Tuesday, March 30, 2010

State Track Open 800 1993.mpg

Here is a video of the 800 meter run at the state meet.

State Track Distance Med 1993.mpg

I was digging through old videos on my computer and happened on to my old state track videos so I thought I would upload them to youtube. In this video I ran the 800 meter anchor leg and the team ended up getting third place overall.

Rockin Out With The Boys

Tonight after I got home from work the boys and I rocked out to some Band Hero for a bit. Seems like kind of a travesty on the first 70 degree day of the year but the wind was just gusting to hard to really enjoy being outside. Clancey wanted to sign a little Green Day and Paramore which he does quite well for a two year old. I'll take a video sometime to post so everyone can see for themselves. Marshall has become a pretty good drummer which relegates me to the guitar most of the time. We have a good time so we have to thank grandma Marsha for her gift it gets a lot of use.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

12 Weeks Down, 24 To Go

Today officially completed my 12th week of Ironman training, that puts me a third the way through. Being I was on travel for part of this week I missed a couple days of training but got enough in that I don't feel like I took any steps backward. All in all I feel like my training has gone well this time around far better then last time. Besides missing a few days while I was on travel and a week for my vesectomy I have trained everyday I'm supposed to. Hopefully I can keep it up and have a good race this year.

Picture Of Clancey

I noticed on my blog that Clancey had hardly any pictures taken of him this weekend so here is a pic of him.  Clancey has been a really good boy this weekend and would have been geocaching with Marsh and I but he was napping. 

Another Geocache

We just found our second geocache of the day. This was a full size geocache so Marshall traded a bottle opener I had in my car for a wind up sandwich toy. Now we better get to the store to finish our shopping and home so we can bike ride.

Found A Tresure

This afternoon Marshall and I headed down to Tipton to get a few groceries that we needed. After stopping at the DQ for some ice cream, a treat I owed Marshall from doing so good on his bike yesturday, we went geocacheing. This is a picture of the days first find. It was microcache that we found near the court house in the town square. Off to find the next treasure and then home for some more biking.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lowden Easter Egg Hunt

Here is a video of Marshall in the midst of the easter egg hunt. As you can see he was sprinting from egg to egg and at the beginning he got away from me so I had to catch up.

Marshall The Biking Master

Yesturday at this time Marshall was kind of afraid to ride his bike and could only ride about 15 feet by himself. Today as you can see he has nearly mastered riding his bike. He started up by the house turned at the alley and road his bike all the way to the end of the alley. I am so proud of him!

Working In the Yard

After I got back from my 40 mile bike ride, Jen, Marshall and I spent some time raking the front yard. We have a goal to make our yard look really nice this year so to do that it takes work. It wasn't a bad afternoon in the low 50's with a wind out of the south east. It was far better today then it was last weekend, 3 inches of snow on the ground so I'm not going to complain.

The Golden Egg

The Easter Egg Hunt went well for both the boys this morning. Marshall sprinted from egg to egg and had a heck of a haul by the end of the hunt. It only took the kids about 2 minutes to pick up the 1200 total eggs they had packed with candy and hid around the park. Clancey found the golden egg which means he got a special prize, the pink bunny you see in the picture above and he will get his picture in the paper. All in all the boys had a good time. 

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning we all headed over to the easter egg hunt over in Lowden. The boys are pretty excited to go hunt for some eggs. I heard someone say that there are 300 eggs hidden about the park here in Lowden so they should get a good haul.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Night on the Bike

Tonight after supper the boys and I headed out side to practice riding bikes for a bit. After a couple times up and down the drive I took Marshall out the alley in back of our house to see if we could get him riding even further. After a couple short trips of 30 feet or so and a crash that lead to tears, Marshall had a breakthrough ride. Marshall rode his bike half way down the alley. After this Marshall was really excited and confident and wanted to try and ride down the whole alley.  After a couple more starts and stops Marshall did it, he rode his bike from the road north of our house all the way to highway 30!  I don't know who was more excited me or Marshall. It has been a trying effort teaching him to ride his bike. A lot of tears out of Marshall a lot of frustration out of me and tonight was the culmination of all our efforts. Just to prove it wasn't a fluke Marshall did it again before we quit for the night. To celebrate Marshall and I went to Casey's and each got a treat.  It was a good night.


After a long trying week at work that started in Portland and ended a little early today I'm happy to be home. I don't know what the big weekend plan is but I'm just happy to be here. Here is a picture I took of Marshall playing with a chinese beetle, that is one of many that have invaded our house. I am just looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Home

I just landed in Cedar Rapids and am taxiing toward the gate. Yeah!!!

Nearly Home

Here I am in the Minneapolis airport after my flight out of Portland was delayed by 3.5 hours. At least this flight shouldn't be delayed since the plane is already sitting at the gate. Flight was pretty uneventful I had an exit row isle seat so I was riding in the lap of luxury as far as coach is concerned. I can't wait to get home and see the family seems like I've been gone forever.

More Delays

My flight has been delayed again by another hour and a half. So what was going to be a long layover in Minneapolis has turned into starting to worry about actually making my flight to Cedar Rapids. Just what I had planned for the day, sitting around the airport waiting to catch my first flight. Had I know we were going to be delayed so bad I would have stayed at the hotel and got a workout in before I left. Now I just hope I can make it home today.

Headed Home

After three days in Portland I'm getting ready to head home this morning. Last night right before I headed out for a run I got a call from one of the guys I was travelling with to tell me our morning flight to Minneapolis had been delayed by 2 hours. That meant that I missed my flight to Cedar Rapids by 20 minutes. So after spending a half hour on hold with the travel agency I managed to get my Cedar Rapids flight changed to 7:20 which means I won't get to Cedar Rapids until 8:30. Well at least I get home today but I won't get to Clarence until after the boys go to bed so I guess I'll have to wait to see them until the morning.

All in all the trip really didn't turn out to be as productive as I would have liked. While it was nice to meet some of the Portland engineers face to face not much really got accomplished. I spent a majority of the each day working on other stuff. Oh well I guess I got to eat a bunch of fancy dinners on Uncle Rocky.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Long Commute to Work

After a whole day of commuting I finally made it to work in Portland this morning. The time change has been a bit rough on me. Since I generally wake up at 5:30 to workout I was up at 3:30 this morning ready to go. When I realized what time it was I forced myself to go back to sleep but at 4 I couldn't sleep any longer. So I have been up since 4 this morning and will likely be dead tired by 6 tonight when we leave the office. I guess that is what happens when you travel.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picture Above the Clouds

Here is a picture I took flying above the clouds on my way across the country to Portland. I thought that Marshall and Clancey would think it was neat to see what it looked like above the clouds on a cloudy day.

In Portland

After spending nearly the whole day traveling I finally made it to my hotel in Portland. Portland seems like a real nice city so far and they even have green grass. Now I'm going to go and get something to eat with my travel companions and then possibly hit the hotel gym for a run. We'll see how motivated I feel after eating.

In Minneapolis

I just landed in Minneapolis on my cross country flight to Portland. I took the picture of Cedar Rapids for the boys so they could see what it looked like from the sky. Now I have a 3 hour layover in MN then I get on my long flight. Enough time to get some lunch, get to my gate and relax a bit. 

Headed to Portland

Here I am at the Eastern Iowa airport on my way the Portland, Oregon for 2 days of meetings. Been a while since I've traveled for work, it is always nice to eat steak dinners for a few days on Rockwell Collins. I'll report back when I touch down in Minneapolis.

Jigs Seals the Deal

This past Wednesday night Jigs finally asked Allison to marry him, yes! Allison was on spring break so Jigs and her decided to head up to Vegas for the week. Jigs had a grand plan of asking Allison to marry him in front of the fountains at the Bellagio but they got there 15 minutes after midnight when the fountains shut down for the night. I can't remember the rest of the story but somehow he managed to misplace the ring and he confessed to her what the plan had been. So after a frantic search for the ring Jigs realized that he had put it in his coin pocket. Once again I don't know where they are in this picture but when he found the ring he knelt down to pop the question when this drunk guy, on the left in the picture, came by and started chanting say yes, say yes. Of course she said yes and we will have a new member of the family soon. Congrats you two the family and I are really happy for you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clancey and Daddy Early Risers

Here is a picture I took of Clancey and I hanging out together watching Thomas while Jen and Marsh slept. Ever since I started training for my Ironman race I've been getting up most days around 5 am so on days like today that I can sleep in I just can't stay asleep. Clancey generally wakes up around 6 so this morning we are relaxing on the couch enjoying some time together.

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring, are you kidding me. So all week it is in the 50's and even a couple days in the 60's and then today, the first of spring, it's snowing. It never fails that after all the snow melts and you are ready for spring that winte rears its ugly head and reminds you that winter isn't quite over. I guess I'll be riding my bike indoors today, yuck!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Supper At The DQ

Tonight in honor of the warm day we thought we would treat the boys to supper at Dairy Queen. Clancey is a huge fan of ice cream so he wanted to just have an ice cream cone for supper. We did him to eat part of a hamburger before we moved onto dessert. Here is a cute pic I took of Clancey and Jen when he told her he wanted to lick the cone together.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Marshall Learning to Ride His Bike

Tonight we had some big breakthroughs in the process of teaching Marshall to ride his bike. Last year we took his training wheels off but since then we've struggled to get him to actually try riding his bike. What has happened in the past is after a couple times pushing him up and down the driveway Marshall loses his nerve and wants to quit. Tonight we went through that for a spell but I managed to convince him to get back on his bike and as you can see we made a lot of progress. I don't think we are that far from him being able to ride it. I'm sure we will have some hiccups but I am determined to get him riding it this year.

Rough Transition

This morning has been a bit of a rough transition to the new time for the boys. When I got home from the pool Marshall was whining about having to go back to school, granted he has been off school for about a week now, and Clancey was just in a plain bad mood. I think I ran them a bit too hard yesturday and this morning and they are still recovering. Hopefully by Friday everyone is used to waking up an hour earlier.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wife's Blog Addiction

Recently Jen has become addicted to the Mommy/Crafting Blogs. She has had her blog for a while now but now that she has been getting more visitors she has become addicted to updating her blog and tracking all the people that visit her site. I guess I can't blame her she has had visitors from all over the world and people leave the nicest comments on her blog. Actually I'm kind of jealous I don't really have all that visitors to mine but I guess unless you know me my blog would be kind of boring. Tonight she is anxiously waiting to be the first to join a blog party which will get her more visitors. Maybe I need to start a new type of blog the daddy blog so I can get a ton of followers and get nice comments too.  

Boys Playing at the Park in Tipton

Here is a video I shot while we were out on our boy day of Marshall and Clancey having fun at the Tipton park. As you can see Clancey is a little dare devil who you have to keep a close eye on.

400 Meter Showdown

On the way back to the car Marshall saw the track and wanted to run a lap around it. So both Marshall and Clancey took off for there little run. I couldn't believe it but both of the boys ran a whole lap around the track. Little Clancey was tired but he was not about to quit, just like his daddy. I told Marshall if he could do it in 50 seconds he could make it to state like me. ;)

Treasure #2

After the boys played on the parj equipment we spent some trying to find geocache number two of the day. We found it in a set of bushes in a painted soap holder on the edge of the park. As you can see Marsh was pretty excited about finding tresure number two of the day.

At The Park

The boys and I are now over at the Tipton park playing on the equipment. Clancey is getting dirty at heck but I guess that is what being two is all about. :)

Ice Cream Time

I asked the boys if they wanted to hunt for another treasure or get ice cream they both said ice cream so here we are at the DQ in Tipton eating ice cream cones. Next we may head over to the park and hunt for some more geocaches and then play on the equipment. So far we've had a good time.

Found A Treasure

Today after I got done with my morning run the boys and I headed out for a boy day. On the agenda for the day is hunting for Geocaches and getting some ice cream. We found our first geocache at Red Oak Park just south west of Clarence. We had to hike a bit back into the woods but after searching around for a bit Marsh exclaimed that he had found it. It was a little rubbermaid box with a log book and some little toys. Since we didn't have a toy to trade we didn't take any but we did sign the log book. Now we are off to find our next treasure.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alger's Pizza

On the way home from running errands in Cedar Rapids Jen thought it would be good to stop at Alger's Pizza in Mt. Vernon. When we got here we walked in and nobody was here, no music, no anything. At first I thought the place was closed but after a bit someone appeared from the back to serve us. So we just got seated and ordered, we will see how the food is.

While it was kind of a wierd atmosphere without any other customers at least the waiter turned on the the music so it wasn't so deathly quiet in there. The pizza came out and it was mighty tasty so the trip was worth it.

Marshall's New Glasses

Today we stopped into the optical center to get Marshall's new glasses. As you can see Marshall looks pretty cool in his new glasses. He is pretty excited to get back to school Monday and show his new glasses to all his friends. He said "My classmates will be amazed to see me in my new glasses."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Wii Night

After what seemed like one of the longest weeks ever we all decided to unwind with a family Wii Night. We got out the Wii balance board and did some ski jumping. Tonight was the first night that Clancey was able to actually stick a landing so he was excited for that. While playing the Wii is fun it always turns the kids into crazy loons. Marshall runs around like a psycho jumping on the couch and acting like total squirrel bait everytime he gets off the balance board but I guess that is what happens when you are 6.

Back To School Monday

Monday, fingers crossed, Marshall will finally go back to school. His fever finally broke yesturday and he could probably go back today but given our luck the past couple weeks we aren't going to press it so we decided to keep him out until Monday. Hopefully this is his last major sickness of the year and we can make the run to the end of the year without more incidents.  Poor kid has had a tough run of it so I'm glad to see him feeling better. 

Sunday, March 07, 2010

All Is Good

Well we just talked to the doctor and everything is alright. We just have to wait on our checkout papers and we will be on our way. Turned into a rather long day for me up at 5am to bed around midnight.

ER Trip

Today when we went on the boy trip Mashall really didn't feel like eating and just wanted to lay on the seat at Culver's, in fact he didn't even want to eat his custard. Well after we got done at Culver's he was acting like he felt better and still wanted to go to the mall so like you saw on my blog we went over to the mall and walked around for a bit. It went alright but finally Marshall said he was getting really tired and wanted to go home. When we got home Marshall just wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV so I probably should have known something was up. Finally when Jen got home from her Cricut class she thought that we should take his temupature, turned out he had a temp of 103.5. Its quite amazing the kid was able to walk around the mall and have some fun with a temp like that. We decided that given his history with pnuemonia and the fact his cough had started up again we wouldn't take any chances and took him into the ER. Right now we are waiting to get in and I will update the blog when we find out what the deal is.

Early Spring Scenery

On the way home from Iowa City the boys and I took a little detour to see if we could find the Lowden Quarry. We ended up finding it and also happened upon this neat little bridge. What really happened was the GPS took us down someones driveway and then tried to have us head down a level B road. Maybe if it wasn't so wet I would have tried but today I would have just got stuck and felt like an idiot having to call some to get me out.

Boys Having Fun

The boys and I decided to head to Iowa City today to see if we could find anything to do. First we hit Culvers for a horribly unhealthy lunch but it sure was tasty. Now we are over at Coral Ridge Mall checking things out. When we went into Scheels Marshall asked how in the heck a tree could be growing int the mall. I told him to touch it and that is when he realized it was fake. Both Marshall and Clancey are a bit upset by all the ugly Hawkeye stuff but what can you do. ;)

Rough Housing With The Boys

This morning while Jen was at Sunday school and the electricty was out the boys and I decided to rough house a bit in the living room. This afternoon when Jen heads to Davenport for her Cricut class I think the boys and I may rough house some more ;)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

First Bike Ride of the Year

Today I got outside for my first outdoor bike of the year. It wasn't too bad except my feet got cold as hell. I went about 40 miles in 2:15 so it was a bit slower then I normally go but it was my first outdoor ride of the year and it was 42 degrees so it was hard to stay loose. I sure can't wait until it warms up and I don't need to put on to a ton of clothes to ride outside.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Supper At Olive Garden

After Marshall's eye appointment we all hooked up for supper at Olive Garden. Been a long time since we all went out for supper as a family. Clancey couldn't have been a better boy. He sat on his chair and colored before the meal came and then ate like a big boy when it showed up. Hard to believe he is two sometimes as well as he behaves. Now the boys and I are headed home while Jen goes grocery shopping. Maybe we will rock out when we get there.

Glasses For Marshall

Today Jen took Marshall in for an eye checkup after the school did a check and found out that his vision seemed to have problems. So today at the eye doctor they told Jen that Marshall is going to have to get glasses. Marshall is actually kind of excited about getting glasses, we will see how excited he is after having to deal with them. After the appointment they went and picked them out and put an order in for a pair of blue ones. Marshall is going to look good in them I bet.

Warming Up Outside

Finally this past week it started to get warming outside. This week the tempurate has been in the 40's during the day for most days. This is the first week since the beginning of winter that it didn't snow one day during the week. I'm really hoping that I will be able to get out on Saturday for my first outdoor bike ride of the season. I'm sure once I get outside and start riding I'll realize it's a bit too cold to really ride outside but if it's in the 40's tomorrow I'm going to try. Won't be too much longer and the boys will be able to get outside and play in the yard.

Donating Blood

Last week I got a call from the Mississippi Valley Blood Center and got roped into donating blood. So today I headed over to the south-west side of Cedar Rapids to give my blood. Of course when I was there they roped me into doing it again in 8 weeks. Seems like a good way to spend my day off from training.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sick Kid

In sticking with annual March tradition Marshall came down with stomach flu at school today. Poor kid was out of school all last week because he was sick and now one day back and he is sick again. Jen was saying that Marshall gets sick every March after he gets a hair cut. So next year in March no hair cuts for Marshall. Hopefully Clancey doesn't come down with anything, don't need to start a bad tradition with him too.