Friday, April 30, 2010

Giving Blood Again

Well my 8 weeks is up and I'm at the blood center giving blood again. I think this will be the last time I donate blood until after triathlon season is over in September. I not entirely sure how being a pint down will affect my performance but I figure that doing triathlons is hard enough I don't want to risk it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back Home

Last night at 9:30pm I finally made it back to Clarence. Makes for a long day of travel when you check out of your hotel at 8:30 in the morning, have meetings and then jump on a plane to head home. The meetings I had turned out to be pretty fruitful, we got a lot of stuff hashed out so the trip was worth it. Only bad part is I got a couple days behind on my work so now I have to play catch up. It amazings me how many emails can collect in 3 days.

I was pretty tired so I decided to sleep in this morning and skip my training. Now that I'm back and my calf is starting to feel better I need to get back on the training, my first triathlon is in 3 weeks, an olympic distance and I have a half Ironman in 5 weeks. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Headed Home

After a couple quick days of meetings I back on the plane in Orlando headed home. I fly from here to Minneapolis and then into Cedar Rapids. We cut our flight pretty close because security took 40 minutes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning From The Beach

Here is a picture I took first thing this morning when I got up. I had plans of being up by 5:30 to hang out on the beach before I had to shower but decided to sleep in. By the time I got up the sun was already up but there was a spectacular view. I just got done walking on the beach and talking to Jen on the phone. Now its time to go sit through 9 hours of meetings. I guess you take the good with the bad wake up to the sound of the ocean the price is a bunch of boring meetings.

Monday, April 26, 2010

In Melborne

After catching a late lunch at a little mexican place we finally got to our hotel it's a real nice place right on the beach. In fact every room has a little balcony that faces the water so you can sit outside and enjoy the sound of the waves. Today was a long day of travel no long layovers just a long ways to get here. Left the house at 5am and made it here at nearly 3pm central time. Hopefully the next few days of meetings are fruitful to make it worth the trip.  

Blog From 30,000 Feet

Here I am at 30,000 feet typing my first in air blog entry. Sure makes the flight go way faster when you can surf the web and keep in touch with people back home. Now granted it is costing 8 bucks but I had to try it out to see what it was like and so far it is way worth it. Only bad part is my battery is going to run out. ;)

In Detroit

We just landed in Detroit on our trek down to Florida. We don't have a very long lay over here and I am a bit worried I might get stuck here since I don't have a seat assignment yet. I though my boys would like the picture above of the Illinois side of the Lake Michigan coast line. Soon enough boys I'll post a picture of the ocean. :)

Headed To Melbourne, Florida

Well here I sit in the Cedar Rapids airport for a 6:30 flight to Melbourne, Florida until Wednesday night. I'm headed down for a conference and some meetings with one of our subcontractors. We are staying in a hotel right on the ocean but it appears we are going to be too busy to actually get to enjoy it at all but we will see. My flight from CR takes me to Detroit for a 45 minute layover then on to Orlando. Should be in Melbourne by noon for a 3 pm meeting.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deal With Marshall

Yesturday after Jen and Michelle got done doing the Crazy Legs 8K Marshall proclaimed that he was going to do it next year. I told him that if he really wanted to we could sign him up for a local 5K if he wanted. After I said that I then realized that he is only 6 years old and 3 miles is a darn long ways. I figured that he would forget about it but you know Marshall he didn't. Today on the way over to Cedar Rapids we discussed it a bit and I told him that if he could run one mile we would sign him up for a 5K. So on the way home we stopped by the track at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon to do his test. When we got here it was sleeting and a bit windy but Marshall was determined to do it. When he saw the track he was a bit intimidated but by gosh if that kid didn't start running and 12 minutes later finish his test mile. Looks like Marshall will be running a local 5K in the next couple weeks, most likely the Marion Art festival 5K May 15th. I'll update the blog when we know for sure.

Update 5:00pm

I just got done officially signing up Marshall and Myself for the Marion Art Festival 5K. The race starts at 8:00 at the library in Marion, Iowa for those who want to come and cheer Marshall and I on. Here is a link to the website for more information.

New Shoes For Marshall

Marshall's old light up shoes had finally took a poop and we needed to go get him some new ones. So Marshall and I headed into to Cedar Rapids to find him a new pair. After we lunch over at Panchero's we headed to famous footwear to see what they had. Marshall really wants to do a run this year so we thought we should get him a pair of running shoes, a pair of Nike Darts. Marshall tells me he is quite a bit faster with these shoes then his last pair. ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Race Is Over

Sorry I'm a couple hours late on the blog entry but they finished the race. There ended up being 20,000 runners, a record breaking number. In fact there were so many runners that the first runner had completed the 5 mile run before Jen and Michelle even started. It was pretty crazy to see a parade line of 20,000 runners for 5 miles. After they got done with the run we headed back to Stoughton and had a celebratory lunch at the mexican restuarant across the street from Mike and Michelle's house. Both the girls said they were pretty tired, cold and sore after the race but they did it!

Jen Just Came By

Jen and michelle just came by. Now its time to walk back to the stadium.

It may be a bit hard to spot here but she is in the background between the guy in the robe and the women in blue. With 20,000 people in the race it was a lot like trying to find Waldo search for Jen. Ironically enough just a few minutes before Jen came running by we did spot a guy dressed like Waldo running in the race. Both the boys were pretty excited when they spotted him. :)

Waiting For Mommy

We found a spot on the course to cheer mommy on. Now we just have to wait for her to come by. Right now we are on the J's, she is OO.

Update 2/24/2010 6:00 pm -
Turns out that when I took this picture and posted it Jen and Michelle were both still waiting at the starting line for there wave to get the go ahead to start the race. They didn't end up starting the race until 10:45 so that is why it took them so long to get to this point.

Race Day

Here is a picture of Jen and Michelle getting ready to head to the start line of the Crazy Legs run. As you can see it is kind of rainy and it is pretty cool out this morning not really an ideal day for a run. Hopefully the race goes well for the two of them and they don't get too wet or cold.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Crazy Legs Tommorrow

The race I signed Jen up for some months back is finally just about here. We came up a day early so Jen could pick her number up and not have to worry about it in the morning. I decided to forgo this run since I'll have to watch the kids tommorrow and I get to do plenty of events during triathlon season. This will be the first competative event Jen has done since high school so she is pretty excited. Her goal is to run the entire 5 miles which I don't think she will have any trouble with. Stay turned I'll keep the blog updated throughout the day tommorrow.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marshall and Clancey Take the Stage

Last night watching Clancey sing and Marshall play the drums was just too cute to not take a video of. You can see that Clancey even has part of the rocker outfit on with his crazy boots.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rockin Out

Tonight when I got home the boys and I spent some time rockin out to some Rock Band 2 while we waited for the pizza to get done. Marshall is getting to be a good little drummer while Clancey has shown he has the chops for singing. Maybe Clancey will sing a solo at the school concert like daddy did someday. While I'm thinking about it I'm going to have to get that video copied to the computer so I can post it sometime.

Donuts For Breakfast

This morning I got up early and headed down to Casey's to get some milk and decided that the boys would like some donuts. Clancey as you can see kind of has a weird technique to eat donuts it includes eating all the frosting off the top and leaving the rest. I guess if you are going to eat an unhealthy donut for breakfast you just as well only eat the best part.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 15 Down

Today I finished week 15 of my Ironman training with a 50+ mile bike ride. I ended up missing my long run this week because we traveled down to VEISHEA for the weekend but that alright. I've learned that you can't give up your whole life for the sake of training. While I may never qualify for Kona with that attitude I will stay married and my kids will get to see me which is more important than Ironman anyways. I did cross the 150 days to go barrier this week which means I've been training for over 100 days now hard to believe. Next month I do my first triathlon and I'm excited to see where my fitness is. The real test will be Ironman Kansas 70.3 June 6th. While I'm sure it will be tough, my fitness is way better then it was last year for the Pigman Half so I'm really hoping to go sub 6 hours at Kansas. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Headed Home

After a long day of taking in the sights and sounds of VEISHEA we are getting ready to trek back across the state. The boys had a good time running around and checking things out. We did a bug zoo, rock exhibit, and checked out central campus. All in all a good day.

Cherry Pie

During the parade I walked over to the cherry pie place to get some pies and beat the rush. Worked out great I got in and got out in just a couple minutes with 6 pies. Here is a picture of Clancey and Jen enjoying a pie together. Last year he wasn't a big fan but this year he loved them. Now we are headed to see what else we can find to do.


We just got to Iowa State for the Veishea parade. We got here a bit early but you have to if you want a parking spot and a spot to sit curb side. Right now the boys are reading the toons to pass the time. Soon enough the parade should be starting.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Jen and I sent the boys home with mema and papa and we headed to Ames to see what was going on at VEISHEA. We got here around 4 and found out we were a bit early for most of the activities so we walked around campus for a bit and then headed over to Hickory Park for some supper. After that we headed over to check out The Battle of The Bands. So far its pretty dead here but the bands aren't too bad so we will stick around for a bit.

Day Off From Work

Today Marshall had the day off from school because of kindergarten roundup so I thought I would be a good idea if I took the day off too. We thought it would be a good idea to head down towards Ames for Veisha weekend. First we headed over to Jefferson to have lunch with Grandma Eula at Pizza Ranch. After this we are probably going to send the kids home with mema and papa so Jen and I can have a little together time in Ames tonight. A date two weeks in a row pretty impressive.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Skinned Knee

Tonight when Marshall was riding his bike he feel down and got his first skinned knee. He shed a couple tears but was right back up ready to ride his bike again. Riding the bike is just to fun to quit because of skinned knee. We are really starting to toughen Marshall up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clancey the Outside Kid

This morning Clancey grabbed my hand and told me that he wanted me to come with him. Turns out Clancey lead me too the door and he was ready to head outside and start playing at 7 am. When we got outside Clancey yelled "Yeah, I like outside!". I felt so bad when I had to tell him that I had to head to work and I couldn't play outside right now. Hopefully tonight if I don't end up traveling today we can play outside for a while. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mayor For the Night

Tonight I ran my first council meeting as the mayor pro-tem. Our current mayor had surgery last week which left me in charge for the night. I had plans of scooting in and out in an hour but the meeting ended up taking two and a half hours to finish. We had a couple discussions that ended up taking a lot longer then I thought they would. Its amazing how easy it is to get sidetracked on other things then the item at hand. All in all the meeting went well but I certainly have no plans of becoming the mayor in the future. In fact once my term is up I likely won't run for reelection, eight years is plenty for me.

Having Fun on the Porch

Here is a video I took yesterday evening of the boys having fun on the porch. Now with the weather starting to improve and our porch furniture back out I'm sure we will be spending a lot of time out on the porch. As you can see the boys were pretty wound up.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finished Project

We ended up getting the whole project done today. Our garage looks weird without that ugly little shelter thing attached but it sure does look nicer.

Afternoon Project

This afternoon Jen and I got a wild hair and decided to tear down the little wood shelter thing right outside our garage. The thing was totally rotted just like the wood that it sheltered. So far the project is going well it has torn down pretty easy so far. I'll post a picture of what it looks like when we get done.

Enjoying The Nice Weather

After what was one of the toughest winters in recent memory mother nature has blessed us with nice weather for the past few weeks. Ever since it warmed up the boys have wanted to spend ever waking moment outside and I don't blame them. Here is a picture of them doing one of there favorite things playing in the sand box. Right now I'm grilling some bbq chicken which smells great. Yeah spring!

Week 14 Done

This morning I finished up a 5 hour training weekend and week 14 of Ironman training with a 11 mile run followed by a 15 mile bike which took about 2.5 hours to complete. Yesturday was a 44 mile bike which took right around the same time. Training is still going well and I've missed very few workouts so far. Wednesday of this week I did sleep in a bit but did an hour an half at lunch so I made up for it. With the weather finally cooperating I'm able to get my long weekend workouts done outside which makes them way less boring. Only real issue anymore is fighting the wind which is always blowing around 10-15 mph everytime I ride outside. Soon enough it will be 90 plus degrees and I'll be begging for the wind.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Date Night

For the first time in a really long time Jen and I are out on a date. I can't remember the last time that we got to go out together without any kids in tow. This picture is from Texas Roadhouse where we had dinner and now we are at the movies, ironically enough the movie we are seeing is Date Night. Who knows what we will do after.

Back From the Auction

Jen anf her dad just got back from the auction and didn't come home with the huge load that I feared she would. In fact everything she got fit in the cab of the truck. Although I do have to question the things she bought when she comes home with the big aztec fork and spoon shown above. ;)

Auction in Anamosa

This morning, about the time I was heading out for my bike, Jen and her dad headed to an auction in Anamosa together with the truck. I think the auction got started about 10:30 this morning so we are approaching 4 hours that they have been at the auction together. If you didn't know Jen and her dad are really into old stuff, some people may call it junk. They still aren't back and I'm starting to worry that they are going to come back with a truck full of more stuff we don't need. While Jen is very thrifty I don't worry about her spending too much money but I do worry about the basement filling up with more "treasures". ;)

Biked To The Park

When I got home from my bike ride and ate lunch Marshall asked if we could take his bike out for a bit. I told him that would be alright but then I wondered how I was going to keep up with him. I really didn't feel like running all over town so I decided to get the old rollerblades out as a way to keep up with him. It has probably been 7-8 years since I last had rollerblades on my feet so I was a bit nervous about trying them out. Well after I put them on and rolled around a bit turns out I can still do it. So here we are at the park in front of the statue of liberty getting ready to head home. Hopefully neither of us crash.

Out Biking

Here is a picture of me halfway done with my Saturday morning ride. Let me say it is spectacular out this morning. 60 degrees, light wind been a great ride so far. Now its time to turn around and head back home.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Papa's Birthday

Tonight after I got home from work mema and papa were over so Jen thought she would make a special dinner to celebrate papa's birthday a bit early. Dinner included lasagna with cheesebread followed by a dessert of rhubarb crisp and ice cream. Doesn't get better then a good homecooked dinner and an early bedtime. ;)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Marshall Spring Pictures

Apparently at North Cedar they take both fall and spring pictures. The fall pictures are your more formal pictures, the ones we are all used to, but the spring ones are a bit more casual. We had no plans of actually purchasing any spring pictures but after we saw them they were very hard to pass up, I think we will end up buying at least the 8x10. We didn't realize how grown up Marshall had become until we saw this picture. He is just growing up too fast.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hunting Easter Eggs

Here is a video of the boys hunting for their Easter Eggs this morning. It's fun now that Clancey is getting old enough to really start enjoying things like this. As Clancey found his Eggs he was dumping them out on the living room floor so as you can see by the end of the video we had somewhat of a candy mine field to navigate.

Week 13 Down

Well I just finished week 13 of 36 of my Ironman training plan. Today was a 10 mile run followed by a 20 mile bike ride, turned out to be a 2.5 hour affair with a ten minute transition to my bike. All in all my training is still going real well. I miss a work out here and there but I never miss a whole day of workouts and each workout is generally good quality. I'm lookin g forward to my half Ironman on June 6th to gauge how my training is going so far. I really want to go sub 6 hours which should be possible if I keep my training up like I have been. Now that it is warm out its been nice to get my long workouts in outside which makes them go quicker. Here's to the next several months of training. 

Easter Morning

Here we are at Easter Morning and the hunt is on. Word on the street is the easter bunny hid 30 eggs so the boys will have plenty of hunting to do. Right now I'm taking a video and I will put that up later. The boys are pretty excited about getting outside to play in the sandbox with their new sand toys, which will likely be another blog entry later in the day.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Final Fun Of The Day

After seeing some covered bridges, visiting a limestone tower and running though a maze we started our trek across the state. It was quite a lenghty trek from Madison County back to Cedar County but on the way we stopped to let the boys enjoy some supper and an ice cream cone. While its nice to travel it is also nice to get home. Last night Jen slept with Clancey and I slept with Marshall. I don't think Jen got any sleep because as Jen described him Clancey sleeps like a whirling dervish, tosses turns, kicks and flops and is not a joy to sleep with. Marsh on the other hand sleeps pretty much still all night so he is a bit better to sleep with.  Tonight it will be early to bed for Jen, of course after she plays easter bunny. ;)

Clark Tower

Here is a picture I took from the top of Clark Tower in Winterset Park. It was nearly a two mile hike to get back to the tower but it was worth the trek, both the boys really seemed to enjoy the view.  There was a bit of complaining on the way back but we told them they could get a cadbury egg when we got to the car so they were able to keep moving. 

Winterset Park

We stopped in Winterset Park to see our first covered bridge and caught this picture of the family walking across an old stone bridge in the park.

John Wayne Birthplace

Today the family decided to head down to Madison County to see the covered bridges and happened upon John Waynes birthplace. We were looking for a geocache but really didn't want to start digging around the museums property. While we didn't find the cache we did find this neat picture.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Grandma Marsha's

After visiting campus we decided to stay the night at grandma Marsha's. Marshall was pretty excited to get there so he could play with the toys. As you can see by the picture that they are working on putting together the marble race one of Marshall's favorite toys. Clancey is up in the corner of the picture showing grandma Marsha how he can jump and spin.

At The Campanile

Here is a picture I took of the boys running on the lawn in front of the campanile. I took this shortly after we stopped to see the zodiac. Marshall told Clancey not to step on it ;)

Ice Cream Clown

After we got done eating we decided to get some ice cream. Marshall ordered a clown so of course Clancey had to have one too. Here is a picture of him posing by his first ice cream clown.

Iowa State

After we got done with lunch we realized it was far too late to make it to the zoo before it closed so we decided to walk around campus for awhile. I figure it is nice for Marshall and Clancey to get familiar with campus before they come here in a few years. I took the boys to the engineering buildings so they could see the buildings they will be spending most of their time in.

Hickory Park

After what turned out being a pretty eventful drive we finally made it to Hickory Park. Just outside of Tama we ran into a severe storm, it was raining so hard I had to pull over to the side of the road. Then the wind picked up and started to rock the car back and forth, I was a bit worried a tornado may have been hidden in the rain. After 10 minutes it passed and we were back on the road. Now I can't wait for my food to arrive cause I'm starving.

Day Off From Work

Today Marshall had the day off from school so I decided to take the day off to so we could do something together as a family. I think the plan is to head towards Ames for lunch at Hickory Park after that possibly hit the zoo and then maybe a trip to Jordon Creek Mall. We will probably do some geocacheing along the way and then Saturday I'm not sure what we will do. I guess we will play it by ear.