Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas Wishing

This afternoon Marsh and I ran to Tipton to finally take the cans back after collecting them for a couple years now. It's one of those chores that you are always pushing off to "next week". We ended up filling nearly the whole bed of my pickup up with cans. When I dropped them off the guy at the counter told me to just leave them and he would have them counted in about an hour. So given we had some time to kill and DQ is closed for the year we headed to WalMart so Marsh could look at toys. Although Christmas was only a few days ago Marshall was still picking out all the toys he wished he had. Mostly he was looking at the Hotwheel Trick Track expansion packs that he could add to the sets he already had. Now I can't make too much fun of Marshall because I was over in electronics eyeing all the games I wanted.

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