up with Mema, Papa and Clancey for dinner at Hickory Park. On Thursday Clancey called up Papa and asked if he would drive over and pick him up and take him home. If didn't take too much convincing and mema and papa were on the road to Clarence to pick up Clancey. So we figured what better way to pick him up then to make a fun night out of it. Once we are done here we are headed over to Hilton for the woman's game and then to Thor for the night. Should be fun.

Good Workout Today

Today saw me do the longest workout of the year so far, a three hour bike/run brick. I did 2:15 on the bike followed by a 40 minute transition run on the treadmill. I know I've said this a lot this year but I'm really feeling like this is going to be a good triathlon year for me. Never before have I been able to do these kind of workouts this early in the season. I've also noticed that I'm not as beat up after the workouts as I used to be. Hopefully I can stay injury free and keep my fitness up.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Taekwondo

Last night the boys went to Taekwondo again last night and I officially signed them up. I signed Marshall up for 3 months and got him a uniform and I signed up Clancey for one month just in case he started to get naughty and the instructor kicked him out. I doubt that will happen but you never know he is only three. I think this is going to be really good for Marshall and build confidence. I know are really going to enjoy this.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Tonight when I got home Jen had made a special Valentine's Day dinner for us. Just like every other Valentine's Day I have something to do tonight, a city council meeting, that is preventing Jen and I from having a proper romantic dinner out at a restaurant. While we weren't able to get out this dinner sure beat the passing kiss and a quick happy Valentine's Day as one of us ran out the door. Hopefully the meeting is quick tonight so I don't get to spend the entirety of the holiday with everyone but Jen.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Clancey's Afternoon Outfit

Clancey came up to Jen right after lunch dragging his puppy costume. Kind of reminds me of the bunny pajamas from a Christmas Story. I'm sure later in life he will be mortified to know this picture of him is floating around the web.

Boys Singing in Church

Here is the video from the boys singing in church this morning. Clancey is just like his dad always doing his own thing. ;)

Cake and Ice Cream

Today the boys sang in chuch but we also had cookie committee too which meant I had to go it alone on church with the boys. To kids sitting through church is one of the toughest things on earth to do and kids are also smart and they know that they are in control. What I mean by that is they know you have to be quite and don't want to make a scene so they push every button they can and finally, when they've had enough, they just start to get loud and you have no other choice but to leave. To be fair they didn't act too bad today but it was because I kept telling them if we left they wouldn't get cake and ice cream after church was over. As you can see they really enjoyed their cake and ice cream. I'll post the visor of the boys singing later for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Show Is On

The show is going on and the boys are really enjoying themselves especially Clancey. When the motorcycle riders came out Clancey could hardly contain himself. When the trucks started driving Marshall was giving high 5's to the kid next to him. I'm sure they are going to be pretty tired tomorrow but I bet they will think it was worth it. :)

We ended up getting home from the show last night about 11:15 with two snoozing boys in the the back seat. About 9:00 they had a 20 minute intermission and the boys were looking really tired.  In fact I asked them if they wanted to leave but they told me they didn't want to.  When the intermission was over the motorcycle riders came back out and Clancey started to go wild.  I'm thinking I may have to take Clancey to the X Games someday so he can see guys who are really good do insane tricks.  It was a late night but the boys really enjoyed themselves so we will have to go again sometime.

Monster Trucks

Here we are at the pit party of the Monster Truck show. The boys really enjoyed getting to come down to the track and see the trucks up close. Each of us have picked out our favorite trucks. Marshall's is even more near and dear to his heart because it is called Star Marshal. Clancey is most excited about seeing the motocycle jumps. Should be a fun night.

Family Night Out

Tonight we all headed into Cedar Rapids for a family night out. This morning before I headed down to do my workout I was looking online and saw the monster truck were in town. I thought it would be fun to take the boys out to see then and we thought we would drag mommy along for good measure. Right now we are getting supper at Red Robin and then at 7:30 the show gets started at the US Cellular Center. I'll be sure to blog from the event and take tons of pictures.

Long Workout Today

With triathlon season fast approaching my workouts have started to ramp up a bit.  Today was a 2 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run.  Given this is Iowa and there is still nearly two feet of snow on the ground I'm stuck doing all my workouts indoors.  Anyone who has spent any amount of time on an indoor bike trainer knows that it is a very mind numbing thing to do.  Yes you can watch movies and listen to music but it is just not the same as doing distance outdoors.  You can get a very good workout but it takes a strong mind to handle it.  Tomorrow is an hour long run followed by 45 minutes on the bike.  My plan is to do the run outdoors as a way to make the time pass just a bit faster.  I'm going to have to start getting up early on the weekends to do these longer workouts or I'm going to have a hard time selling this whole concept of the "Offseason Ironman" to Jen. ;)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

200 Days Until Ironman

Today marks 200 days until I attempt my 3rd Ironman down in Louisville, Kentucky. Today also happened to be the first day that I started doing my two a day training sessions. I got up at 5 for an hour long bike ride and followed it up with a 45 minute run over lunch today. I also ended up working a 14 hour day at work today, in fact I'm still at work right now waiting on computer to restart so I can send an email out and leave for the night. I'm thinking this is going to be a tough year to do an Ironman. I've promised the wife I'm not going to let impact family time so it is going to mean a lot of really early mornings and nights with very little sleep. I guess those are the sacrafices you make to be an Ironman. I've noticed this year that my training is way easier. My body is finally used to ultra-endurance training so I'm not as tired a beat up from it on a daily basis. Hopefully I can stay injury free and have a good Ironman. :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

First Taekwondo Class Tonight

Tonight the boys did their first taekwondo class in Tipton and they both really enjoyed it. They were supposed to have their class last week but with the blizzard they ended up cancelling it which was good because I really wanted to go and watch them. I was very surprised how well Clancey paid attention and did all the stuff. Clancey was by far the youngest and, excluding Marshall, was the behaved kid in the class. After tonight Marshall was convinced that he wanted to join full time and wanted to know when he could get his uniform. The plan is to email the instructor this week so Marshall can get his uniform next week.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Two Phone Dilemma

Today at work I was issued a company Blackberry so I can get my email on the go without having to carry my laptop everywhere.  For those who don't know my team is spread out between three different buildings and I visit one of five buildings on nearly a daily basis.  My boss finally decided that given how mobile I am on a daily basis it just made sense for me to have a Blackberry.  That leaves me with a bit of a dilemma when it comes to my phone situation.  Over the past year I've become rather attached to my Android phone, there are features I use on a daily basis that they just don't have on Blackberry, that being said, it seems kind of wrong to carry two smart phones around with me on a daily basis.  I know some people do it but it seems kind of pretentious to do it myself so I really don't know what to do.  I suspect I will end up keeping my personal phone just because I like it and just put up with the crap people will certainly give me.  

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Marshall Playing Bells at Church

Church Carnival

Today at church in honor of the Superbowl they always have something special they do. Its always in conjunction with giving to the food pantry so today if the kids brought cans of soup they got tickets for a carnival they had. They said you got 10 tickets per can of soup but seems like they gave all the kids as many tickets as they wanted. Both the boys really seemed to enjoy themselves. Once the carnival was over we headed into church where watched Marshall play bells. I took a video that I'll post later today. Now its time to hang out around the house and have our own little Superbowl party.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Tonight Jen and I got a sitter and headed over to Princeton, Iowa to see the Lovedogs play. The Lovedogs is this local cover band we discovered a few years back and we try to make to one of their shows at least a couple times a year. They always play at these small locals only bars so it is generally a pretty good time. Right now a couple middle aged women who think they are hotter then they really are, are dancing together. Fun, fun.

Hanging At Target

While mommy is off buying groceries the boys and I headed off to check stuff out. First it was a quick trip to look at the video games and electronics. Then the boys wanteda to go see what toys they had. I'm going to try and get out of here without buying anything.

Home Depot Project

Once again this morning we headed over to Cedar Rapids so the boys could do their Home Depot projects. In fact yesterday Marshall told Jen he wished Friday could go quick so it could be Saturday to do the projects. Today it was little Valentine's Day shelves and both the boys really enjoyed the projects. Now I have to run into work for a couple minutes and then we'll head to lunch.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I made the trek across the frozen tundra from Champaign to Cedar Rapids and then to Clarence today. I'm glad I didn't try to make the trip yesterday because there is no way I could have made it. There were a ton of semis in the ditch and most were tipped over or damaged in some way. When I pulled into Clarence I couldn't believe how much snow we had here. I thought when Jen said how much snow we had she was exaggerating but turns out she wasn't. The alley and the driveway were like driving through a tunnel. I'm sure glad someone came help her clear the driveway cause it would have taken her hours.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stuck In Champaign

The blizzard of 2011 hit last night nearly everything in the Midwest is shut down and I'm stuck in Champaign, Illinois.  Last night we went down to Papa Del's for supper and on the way back stopped for a quick drink at Murphy's.  When we walked in it was 8:30 is was dead only a hand full of people in the bar.  At 9:30 they cancelled classes here at UIUC and literally people we running down the streets to the bars.  By 10:00 the bar was completely packed with standing room only.  Today we were planning on doing interviews all day and then driving home but with classes cancelled and all the roads pretty much covered we are stuck.  Even Rockwell is shut down so today is truly an off day.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

UIUC Career Fair

Today was the big UIUC career fair here in Urbana. As you can see we got stuck between Google and Facebook. I thought for sure that would mean we would get no people at our table but turns out we were busy as heck. We had a line all day and I didn't stop talking now the real question is will be able to interview tomorrow. They already cancelled classes tonight and they are saying its 50/50 for tomorrow. If they are cancelled no interviews and we will be stuck here. I guess I will hang at Murphy's all day.


We made it too UIUC yesterday around 2 and had to drive through some crap. On the way down the emergency broadcast system went off to tell us that the winter weather warning went away and they replaced it with a blizzard warning. I'm not entirely convinced we are going to make it home tomorrow. They are forecasting 15-20 inches of snow for a band between her and Iowa.