Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shedd Aquarium and the Rest of the Day

After an hour and half nap Clancey got up in a little better mood and we headed off to Shedd Aquarium. We decided we probably should take a taxi over as opposed to walking, didn't want to do anymore street side timeouts. That turned out to be a good decision because for the first half hour Clancey was a bear again so I doubt we would have made it to the aquarium. Once we got over that fit Clancey started to have a good time. I think both the boys favorite thing was the shark tank. We spent around two hours walking around looking at all the fish before everyone decided that they had enough.

Once we got done at the aquarium we headed back to the hotel and started to think about supper. We knew that going anywhere with Clancey was going to be a nightmare so we decided it had to be carry out. We looked at room service but I wasn't real excited about spending $100 on supper. Then I started searching for options, the boys wanted hamburgers so, in the heart of the Chicago loop and a 100 great restaurants, I hoofed it down the 5 blocks to McDonalds. I got there put my order in and then I heard the pouring rain on the window. I was like you have to be kidding me. By the time I got my order the rain had let up a bit and I thought I would be alright. That was the case for 2 blocks and then the bags started to get wet and rip. I stopped stacked things up and went on. At block 4 the drink carrier ripped and one of the happy meals took a dive, uggghhh. So I stopped tried to restack my torn mess of bags and drinks and make it the rest of the way. I did end up making it without losing any food but I looked pathetic. Soaking wet, torn bags and lemonade spilling down the front of my shorts. When Jen opened the door she couldn't help but laugh. After the day we had that is all you could do. The food did end up making it without getting destroyed and we had a picnic dinner of McDonalds on the hotel room floor. That trip kind of summed up how the day went, just one thing after another. Note to self never ever, ever take a two year old on a vaction that involves a ton of walking and looking at stuff. Hopefully tomorrow is better but I fully expect to have a crying 2 year old on the trip back to Galesburg. I just keep telling myself we will look back on this and laugh someday.

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Chad Austin said...

Oh my god, hahah... That sounds horrible, and yet it's a great story that I'm sure you'll be telling for years.