Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Jen's Biopsy

Today Jen went in for a biopsy on a small lump she found in her breast a couple weeks back. The radiologists and our family doctor assured us that it was no big deal but to be safe they thought that she should get it taken out. When Jen showed up at the radiologist at 12:45 to check in for her 1:00 pm appointment they had no record of her appointment and things went downhill from there. The nurse ran off to the back and about 30 minutes later she came back with a representative to tell us that they could work her in at 1:30 if she wanted and then proceeded to apologized profusely. About 10 minutes later they came out to get her and she headed back. As they were headed back the first red flag went off. One nurse asked the other nurse, "So is doctor such and such doing this procedure?" The other nurse responds back, "no doctor so and so is doing it." The nurse that asked the question responds in a surprised way "Really?".
Jen gets back there gets her gown put on and waits for the doctor to show up. Once he shows up they put the numbing medicine in make a small incision and get to work. Red flag number two happens when the doctor starts to ask the nurse how the needles work that he is using to do the biopsy. He works with the first needle with no success for a bit. He digs around and around and got to deep, into an area that wasn't numb, and Jen nearly jumps out of her skin. Tears start to run down her face and the nurse tells the doctor to stop at this point. They add some more numbing medicine and the doctor gets another needle to try. Once again the doctor has to ask the nurse how this needle works and gets to work again. He digs and digs and finally gets the job done. At this point Jen is in real pain and they have to take her in for another mammogram. While she is in waiting to get her mammogram she feels something dripping and notices the whole side of her gown is covered in blood. The nurse is instantly concerned, she gets up and runs to get a room, rushes Jen into it and tells the other nurse "Get the doctor!".
Jen had developed a hematoma in process of getting the biopsy and they couldn't get the bleeding stopped. So two nurses and a doctor work and work to get the bleeding stopped which took nearly an hour and a half. About the time they figured out they couldn't get the bleeding stopped I had to leave to go to Clarence to pick Marshall up from the bus stop. During this hour and a half of trying to stop the bleeding Jen's numbing medicine had worn off so she was in severe pain. Finally one of the nurses managed to get stuck by a needle which meant Jen had to drive to another place to get a blood test done when they finally released her. To add insult to injury as she is driving over do the blood draw clinic she opens the bottle of water she had been given at the previous clinic, which happened to be frozen, and it explodes water everywhere when it opens. So on top of being in severe pain she is soaking wet too!
At 4:00pm Jen calls me on the phone and is upset and tells me about the hell she had just endured. I ask if she needs me to drive in and pick her up she says no and tells me she needs to get off the phone so she can drive. Shortly after our home phone rings and I answer it. On the other end is a nurse from RCI, the clinic Jen had gotten her procedure done at. She tells me she can't get a hold of Jen and she needs to know if she went to Wieland to get her blood drawn. At this point I don't know anything about the needle stick and she proceeds to tell me that a nurse had gotten stuck and she can't leave Mercy medical center until they get Jen's blood. Apparently Wieland had managed to lose the record of Jen's blood draw. Hearing how upset Jen was on the phone and now we asking even more of Jen because another clinic managed to screw something up I lose it. So I proceed to tell this nurse that after what my wife has gone through because of their incompetence I frankly don't care that one of their nurses has to wait on us. She then tells me they are going to close soon and I once again tell her that is not my problem and if it is that important they can work late and wait until it is convenient for us to get the blood drawn. After swearing a bit more then I probably should have I tell her I will call Jen and see if I can get a hold of her to ask if she got her blood drawn. I do get a hold of Jen and she tells me yes indeed she did get her blood drawn. I call the nurse back tell her the deal and curtly hang the phone up.
When Jen got home she went right to the couch and has been there ever since groaning in pain. Jen told me that this pain was right up there with child birth and she had both kids without and epidural! I will be playing nurse maid to Jen until her parents get here tomorrow and I leave for Ironman. Poor woman. :( She will get the results of her biopsy next week and I will update the blog.


Chad Austin said...

Oh my god... That's terrible!!

Feel better soon, Jen!

Mike said...

That is horrible...