Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Huntsville

I just made it to my hotel here in Huntsville. Turns out I'm staying right down the road from some space center so outside my window I can see a couple rockets and a space shuttle. I'll have to make some time to go down and take some pictures for for the boys. Today traveling went alright but I've come down with a bit of a cold so I'm stuffed up and my ears haven't popped yet from my flight. Hopefully they do soon because it is rather annoying to only here out of one ear. Tonight we are going to head over to Connery's for a fancy dinner so that should be good and then for the next two days it will be meetings.

Picture From The Plane

Here is a picture I took while sitting on the plane getting ready to take off for Huntsville. I thought the boys might think this picture is cool.

Headed To Huntsville

I'm at the Cedar Rapids airport getting ready to head to Huntsville for the rest of the week. Have meetings with the army all week so it should be a good time. Be nice to have something to keep my mind off the Ironman which is only 12 days away now.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camaro Is Back

Today Uncle Mark brought the Camaro back and it runs great. Ever since I have owned the car it has ran like crap. Would over heat all the time, wouldn't idle and and wouldn't even run that well going down the road. Today when we took it out it ran awesome. The boys were excited to ride in it at first but once we got on the road they weren't as happy about it. They didn't like the wind in their face, they didn't like how loud it was and they didn't like how fast it was. In fact some tears were shed when we driving after I burned out and took off down the road. I'm sure they just need a couple more times and they will start to like it.

MIke and Michelle Visit

Yesturday Mike and Michelle decided to drop by to visit and spend the night. This is the first weekend that they have both had off in a long time so they headed down to Backbone to camp on Friday night and last night they stayed with us. It is always fun when they come down and I know the boys like it a lot.

2 weeks until Ironman

As of today there is only 2 weeks left until Ironman Wisconsin and yesturday was my last long workout 50 miles on the bike in 2:45. It was 34 weeks ago today that I started this long journey and now only 2 weeks away from Ironman I'm pretty much done training. I know Jen is pretty happy I'm finally done training and quite frankly so am I. 36 weeks of training wears on you and by the end it is hard to maintain motivation to keep training with the same intensity. My training went way better this time then last time. While I didn't get every training session in I did train everyday at least once and got all of my long rides and runs in. After last week I'm feeling very confident in my race.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Number 742

Today they posted the offical number assignments for Ironman Wisconsin and as of today I'm officially number 742. I can't believe that numbers have been assigned and the race is only 16 days away now. I have taken the last few days off because my left knee has been bugging me some so the morning was my first workout since Monday. All in all is went well my knee didn't really bug me and it didn't feel like it got any worse so I'm feeling pretty confident for race day. Now is officially the time you need to avoid doing anything stupid because there isn't enough time to heal any injury's before raceday. This weekend the plan is a light 50 mile bike ride on Saturday with a swim and a 6 mile run on Sunday. Next week I will be in Huntsville most of the week so I really be able to workout Wednesday or Thursday but at this point I'm not really gaining any fitness just maintaining what I have so I'm really not worried. Can't wait for the race to get here!

Sick Already

After only two days of school Marshall is already sick for the first time this year. Last night he woke up about 10 and was crying about how his throat hurt. After about 15 minutes we got him settled down and back to sleep but this morning about 5 he was up again crying about his throat. Here he is down stairs relaxing a bit and in no shape to go to school. He really needs to stop sucking on his fingers because that is likely the cause of all these sicknesses he gets all the time. Hopefully this isn't a preview of how the school year is going to go and let's also hope he doesn't get me sick I'm only 16 days away from Ironman.


When Jen called the school this morning to let them know he wasn't going to be in she was told that Marshall is officially the first kid to call in sick for school. Last year we started off this way, sick in the first week, but Marshall ended up not getting sick again for quite a while. Hopefully this year goes the sames way. Get it out of the way early and not have to deal with it again for awhile.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day Of School

Can't believe that today is already the first day of school for Marshall. Not only that but he is a first grader now. It seems like just yesterday that we headed to the first day of preschool and now here we are. I know I will say this a lot over the next few years but the kids are growing up to fast.


When we got to the bus stop to drop Marshall off Clancey was pretty upset about having to leave brother. Clancey has had Marshall all summer to play with and now the he is being separated from him it is pretty hard on him. We'll see how this first day goes for him. My bet is that Jen will be spending a lot of time entertaining him as he makes the adjustment to being home without brother.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Day Of Summer

Today is the unofficial last day of summer for the boys since school starts tomorrow for Marshall. That being the case we thought it would be a good idea to end it with some ice cream cones from the local ice cream shop. Here are the boys enjoying their cones on the front steps and enjoying their last night of the summer together. Heck with as cool as it is tonight it even feels like fall is right around the corner and school should be starting. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back To School

Well here I am back at school again. Been a long time since I've taken any college classes so it should be interesting. I decided to take a Java 2 course at the local community college, Kirkwood, to brush my Java skills up a bit. Since I've been a manager for 4 years I've noticed my skills starting to dwindle a bit so this should be good for me. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Shoes

After we got done at Chuck E. Cheese we headed over to Famous Footwear to get the boys each a new pair of shoes. Clancey went up two and a half shoe sizes to 10.5 and Marshall is now a size one. The two boys have been running all over the store testing the new shoes out and as far as I can tell they are both faster.

Chuck E. Cheese

Today after spending all day in Madison training I figured I should take the boys to do something fun. Of course we started off with our standard lunch at Panchero's then Marshall started to lobby for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese so what good dad wouldn't take them. Here are now and the boys are having a good time. It isn't that busy so the boys are able to do all the things they want without having to wait.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Race Rehersal Completed

Today was one of my longest training days to date. I started it with 2.4 mile swim this morning. My swim went about as expected 1:45 the same time I swam Ironman in 2 years ago so apparently my swimming has not improved at all in two years. While I would like to swim it faster I make the cut by over 30 minutes so I'll take that. Once I got done with my swim I drove out to Verona to ride two loops of the Ironman bike course. The first loop felt really good and there was a ton of people out on the course. There were so many people you would have thought a triathlon was going on today. The second loop was a bit tougher, my ass hurt, my neck hurt and hardly anyone was out so it was lonely. I ended up doing 86 miles in 5:05 which was bit slower then I wanted but still well ahead of the cut, which will make my wife happy. We ended up forgoing the run my knee hurt, Trevor had a rough day and just wanted be done. Now we are at the Great Dane in Fitchburg now enjoying some burgers and beer.

Madison Open Water Swim

Here I am at the Madison Open Water Swim for my 2.4 mile swim this morning. It's nice that the swim doesn't look as far as it did the first year I did the Ironman. Only 500 people here today so its pretty laid back so I don't have all the normal prerace jitters. I'm thinking the swim should go pretty good.

Race Rehersal Day

Today is race rehersal day for my Ironmam race coming up in 22 days. This morning at 8:30 I am doing a 2.4 mile swim in Lake Monona, the same lake I will be swimming in for my race. After that I'm headed out to Verona to bike 2 loops of the bike course, should come in around 80+ miles. Finally I am going to run 6 miles as a nice transition run. Going to be a long day of training for me, probably around 8 hours but this will be it of my hard workouts. Stay tuned I will update my blog on my progress throughout the day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tired Rocker

Tonight when I got home from work the boys really wanted to play some Rock Band so I got out the rock set and we started to jam out. We were playing for about a half hour before Clancey said his legs were getting tired and he wanted to rest them on the couch. We weren't 10 seconds into the next song and I look up to find Clancey fast asleep on the couch so I had to take a picture of him. It's not that surprising to find a rocker passed out on the couch but it is rare to find out that it isn't due to too many drugs or booze ;)

Training Days Winding Down

Finally last of my training days are upon me. This morning I was 40 minutes into my ride when I realized this could be one of the last sun rises I see during my training. I still have 24 days of training left but the week after next I will be in Huntsville and likely won't be outside training in the morning and the week after that is race week, so truely this week and next are the last of it for me. While I'm looking forward to it being over I'm also going to miss all the time my morning training sessions allowed me to think and I'm sure I'll miss having a goal I'm so focused on. Here's to the next 24 days.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaving The Fair

After a long day at the fair the family is headed home. I've always had this belief that when you leave the exit gate at the fair that summer is unofficially over. In fact I always comment to Jen that Christmas is right around the corner now. The boys had a good time today even though it was a bit damp. We even met up with mema and papa today at one point. One thing that the boys are a bit disappointed about is the big slide was closed today but maybe we could make another trip here on Sunday. I imagine on the way home we are going to have two sleeping boys. Next on the agenda for me is my 2.4 mile swim this weekend in Madison followed by a 112 mile bike.

Baby Pigs

We are over at the animal exhibit checking out the baby animals now. So far I think the baby chicks have been the favorite with the pigs following shortly behind.  

Butter Cow

It just isn't a State Fair visit without checking out the butter cow. This year they had a butter Dr. Suess too, which had the boys pretty excited.

Varied Industries Building

Trying to stay out the rain we headed over to the Varied Industries Building to see what was going on. For those who have never been here for kids it is hot tubs and temporary tatoo's. Here is some pics of the kids enjoying both.

Headed To The Fair

Here we all are on the bus headed to a rain soaked fair. Every year I always take a day off from work to head over to the fair and it turned out that I picked the day it was cold and rainy. Oh well it should still be fun, in fact I bet it won't be very busy. Stay tuned for updates of all the fun we have.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Marshall The Lego Master

We did end up getting Marshall a box of Lego's from the store yesterday before we came home. While it wasn't really his birthday or anything I figured he is a good kid and he deserved a treat plus I thought I could count Lego's as an educational toy. Well when we got home Marshall dug right in with Clancey and started creating. I was surprised when came in the room and Marshall had built a house and a car all by himself by following the instructions. At the end of the day Jen commented that Marshall never asked once to play video games which I think was reason enough to get him the new toy. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boy Day

Today after a really long week at work and training I thought it was time to give the boys a little fun with a boy afternoon so we headed off to Cedar Rapids. First we hit up Panchero's for some quesadilla's and burritos. Once we were done there we headed over to Dick's sporting goods so I could get a new Speedo for my swim next weekend. While we were there I bought Clancey a new rubber ball to replace the one that got a hole in it a couple weeks ago. We then headed over to Target so we could get Marshall some Lego's. The past week Marshall has really gotten into building the couple Lego sets he had so I thought we should get him a big box so he could be even more creative. We may have another engineer on our hands here. Since we got such a late start on the boy day we had to head home after Target but I think the boys just liked being out and about a bit. It also gave mommy some time to decompress a bit which I think she was in dire need of.

28 Days Until Ironman

As of today Ironman is officially 4 weeks away or 28 days. My hope is that 4 weeks from today at this time I will be on the second loop of the bike course with only 7-8 hours of racing left. This weekend was a pretty big training weekend for me. I did a 100 mile ride on Saturday and this morning I did 12.5 mile run. I think that ended up being right around 8 hours of total training for the weekend. Next weekend I have a 2.4 mile swim in Madison and then I will likely follow it by a 80 mile bike ride on the Ironman course. Sunday will be a 16 mile run and then I will officially be done with my crazy long workouts. I excited for race day to get here and I'm excited to get back to a normal life. The past few months the weekends have pretty much consisted of long training mornings followed by eating and then napping the rest of the afternoon away so Jen and the boys are feeling a bit neglected. This afternoon I thought I would take the boys on a boy trip so they can have some fun and I'm not tempted to take a nap. ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Night Time Guest

Nearly every night shortly after we put Clancey in bed we hear the pitter-patter of little feet as they dash down the upstairs hallway towards our bed. Sure enough when we get upstairs we discover a little two year old sound asleep in our bed. He is a pretty wild sleeper so I take him back to his bed but most nights about 2am he wakes up and heads back to our bed. By this time we are too tired to worry about taking him back to his room so that's means one of gets kicked all night and pushed to the very edge of the bed. Kind of funny that we complain about it now but in a few short years we will miss it, go figure.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marshall's $75 Mistake

Today I was in a meeting around 2pm with one of my employees when I got an email. I did a quick check to see if it was anything important and noticed it was a confirmation from Xbox Live on the purchase of some Xbox Live points. For those who aren't familiar with Xbox Live, everything is purchased with Xbox points. So if I want to download a new game I buy some points and use those to buy the game. Considering I was work I was a little worried that someone was purchasing points with my Xbox Live account. Then I saw that it was for 6000 Xbox Live points for a total of $75 and freaked out. Then it dawned on me that Jen said she was going to let Marshall have some video game time for doing so good at the dentist. Worried that he was going to inadvertantly buy more I get on the phone instantly to call Jen to have her stop him, of course I couldn't get a hold of her and am freaking out. From work there is nothing I can do but wait and hope he doesn't buy more. Turns out that he didn't buy anymore points and I did get ahold of Jen about 30 minutes later. She told Marshall what happened and he instantly was so upset that he had disappointed us that he started to cry and put himself in timeout. In fact it took a combination of Jen and Clancey to coax him out of the timeout he put himself in. He is such a good kid and suspect he won't ever do it again.  

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Staying Cool

Today when we got home from mema and papa's our upstairs was hot as heck. We were gone for a couple days and didn't leave the air on so the house had gotten quite hot. Well we turned the air on but anyone has an old house pretty much knows that the upstairs never really gets all that cool. So when it was bed time we all decided to camp out in the coolest place in the house, the living room. Here are the boys snuggled together on the pull out bed. 

Time To Head Home

Here is a picture I took of Clancey and papa before we left this morning. Clancey and papa have a special bond, in fact for those who don't know the story Clancey matter of factly declared one day that Marshall came out mommy's belly and he came out of papa's!  After a week of being at mema and papa's house it is always the toughest on papa and Clancey when we have to leave. Even when Clancey is at his naughtiest papa always seems to have the trick to calm him down. That's why they call him the baby whisperer. ;)

Tired Boy

After a week of fun and games at Mema and Papa's this how Marshall looks this morning. Marshall slept for nearly 12 hours last night and he wakes up and the first thing he did is head right for the couch to lay down. I'm think his transition back to school is going to be rough. I'm thinking this picture really captures Marshall at the end of a long and busy summer.

Visiting Old Friends

Last night after we got back from Grandma Eula's birthday we went back to Thor where we got to visit some old friends, Angie and James, that we haven't seen in 3 years. Its hard to make time to see them because they live on the western border of the state and we live on the eastern border so that is why it has been three years since we've seen them last. We only ended up bringing Marshall with us out to the farm since Clancey was still napping everyone was a bit dissappointed they didn't get to see him but if we would have woke him up he would have been a bear. Marshall had a great time playing with their three kids on the farm. They played in the tree house, saw the animals, and even went on a hayrack ride. In fact its 9:30 and Marshall is still sleeping. We told ourselves when we left that we are going to have to make sure its not another three years before we see them again.

Grandma Eula's Birthday

Yesturday we made the trek over to Churdan to go to grandma Eula's birthday party and also see the boys for the first time in a week. The boys were pretty excited to see us but they also weren't ready to go home either. I don't blame them a week of treats and games is pretty hard to leave. Well it turned out that we were going to stay all night so they had one more day at mema and papa's.
The party ended up going well. This year they ended up renting the community center up town instead of having it at grandma's house and this worked out great. Grandma's house isn't very big so the past two years that meant we all sat in the backyard fighting the bugs and trying to stay cool. This year I think everyone enjoyed being able to be inside especially Jen's cousin who had a 4 month old baby. All in all everyone had a good time and it was nice to see everyone. 

Friday, August 06, 2010

Out Of ER

Well I'm out of the ER and everything appears to be alright. The doctor told Jen to keep an eye on my breathing but other then that they said there isn't much they could do. There having me take benadryl to help with my face irritation so that means I will likely be a sleep in an hour or so. I'm half tempted to find the jerk who sprayed me and give him my ER bill. I guess I'm glad nothing is wrong so I can keep focused on my training for the next 37 days.

Trip To The ER

Today when I was out on my weekly long ride in preparation for my Ironman and I wasn't 2 miles into my ride and I got sprayed by a crop dusting plane. Then about a half mile later the plane came back around again and got me again. It got all over my glasses and burnt my eyes a bit but I didn't think nothing of it. So I finish my first lap and go around for my next lap about an hour and a half later and the guy gets me again!  This time the guy flew parallel to me for about a quarter mile and the wind blew it all over me. After 4 hours of riding, after a third lap, I finished my ride got home showered and noticed my face was burning a bit. I asked Jen to call the doctor to see what I should do and they told me to head to the ER. So here I am waiting to get in. I'll keep you up to date of how it turns out.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

New Ice Cream Shop

Clarence has a brand new ice cream shop that just opened on Tuesday down the block from our house, The Last Lick Ice Cream Shop. The shop was opened up by Lisa Miller, who also owns the T-shirt shop downtown. Tonight Jen and I decided to come down and give it a try and so far it's a pretty nice place. I know the boys are pretty excited to get home and give it a try this weekend. Being that the place is so close to our house I'm guessing that we will be down here often with the boys. I may have to sign up for another Ironman next year just to keep the weight off from all the ice cream I'm sure I will be eating ;)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Picnic Picture

Here is a great picture of the boys eating watermelon at our picnic last weekend. Meant too upload it the other day but forgot about it so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Boys At Mema and Papa's

Yesturday after Marshall's pianon lesson Jen took the boys to Tama to Mema and Papa so they could spend the rest of the week with them. Jen is having a garage sale on Thursday and Friday and she figured it would be way easier to do the garage sale without two boys to look after. The plan is we will pick them up in Churdan on Saturday when we head over to Grandma Eula's birthday party. Hopefully one night this week while the boys are gone Jen and I can head out for a date night. Sure be nice to get out for a nice meal without a crazed two year old to keep in check. 

Sunday, August 01, 2010

August Already?!?

I can't believe today is the first day of August Marshall goes back to school this month and Ironman is now officially next month.  Its always this time of the summer that you wonder where the time went. In May August seemed so far away and there was plenty of time to get all the things done but now all the things that I've been putting off need to get done. Well its 5am I better get my workout in because I have stuff to do. :)  42 days until Ironman.