Sunday, January 30, 2011

Traveling Again

In sticking with standard operating with a big snow coming I'm headed out on travel again.  Tomorrow I'm headed to Champaign, Illinois to UIUC to do come recruiting for the next couple days.  I know Jen is real happy about having to fend for herself once again when the snow falls.  I'm thinking after this trip I won't be traveling again for a while but with my job I never know I'm traveling until just a couple days before I leave.  I'm supposed to come back on Wednesday night but with the snow coming I may end up getting stuck in Illinois until Thursday.  I guess we will see if the snow comes like they say it's supposed to.

Marshall 7th Birthday #2

A couple weeks ago when we planned on celebrating Marshall's birthday the first time our whole family had come down with a bad cold so we decided to just have a small birthday with just us.  This week we finally had the big birthday for everyone else so Marshall got to have two birthday's.  Just like every birthday it meant that Jen slaved away in the kitchen all morning to make a fancy meal for everyone, which like every meal she makes was freaking awesome.

Once we were done with dinner with was onto the cake.  As you can see the birthday cake was a copy of his last cake except for the #2 on it and of course this cake hadn't been victimized by Clancey.

It did end up working out for Marshall that we had a second birthday for him because it meant he could get some new games for his DS that he got for his first birthday.  He got Plants Vs. Zombies and Brain Age both of which I think that I'm going to enjoy, thanks Mike and Michelle.

Finally came the big gift from papa, this time it was a handmade wooden barn, and both the boys absolutely love it.  This afternoon is going to be spent playing DS and farm with the new barn I think. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Training Going Well

As of tomorrow I will be finishing up my 6th week of my off season training.  Today it was my longest ride of the the year so far, a 1:45 bike followed by a lift.  Another four weeks and I will be starting my half Ironman training plan for Kansas.  I challenged one of my friends in the race and following him on Facebook I'm a bit worried I may have bit off more then I can chew.  He has really improved has swim and bike so I may have to bite the bullet and get a swim coach this year so I'm not so far behind him out of the water.

This year has been the first year that I feel like I have really enjoyed my training and I look forward to it everyday.  For those who don't know this has been a tough year for me and training has really given me the opportunity to releave stress on a daily basis.  I hadn't planned on signing up for an Ironman this year but I'm glad I did now.  I fully expect this to be a stress filled year and Ironman gives me something to focus on and look forward too.  I guess that's what you get when you challenge the status quo but when have I ever been the guy the just goes along and does stuff the easy way.

Clancey The Comedian

I was getting Marshall out of the shower when Clancey came walking in with his pants pulled up to his nipples. I do that all the time and I suspect that Clancey must have picked up on it. Everyday that kid does something that makes me laugh out loud. Like every morning when I leave for work he yells out the door "Bye daddy, don't run over a squirrel." 
I respond back "Don't worry I won't"
To which he says "But daddy they are fast!"
I have no clue where he got that at but it sure does make me chuckle.


We made over to the mall and just pile every trip we had to make a stop over at the Gamestop. Since Marshall has a DS now he wanted to see what games they had for his new system. Nice part about DS games is they are way cheaper then Xbox games. He found a Hotwheel game he really wants and he lobbying pretty hard. My bet is I will probably buy it for him. ;)

Hanging Out With The Boys

Today the boys and I headed into to Cedar Rapids to see if we could find something to do. Just like nearly every other time we've came into town we hit up the Panchero's for some lunch. Next we will probably head to the mall to do some stuff. Find some ice cream and then go run some errands that Jen needs done. Tonight Mike and Michelle are coming over and then tomorrow mema and papa are coming so they can celebrate Marshall's birthday with us. Figured we better have some food and maybe a cake for that. ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Biker In The Making

Tonight after supper Jen and I were sitting around the table chatting when Clancey came flying through the dining room on his trike with Marshall in hot pursuit. It wasn't too long before they came back through with Clancey pedaling and Marshall siting on the back. It is hard to believe Clancey can pedal his trike around with not only himself but Marshall on it as well. In fact as fast as he was going it was like Marshall wasn't even on the trike. Just like papa says he is our little linebacker in the making.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taekwondo For The Boys

Tonight I took the boys down to Tipton to check out a local Taekwondo class. Clancey was pretty excited but Marshall was a bit nervous. The class started at 6:30 and we left the house at 6:05 so I thought we would be able to make it there on time, turns out I couldn't. I wasn't exactly clear where the class was. They said it was at the elementary school but listed the address for the high school. I figured I had a 50/50 chance to pick the right place and, of course, ended up choosing wrong. I went to the high school turns out that the class was at the elementary school which was across town. By the time we got there they had already started so the boys weren't able to join the class but they did get to watch. After watching the class Marshall had decided he wanted to do it and as soon as Clancey saw the sparring he was ready to get after it. Next Tuesday, I will be out of town, but Jen is going to take the boys down so they can do their first class. I'm sure they will really enjoy it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing In The Basement

Tonight he boys and I were going a little stir crazy being stuck inside and decided to head downstairs to play some basketball. Marshall I turning into a pretty good little ball handler so next year in basketball he will be quite the little player. Other then that there hasn't been a whole lot to report. This weekend we didn't do much that was blog worthy and my training is coming along. Maybe this next weekend we will do something worth reporting.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold End To A Long Week

On Sunday when I landed in Portland it was 56 and drizzling and this morning when I got up to work out it was -22, that is a 78 degree difference, are you kidding me. Should have figured out a way to stay in Portland all week ;)  All in all this has been one hell of a busy week. Marshall's birthday Sunday, travel to Portland, travel back from Portland, couple doctor appointments and finally a department party tomorrow night. I'm planning on doing nothing this weekend but relaxing just recoup from this week.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Denver

I just got here to Denver on my trek back home. The weather here is pretty sketchy right now, snowing and low visibility so I'm hoping my flight takes off on time. We are supposed to take off in 45 minutes and we don't have a plane at the gate yet so it seems unlikely. I guess the real goal is to make it home tonight maybe just a little later. I posted some pictures above of the mountains we flew over and by on the way to Denver that I thought the boys would enjoy.

On My Way Home

I'm on my way home from what turned out to not be that fruitful of a business trip to Portland. Spend 4 days total on this trip and ended up spending about one hour doing actual work related to the reason I traveled. If nothing else I was a Rockwell facility so I was able to get a bunch of other work done but I really could have just have presented my info via the web. Now its the long trek back home for me. To Denver and then to Cedar Rapids landing about 7 tonight.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Portland Still

I figured I should update my blog a bit with the latest from trip to Portland so far not a whole lot to report. Yesterday we got done about 3:30 and I spent the extra time I had working out, which took until around 5. After that I grabbed my travel companions and we went to find something eat and that pretty much ate up the rest of the night. In short I really haven't gotten to take in much scenery or anything yet. If we get done early today I thought about driving out to take a couple pictures of Mt. Hood or possibly driving over to see the ocean but there isn't much daylight these days so I would really have to hurry. I did step out back and take a picture of the trees behind the Rockwell facility so my wife had some pictures to show the boys. I will say that while its 40 and raining today it sure beats the 20 and snow they have back in Iowa right now :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Day

I finally made it to my hotel here in Portland after what turned out to be a pretty long day. I started it out around 6am for a workout in my pain cave. After that I shuttled the boys off to Sunday school and spent some time packing. Once the boys got back from Sunday school it was time to celebrate Marshall's birthday and then finally I was off to the airport to travel across the country to Portland. Worst part is they want to start work at 6am tomorrow so the Swedes who didn't make the trek halfway around the globe can call in at a somewhat reasonable time back in Sweden. Going to be a long couple of days I think.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Headed To Portland

I'm on the plane here in Cedar Rapids waiting to take off to Denver and then on to Portland. Not too long of layover in Denver only an hour so I'm going to have to be quick getting supper.

Marshall 7th Birthday

Here is a video I took of the cake being brought out for Marshall's birthday. At the very end Jen shows me the cake and it has finger prints and missing pieces from a little brother named Clancey.

Birthday Presents

We got the birthday presents opened up and Marshall is pretty excited about his Nintendo DS. Right now is is playing Mario Kart with Clancey keeping a close eye asking to play every couple minutes. I'm assuming by the end of the week Jen is going to want to beat me up for suggesting the gift because the boys will be fighting over it. Sorry Jen.

Marshall's Birthday

Today before I jet off to Portland we are celebrating Marshall's birthday. The plan was to have a bunch of people come over but with everyone sick this week we though it best to not infect others and celebrate by ourselves. We just got done eating Marshall's birthday lunch, homemade pizza, and now Clancey is jonesing to eat the ice cream and cake. After that we will open prsesents which Marshall is going to be super happy about. We got him a Nintendo DS with Mario Kart. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Headed To Portland

Tomorrow I'm jumping on a plane and headed to Portland, Oregon for a couple days of meetings at the Rockwell Portland office. I looked at the weather out there just this morning and noticed it was in the mid 50's which hopefully means I can get a couple outdoor runs in while I'm out there this week. I'll be sure to keep my blog up to date of my trip out to Portland and back.

225 Days Until Ironman

As of today there is 225 days until Ironman Louisville on August 28th. This year I've decided to do a 20 week training plan instead of the 36 week plan I've done in the past. I'm thinking I have enough ultra-endurance experience and that a 20 week plan will be plenty for me. Technically I started training 3 weeks ago but I'm only doing my off season training which only means one session a day with more intensity and less hours. This week since I was sick I was only able to get in 3 sessions so far but it's early enough that it really doesn't matter that much. One thing I do have to do is actually get back to the pool pretty soon because I have been entirely blowing it off since Ironman Wisconsin. I keep telling myself next week but soon enough next week is going to have to be today but just not today ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sick Family

After being sick for the entire weekend Marshall has managed to get both Jen and Clancey sick now and I appear to be the only hold out. Poor Marsh has had a 102 fever now for about 4 days and just last night Clancey got the fever too. This morning Jen woke up and didn't have a fever but felt like crap but my suspicion is that she will probably be full out sick by tonight. I just hope that Jen and Clancey don't have it as long as Marshall has had it. Today he still has a fever and there appears to be no end in sight. Depending how Jen is feeling I may be off work tomorrow tending to a sick family.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Why Did You Let Me Do That!?

When we got to the mall Clancey told me he really wanted to do the red windy thing. So after a quick trip up and down the escalator we track it down and let him give it a try. Clancey does it and the first thing he says when he gets out is "daddy why did you let me do that? It was too windy!"

Boy Trip Minus One

Today with Marshall feeling a bit under the weather I thought I would take Clancey out to do some fun stuff so Marshall could rest a bit. Only bad part was that Marshall was a bit upset that he couldn't go on the trip with us but I promised I would bring him back a treat which made him a bit happier. The plan today is to hit up panchero's and then go to the mall. I'll keep you up to date of what we do.

Sick Kid

Yesterday when I was finishing up my workout Marshall came downstairs to tell me his throat hurt and he didn't think he could go to school. When he said it to me he didn't look like he was all that sick but I've figured out over the years that on the days he asks to stay home and we make him go to school we generally end up in the emergency room that night. Jen and I talked about it and decided we will just let him stay home. By mid day Marshall was sick as heck 103 fever laying on the couch moaning and groaning. Ibuprofen has been good at bringing down his fever but it spikes right back up as soon as it wears off. Hopefully by the Monday he will be feeling better.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy Week

My first week back to work after being out of the office for nearly 3 weeks has been busier than heck. Three weeks ago when I was down in Huntsville my team grew by 6 people because my boss volunteered me for some new work. Since I was gone and Christmas break was coming I pretty much just kicked the can down the road and said I would deal with it after break. Problem was that I did that for a couple other things as well. Now it's after break and I'm having to deal with all of these things that have piled up over the last month. It also doesn't help that I may be traveling twice before the end of the month which means I have to get somewhat ahead on things so things don't pile up too much while I'm gone. If nothing else it does make the days go by fast. :)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Out With Clancey

I figured on my last day of Christmas break Clancey and I should go and do something fun for a while. I didn't really feel like driving all the way to Cedar Rapids so we hit up Tipton. First we went to Hardee's for lunch then ran off to run some errands, take the cans back, take back some plumbing stuff we didn't need, and then pick up some stuff at the store. Right now we are at Walmart and I'm letting Clancey check out the toys. Amazing how much stiff Santa can bring and they still want stuff. ;)

Christmas Officially Over

Today, on my last day of vacation, Jen and I have been spending time taking down all the Christmas decorations. With the tree coming down that officially ends the holiday and now it's back to "real life" again for another year. Truth be told I'm realty not ready to head back to work because it is going to be a really busy year for me. I know as soon as I head back its time to buckle down and do all the things I've been putting off for the last month. Oh well I guess all good things have to come to an end and now I can start looking forward to triathlon season getting started in a couple months.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Last Day Of Vacation For Marshall

Today is the last daay of vacation for Marshall and then its back to, as Jen said to me, real life. We've had a pretty good vacation this Christmas. It has been one of the first vacations in a while that nobody got sick or a big winter storm didn't ruin any plans. We did have a big winter storm but it was on a day that our plan was to just stick around the house and eat and have fun. I have one more day of break ahead of me and Clancey and I may use it to have our own little boy trip. Maybe we will head to Cedar Rapids to go to Chuck E Cheese, I guess we will see how tomorrow shapes up.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ironman Louisville

Over the past week I've been starting to mull over my triathlon schedule for the next year which races I wanted to do and such. I didn't plan on doing any full Ironmen triathlons this year and only concentrate on the 70.3 distance this year. Most ever year at this point if you haven't signed up for an Iron distance race there are none still accepting athletes so you don't really have the option anyways. As I was searching for the 70.3 races I wanted to do I did a quick check at the full distance races and noticed that two were still open, St. George had Louisville. I asked the wife if she would mind spending a weekend in Louisville and she didn't object, but to be fair I wasn't entirely truthful, she thought the race was half Ironman distance. I mulled it over for a day or two and this morning finally decided that I would regret it if I didn't get a slot so I signed up for Ironman Louisville. The race is August 28th in downtown Louisville. Besides the sweltering heat the race should be a bit easier then Ironman Wisconsin is but that is easy to say right now when the race is so far off. So once again you will have to put up with me constantly blogging about Ironman training. This year I plan on training using a 20 week plan as opposed to 36 week plan I've done in the past. 36 weeks is too long to be in hard training mode and my expierence and fitness level is high enough now that I don't thinking 36 weeks is necessary. I'm also considering starting a new triathlon blog where I can detail my day to day progress towards Ironman geared more towards just average people like myself whose main goal is to just finish as opposed to run up front. Stay tuned to my blogs for updates on my progress towards my third Ironman. :)

Lunch At Panchero's

After we got done building our battery organizers at Home Depot the boys and I headed over to Panchero's for lunch. The boys really enjoy eating chicken quesadilla's and it just isn't a boy day without a trip to Panchero's. As you can see poor Clancey had kind of a beat up face in the picture. On the way out the door this morning Clancey walked around the car to get in his side and all of a sudden I here him crying and he walks back around the car with a bloody face. I'm guessing he must have slipped on the ice and landed right on his face. Kid had a bloody nose, bloody lip and a bruised chin. We took him inside got him cleaned up and were still able to go have our fun, Clancey wouldn't dare miss the trip no matter how hurt he was.

Anyways after Panchero's we went to the mall to walk around a bit and ride the escalator. We were all pretty tired so the trip was pretty short before we loaded back in the car and headed home. All in all it was a fun trip and it was good to get some time with the boys.

Finished Product

The boys and I just got done building there little battery organizers here at the Home Depot. They did a great job and had a lot of fun. I had to help Clancey quite a bit but Marshall pretty much did his all on his own. Now we are headed to Panchero's to get some lunch after that I'm not sure what we will do.

Kids Workshop

This morning the boys and I got up and headed over to Cedar Rapids to Home Depot for the Kids Workshop. The first Saturday of every month they let the kids come in and build a simple project. This is the first time we've ever come and today it's battery organizers. Right now we are about halfway done and the boys are having a good time. I'll post a picture when were done of the finished project.

Happy New Year

Not much to say with my first blog of the year except Happy New Year to all of my blog followers.