Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Month Down

Today I'm officially down with my first full month of Ironman training and have 32 weeks to go. I thought it was appropriate to show a picture of my downstairs training area where I spend 4-6 hours a week training. My borrowed bike trainer, free treadmill, and old laptop are the keys to my training. Someday I would like to replace that equipment but it gets me by for now. I sure can't wait until it warms up outside and I can get outside and train and out of my boring basement training center, hopefully that is only 6 weeks away. :)

Jen The Crazy Sign Maker

Besides a short respit to celebrate baby day yesturday this has been how Jen has spent a majority of her weekend, hunched over a piece of wood hand painting signs. One of Jen's friends is getting ready to open a restaurant downtown and asked Jen if she would make her some hand painted signs and of course Jen said yes. As of today she has two signs done and three to go. Looks like it is going to be a long night for her.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Day Party

We got the party started a little late cause we got sucked into watching Wall-e on Netflix but we are finally eating our baby day cake and opening our presents. Yeah, made up holidays!

Baby Day

Last week Marshall decided we needed to celebrate a day in honor Clancey and called it Baby Day. Baby Day is a holiday similar Mother's Day and Father's Day except today everything is about Clancey. Jen is making him a cake and Marshall and him are playing together, which is another thing Clancey wanted to do. Personally I think that Marshall made the holiday up so he could have cake but who can blame him.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Game

Tonight after I got home from work I decided to Marshall up to the basketball game. I guess I haven't followed North Cedar sports real close but I'm told tonight is the big game. I guess this can be practice learning to cheer for North Cedar. So far Marsh is really getting into the girls game and having a good time. Can't wait for the boys to start.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad

With the announcement of the new Apple iPad today, which by the way I'm not all that impressed by, I thought this MadTV video from 4 years ago is appropriate to post. Steve Jobs you messed this one up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clancey and Chowa

For some reason Clancey decided to start calling Life Cereal chowa (chow wa) but still calls every other cereal, cereal. I don't know what is so special about Life cereal that it gets its own name but apprently Clancey decided it needed one. I thought I should put a picture of Marshall and Clancey enjoying their morning chowa for posterity sake.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jen and Her Blog

Now that Jen's blog is becoming more popular she feels an obligation to constantly be doing projects so she has material to put on her blog. Here is a picture of Jen working on a project this afternoon that will certainly become the latest blog. I asked her what she plans on doing with all these new things she is building, I mean the house is only so big, she told me not to worry about it. Oh well, maybe I can scam a set of Zipp wheels out of this somehow ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice Cream

To finish the day the boys and I headed over to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. Coldstone is darn good but freaking expensive we had a coupon and got two medium ice creams with one mix in each for 6 dollars. I guess its a special boy day so I can splurge a little ;)  All in all the boys had a good time today doing all of their favorite things, rode the quarter rides at the mall, threw coins in the fountain, rode the escalators, watched the electric trains at the mall, looked at video games, visited the science station and had ice cream.

Game Stop

After lunch at Panda Express we had to hit the game store. It just isn't a boy day without going to the video game store. Marshall is eyeing all the racing games. Its amazing there are racing we don't have.

Science Station

The boys and I stopped at the science station here in Lindale Mall. I didn't realize that they had moved it over to the mall. Marshall and Clancey were pretty excited to see the dinosaurs.

Boy Day

Today Jen decided that she needed a mommy day so the boys and I decided to have a boy day. This is the first time in a long time that Clancey has got to come on a boy day so he was pretty excited. Breaking our routine a bit we are going to eat at Panda Express in the mall today. I thought Marshall and Clancey would really like Orange Chicken. We will probably also hit up video game store and some of the other cool boy places. I better go so we can go ride the escalators now. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unsupervised Children

Here is what happens to the living room when you leave the kids unsupervised for too much time. We should have known that quiet children in the living room is a bad sign. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Storm

Once again we were struck with more crappy Iowa weather today. Mother nature decided to bless us with and ice storm. Marshall didn't have school, again, and I was really worried I wouldn't make it home. I did end up making it home but now the electricity is flickering so I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before the electricity goes out. Uggghhh, this has been a hard winter so far and I am really looking forward to spring and the start of triathlon season.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cake, The Ultimate Fixer

When Clancey got up from his nap he was a crazy bear who just laid on the floor and cried for an hour. Finally we offered up some cake to see if that would help. Turns out moods change quickly when cake is on the scene.

Building Lego's

This afternoon Marsh and I spent some time putting together a Lego model he got for his birthday yesturday. Normally when we put together Lego's I put them together for him while he watches but today I had Marshall read the instructions and do it himself. Besides me helping him tighten some of the pieces down Marshall put it together by himself. I was pretty proud of him following the instructions, being patient and getting it completed. :)

Two Weeks Down 34 To Go

Today I finished my second full week of Ironman training. This time around has been way easier then when I started training for my last Ironman. I think its because I'm in way better shape starting training this time then I was last time. I also helps that I'm used to the kind of distances that are required to train for a race of this distance. Hopefully I can keep it up for the next 34 weeks so I can meet my goal of a 13 hour Ironman.

Marshall Blowing Out Candles

Here is the video of Marshall blowing out his candles on his car cake yesterday. I've also posted the 2 video of him opening his presents on Youtube for those who want to check it out.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Late Christmas

Since we didn't get see Mike and Michelle over Christmas because of the crappy weather so we are having a impromtu Christmas standing around the dining room table. I think this probably our last Christmas of the year :(

Party Getting Started

People have started to show up and Marshall is getting excited to get to opening his presents. While he waits he has been passing the time playing video games. I'm sure after he opens Dirt 2 he will want to play that the rest of the afternoon.

Marshall's Birthday

Today is Marshall's sixth birthday! Hard to believe that kid is already six years old. This morning we've already rocked out on Band Hero, did a puzzle, and now Marshall is playing Mario Cart. So I think he is having a good birthday so far. Mema, Papa, Mike, Michelle and Raine are all coming over to help celebrate so it should be a fun day for everyone. I'll keep the blog updated with the days activities. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

End Of a Long Week

Between doing my 2-a-day Ironman workouts, having 2 lengthy council meetings, being really busy a work, dealing with an issue Marshall had this week at school and then finally finding out tonight that an girl that grew up with me had passed away this has been a really long week that I'm happy to have over. It is nice the weekend is here and I finally have some time to decompress. After a week like this its hard to remember that just two weeks ago I was on Christmas vacation.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mayor Pro Tem

Last night was the first council meeting of my new term and the first meeting with the new council. Interestingly enough after only a single 4 year term I am now the most senior council member with this new council so as you can tell there has been a pretty big shake up on the council. We started our new term with Casey's asking us to rezone a residential property on the west edge of town commercial so they can build a brand new $1.2 million store. This is huge for Clarence, without a grocery store it will be nice to have an expanded Casey's to at least get some of the basics, even if they are way overpriced. Second the tax windfall for the town will be great. Clarence has been slowly losing residence over the past years which means our tax base continues to fall with a big investment in the town from Casey's, like the mayor said, it is like 12 new homes being built in the town. There is of course the home owners that will directly surround the new Casey's store that do not want it to go in and, while I am sympathetic to their concerns, the benefit to the town is too great for this to not happen. Our next council meeting we will have a public hearing to discuss the change and I expect some fireworks.

Finally last night I was named the Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Clarence. Doesn't really mean much but I thought it was worth noting for posterity sake. I do find it amusing that someone "who is not from Clarence", as some individuals in town so elequently put, is now the Mayor Pro Tem. I'm sure it will ruffle a few feathers which is good for the town ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clancey Beating Up Marshall

Here is a picture of Clancey using his brute strength to beat up on Marshall. Somehow Clancey ended up on top of Marshall on the couch I have no idea how. I was playing video games turned around and saw this. By the way, the boys are crazy little dudes tonight. You would think we spent all day feeding them sugar and caffeine. 

Rock Band

I was naughty and let Marshall get a treat today 2 weeks after Christmas and a week before his birthday. I figured that we all have so much fun rockin out that mommy wouldn't be too mad. ;)

Boy Day

After being stuck at home for the past week because of snow and cold tempuratures Marshall and I decided to head out for a boy day. First we went over to our favorite restuarant, Panchero's, for so lunch. Then every boy trip involves a trip to the video game store to see what new games they have. Marshall always has to look at every racing game. He saw Dirt 2 and was sure to remind me that he wanted that for his birthday next weekend. I think we may hit Best Buy next and then to Coldstone for some ice cream. So far shaping up to be a fun day.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Model Helicopter

Marsh and I spent a better part of the afternoon putting together a balsa wood helicopter that he got for Christmas while Jen worked on finishing the rear entry before Marshall's birthday next weekend. By the end of it only I was working on it as Marsh had lost interest. I guess that's just how it goes with little kids. ;)

Clancey Licking the Whip Cream Bowl

This morning Jen is making some treats for our neighbor who was nice enough to use his skid loader to clean our driveway off yesturday. Well in the process she made a cherry cheesecake which takes whip cream. When she got all she could out of the container she gave it to Clancey to lick clean. When I came out to the kitchen I discovered Clancey with his face buried in the bowl trying to lick the bottom. So I had to take a picture.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter Wonderland Again

Once again it is snowing, Marshall got a snow day and daddy had crappy roads to drive on to get to work. This has been a hard winter so far here in Iowa. If it isn't snowing the temperatures have been below zero. In fact tonight they are saying once the snow stops the temp will drop the wind will pick up to a wind up and the snow will start to drift. Uggghhh....I am ready for spring.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Big Muscles

This morning Marshall was standing in the bathroom flexing his muscles and Jen asked him what he was doing. Marshall said I'm trying to make my muscles bigger. Jen asked him why he thought he needed bigger muscles. Marshall said "I need bigger muscles so I can finally open the haystack sause at lunch today!"

Morning Breakfast

Here is a picture I took of the family eating breakfast before Marshall and I have to head off to school and work. This morning I also noticed that Clancey is getting to be such a big boy. He was also announcing to everyone how he can't wait to ride the school bus and go to school with brother. It won't be too long Clancey :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

First Day Back To Work

Well today was my first day back to work after a 2 week vacation for the Christmas holiday. The day went way better then I thought it would. I was able to get right back into the swing of pretty quickly and was quite surprised how fast the day went. I had a couple people pretty pissed at me because I totally blew off the proposal team I was supposed to be working on over Christmas but I really didn't feel that bad about it. When you have a proposal kick off 1 hour before I go on vacation and then say oh by the way I expect you to work over Christmas on this, you get the big finger from me. While I'm not one to blow off work like that the 2 week Christmas break is my time to focus on my family after the numerous times over the year they came second because of work.

Today was also the first morning I got up early to get a workout in before I had to go to work. I wouldn't get up early but since I have to train twice I day it is easiest to just get up early to get my first workout in that way I can workout during my normal time at lunch to get my second session in. Jen also got up with me so it was nice to have some company while I pedaled away on my indoor trainer. Hopefully both Jen and I can keep the routine up.

250 days til Ironman Wisconsin

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Three Little Pigs

Tonight at bedtime Jen was reading The Three Little Pigs to Clancey and Marshall. At the end of the story Marshall announced that he would be the oldest pig. For those who don't remember that was the smart one you built the brick house. Jen then asked Clancey which little pig he would be. Clancey said "I would be the wolf!".

First Ironman Training Day

Today was my first day back training on my quest to finish my second Ironman. I actually started training a day early but I figured tomorrow being the first day back to work and Marshall's first day back to school it was probably a bad day to start my training. That way if I get to busy and miss training I won't have missed my first workout. The first workout was a "easy" swim which turned out to not be so easy but I have only swam about 3 times since August so it makes sense I struggled a bit. Last time my training kind of fell off the wagon which lead to a long and tough race day. This time I scheduled a half Ironman for one of my first races so I have something to keep me motivated come late February and I feel like I want to start slacking. My goal is to finish this Ironman in 13 hours which is acheivable if I focus on my training. I should be able to cut 2 hours off my bike time and an hour off my run this year. I will update my blog every now and again with training progress. 

Clancey's First Time Out

We just got done giving Clancey his first timeout. He was being naughty and doing a lot of back talking in the form of yelling "no" at the top of his lungs so we decided it was time. I told Clancey he had to sit on the timeout spot, the back stair, for a minute. Surprisingly he sat there the whole time without getting up. He cried the whole time but when it was over he gave hugs, kisses and said he was sorry. Only took a couple of minutes to get it done. When Marshall had his first timeout we spent two hours before he would sit there the required time and say he was sorry. Maybe we are getting better at this parenting thing.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Clancey Doing Dishes

Clancey decided that he needed to help mommy in the kitchen by helping with dishes. By help I mean get his self and everything in the general vacinity soaking wet. Hmmmm...Now that I think about it I don't thing he was any real help at all, just created more work for mommy ;)

2010 Triathlon's

Here is the list of the 2010 races I plan on doing. You may notice that Hy-Vee isn't on the list this year but since it is a week after Ironman Kansas I don't think I'll be in any shape to do it. As the year progresses I may get my arm twisted into doing it but at this point it isn't on the list. Also there is nearly a month break after Cornman before Big Creek so I may add a race in there if I can find one.

May 16 - Jordan Creek DU
May 22 - Galena Triathlon
June 6 - Ironman Kansas 70.3
June 19 - Quad City Triathlon
July 11 - Cornman Triathlon
August 8 - Big Creek Triathlon
August 22 - Pigman Long Course
September 12 - Ironman Wisconsin

Friday, January 01, 2010

Just Dance

This afternoon while Clancey was napping we got out my new Wii game that Jigs gave me, Just Dance. Jen, Marsh and I all got our Wiimotes out and started to dance and boys did we have fun. We didn't realize how foolish we looked until I took a video of us dancing. There I was dancing away in my underwear not leaving much to the imagination. When we watched it we laughed til our stomach's hurt and then laughed some more. I would post the video but it is pretty embarassing even for me. ;) If you are looking for a good party game that will get everyone having fun I suggest this game.

Last Official Day of Break

While I do have the weekend left today is the last official day of my Christmas vacation. It's hard to believe that nearly 16 days has already come and gone. All in all I had a good Christmas break. I got to spend a lot of time with the boys, I got to play a lot of video games, and I got to do a bunch of different things I don't normally have time for. Christmas break is nice cause it's the one time of year that everything is on pause as work. No one at Rockwell is working so no email or voice mails are stacking up and no one is calling me with that one emergency that can't wait. Ok, ok to be honest I'm should have went to work this week to work on a pursuit team but they are going to have to wait until Jan 4th when I show back up to work.
Anyways, I really enjoy my break because it is the one time of year that the family can really decompress and be together. Every other time of year there always seems to be something else that requires some attention but not at Christmas so I think that is why we all like it so much. Once work starts up again it will be long hours and stress again so I am going to cherish my last few days.

Rockin Out

This morning the boys and I have spent most of it rockin out on Band Hero and we've had a great time. At first Clancey and Marsh were playing drums and guitar but at the end of the session they both started to sing. Marshall knows quite a few of the songs and was doing really good. When Green Day: Rock Band comes out he will do really good, I think he knows most of the songs. I can see us having a lot of fun with Band Hero this year.

First Blog of the New Year

Here is my first blog to ring in the new year and new decade. This was my first full year of updating my blog regularly which is pretty exciting.  It is sometimes hard to keep it updated but at the end of the year it is a treasure trove of information about all the big and little things we did over the year. One wonders, when you look forward too the coming year, what things it has in store for us. Every year has those big surprises that you never even considered at the beginning of the year that can take your life a whole new direction both for better and for worse.  I'm excited to see where the year takes us and plan on keeping my blog up to date with all the things that happens in our lives.  So stay tuned.